12/23/07 Odyssey Tele-seminar Synopsis

Today’s Topic:  Subconscious Programs That Block And/Or Sabotage Happiness.

Discussion of importance of surrounding self with gold light when lighting others, including Earth, so protected from others sending back to you energies not to your highest good. 

To Illustrate:  A friend sent light to her aging, ailing aunt.  While doing so, she suddenly felt overwhelmed with nausea.  Feeling she was going to throw up, she rushed to the bathroom while saying aloud, “No!  I will not throw up.  Light, help me.”  Instantly the nausea left her.  She called to ask what might have happened.  We asked if she had surrounded herself with gold light before sending light to her aunt.  The answer was no.  “Is that important?” she asked.  The answer is “Yes, it is important.”  What happened to her is a good illustration of why.   When you send light to people, they are aware of that subconsciously.  If they then think of you too, their thoughts return to you accompanied by the energy or energies they are focused in at that moment.  If those energies are illness, sickness, emotional, incompatible with yours that is not to your highest good.  If you are a sensitive like our friend, you will be noticeably affected by those energies.

 Light’s Suggestion:  “When surrounding yourself with gold light let the automatic thought that accompanies this be the gold light shields and protects you from all that is not to your greatest good and draws to you all that is to your highest good.  As you light the earth, light self first.  Begin by surrounding yourself with the gold light, then fill yourself with white light that funnels in through your crown chakra, then channel the white light through your third eye (the general area of the pineal gland) to an image or thought you hold in your mind of the Earth.  You might, if you like, imagine holding the earth in your healing, caring hands as you light the atmosphere, the surface, the mantle, the magma and the core of the earth with white light.  Image that white light shinning out through the Earth and beaming out into the stratosphere.  Then imagine white light flowing to those you care about and love and those who are of concern to you.  Finish by lighting yourself again and as you think of goals important to you, imagine yourself in the joyful feeling of having already achieved them.  Joy!  Joy!  Joy!”

 Sending light to situations and people of concern to you – even when you think of the people as enemies – brings lighter energies, clearing reasoning, ‘lifts’ the situation and people to a lighter vibration.  To block or resist light a person must ‘feel’; i.e. be aware of the light first.  They will, if even for a brief instant, feel that loving, peaceful energy.   In doing so, they may be lifted into a higher level of thinking/feeling.  If they choose to block or resist it, continual sending of light that helps them to feel good, however briefly, may have the effect of lowering their resistance to receiving it. 

Even ‘dark places’ where there is seemingly no light is full of light.  Not speaking of sunlight, but of the universal energy – the prime energy – that is spiritual energy; i.e. the light of spirit, the light of the creator, thus, creator energy.

 Spirits that appear dark:  Not an indicator of evil, simply means the vibration of that spirit at that moment is of a lower vibration than your spirit at that moment.  Spirits appear lighter or darker to you depending on where you are in consciousness at a given moment.  The light of grief filled person or spirit can appear ‘dark’ because of the lowering of vibration from grief even if that person or spirit is more enlightened than you.

 One Purpose of meditation is to learn to focus – to eliminate distracting thoughts, sensations, feelings.

When doing so, ask to feel the presence of your Higher Self.   With practice, one becomes adept at feeling this, sensing this, being able to call on presence of Higher Self and when knowing that presence is there – asking and knowing the message one receives is from Higher Self.  Thus one has a means of discernment one can call upon instantaneously.  

To Illustrate:  I, Pamela, shared when I ask for the presence of my Higher Self I feel coolness all around me, very pronounced. Breath feels different:  A notable freshness.  (Side note for synopsis:  Quite similar to how the air feels to in Molokai, Hawaii – ‘a spiritual sensate”.)  Feel ‘peace and happiness’ within.  If accompanied by an inner warmth in an area of the body, know that area of my body needs and is receiving healing.  When spirits speak to me or I want an answer about something or someone from or through my Higher Self, I ask for presence of Higher Self and ask my question.  When I feel the presence and notice the thought coming in from my right side of head, I know it is my Higher Self ‘speaking’.

 Pamela shared experience of tapping into feeling enveloped in a feeling of ‘ecstatic euphoria’ for 16 hours. 

Dr. Hugh asked Pamela to share quickening experience in group class when she received empathic and visual experience and symbolism of God’s Love in giving of free will.  

Dr. Harmon asked his brother, the M.D., for a prescription he would give people – if he good – that would ensure good health.  His brother wrote out for him, on a prescription pad, the following:  

 "To attain perfect health and avoid illness and disease take mirth, joy, felicity, and contentment as directed daily.   Dispense laughter, good cheer, glad tidings, and benedictions to all."  Robert Harmon, M.D.

 Guided Group into Self Hypnosis to:

 Remove Negative Subconscious Thoughts/Beliefs/Programs:   

It's bad to be happy.  It’s dangerous to be happy.  Keep quiet.                                 

Don't laugh.      Don’t have fun.    Fun is bad.     Fun is a waste of time. 

