1/06/08 Odyssey Tele-seminar

Early Childhood Money Programming

 Worth mentioning each time:  This is not a word for word transcription, it is a synopsis of main points of seminar.  Impossible to ‘capture’ the full essence, words, concepts, interplay, ‘asides’ and additional information given by Pamela and Dr. Hugh.  For that:  LISTEN to the Recording.  If you can’t afford the $25 subscription, ask to join on a donation basis. 

Seminar begins with Dr. Hugh guiding group in sending light to Self, Earth, Loved Ones, this Odyssey Circle of Light.  Pamela gives reminders such as:  To increase volume on your phone:  *0      Decrease volume:  *#

Your phones are muted, so you can make any noise and won’t disturb seminar. Participants in seminars encouraged to email questions, comments.  Private phones sessions available by appointment. 

 Discussion of three main modes of communication:  Auditory and Visual. Kinesthetic – physical processing – comes in when we do the hypnosis and have you imagine you are erasing/deleting/removing the negative programming/beliefs and writing in the positive.  For those that need/want more kinesthetic do the ‘homework’:  Crossing out/deleting the negative beliefs sent in the emails prior to the seminar and writing in or circling/underling the positive beliefs we program during the seminar.  

 Discussion of Rule #1 of the 8 Rules of the Mind:  These Rules of The Mind are what have been observed by generations of hypnotists working directly with the mind.  They are taught in most, possibly all, legitimate schools of hypnosis/hypnotherapy. 

 Rule #1:  Every Thought Or Idea Causes A Physical Reaction

Your thoughts affect all of the functions of your body because of the energies they stimulate.  Examples:  Worry thoughts trigger changes in the stomach that can, in time, lead to ulcers.  In addition worry thoughts (fear), like anger thoughts (fear), and anxiety thoughts (fear) stimulate the adrenal glands to increase adrenalin in the blood stream, which causes many body changes, including raised blood pressure, hot flashes, headaches, shallow breathing, tightness in the chest, _____________ ___________________.

Ideas that have a strong emotional content always reach the subconscious mind because it is the ‘feeling mind’, i.e. the Seat of The Emotions.  Once accepted, those ideas continue to produce the same body reactions over and over again.   In order to eliminate or change chronic negative bodily reactions we must reach the subconscious mind and change the idea responsible for the reaction.   This is done with self-hypnosis and auto-suggestion. 

 How does Rule # 1 apply to Money Programming? 

Thoughts/Ideas about money begin very, very young.  Long before the frontal lobes and reasoning ability develop.  Young children take things literally. 

Money is dirty.

No one explains it is dirt, germs, bacteria or virus on the money that alarms the adults.  