Fun is naughty.  I should be seen and not heard.  Being happy is self-indulgent.                       

I need other people to be happy.   I get embarrassed when people see me happy.     

Replace With Positive Subconscious Thoughts/Beliefs/Programs: 

 It's good to be happy.  It's safe to be happy. 

Happiness is healthy for the mind, the body, and the spirit. 

I know how to modulate noise and fun so it is not disturbing to others.

Laughter is healthy and good.  Fun is good.  I enjoy fun.  I enjoy laughter.

Fun is healthy and good.  Fun is productive.  Fun is nice.

When I have something to say, I speak up and say it.  My truth is important.

Happiness is an inside job.  I make myself happy.

Happiness makes people happy, it's good to be seen being happy.

Happiness and fun keep me healthy, which helps my family, friends and society.

 Dr. Hugh did hypnosis to imprint the positive. 

 Circle of Light:  End of each teleseminar, an Odyssey Light Circle Member and his/her list of people to light will be focused on by group sending light to them.   List to be limited to 20 names – first name only or first and last as member indicates. 

 Addendum to Synopsis:  Prior to teleseminar Odyssey Light Circle was sent the following, which we share now with all of you as a gift of light in this Season of Light: 


1.  Before the teleseminar - if you like, self-muscle test to see which of the negative beliefs we have sent you you have in your subconscious.  (How to do Self Muscle Testing is written up on synopsis page on website and in Treasure Chest on website, also read How to Do Self NMR and How To Use A Pendulum - if you haven't already.    Guidelines on How To Use A Pendulum apply to all self muscle testing.)  Remember, keep your mind focused on what you are saying or thinking.  If your mind wanders even a bit or you test without focusing on your statement, you will not get the correct response. 

2.  After the teleseminar, if you like - test again to see what has changed.

 3.  After the teleseminar, cross out the negative stating emphatically, "I do not believe this."    Then circle or underline the postive as you state it aloud, saying to yourself, "This is what I believe now."

 If you haven't already, read the steps to take if altering these programs leave you feeling upset or distressed or angry. 

After the teleseminar, you may want to self test:  "I am a failure."  Why?  Because THIS inner belief sabotages all that you do to be happy, feel happy. 

Then work with this on your own following the steps we take in the teleseminar - as I've written below:

 1.  Write down the negative belief/program you know or suspect you have.  "I am a failure." 

2.  Test that if you like. 

3.  Write down the negative thinking/beliefs/programs associated with it.   Examples:  'I am not good enough."  "I am not attractive."  'I am not attractive enough."  "I am not pretty enough."  "I am not smart enough."  "I do not make enough money."  "I am not rich."  "I am not rich enough."   "I am not famous."  "I have not won any awards."  "No one notices me."  "I am not popular enough."  "No one likes me."  "No one loves me."  'I'm not married."  'I'm divorced."  "I didn't go to college."  'I am fat."  "I am skinny."  "I am poor."  "I didn't _____"  "I'm not _____"   "I'm too ______"  "I don't have _____."

 4.  Working with up to five of these, think about why you have those beliefs/thinking/programs (who gave them to you).  Write out your 'argument' for changing this thinking.  Writing this out is a good way to reach the subconscious which IS paying attention to what you are thinking in order to write it.  Be simple in your arguments.  Be convincing.  To be convincing you will need to tailor what you say to what you know would work for you at the age(s) of you that 'bought into' the belief

 5.  Write out the opposite beliefs you choose to embrace.  Example:  "I am a success."  "I continue to work on improving myself, this makes me a successful human being."  "I learn from my mistakes, this makes me a successful human being."  "I am comfortable with the way I look, I am a success."  'I am working with getting comfortable with the way I look, this makes me a success."  "I'm as smart as I need to be, I am a success."  "I am as attractive as I need to be, I am a success."  "I am as happy as I want to be right now, if I decide I want to be happier, I'll do something to get happier, this is successful thinking."  "The people I love, love me."  "The people I like, like me."  "My life is full of happy moments."  "I am meeting the soul lessons I came to meet."  "Every time I learn something I am successful in my soul mission."  "I am helping myself and others, I am a success."   

6.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Raise your eyes beneath the lids as high as is comfortable for you, then lower them as you count down from 5 - 1 or 3-1, as you prefer.  Think "light hypnosis now".  Then imagine you are talking to the age(s) of you that you suspect/know took in the beliefs you are working with.  You have already thought these out by writing them out.  Now speak them to those inner ages of you. 

7.  Go to the "screen of your mind'  (blackboard, video screen, movie screen, dvd screen, computer screen - whatever you'd like.  Imagine what you would see if you are not visual.  (If you aren't visual, imaging a black screen is easiest.)  Erase the negative beliefs you're working with, completely.  Then write in the positive beliefs you've chosen.

 8.  Open eyes.  Cross out or delete the negative, saying/thinking:  I don't believe this anymore."  Then circle or underline the positive, stating it aloud and saying/thinking:  "This is what I believe now."  


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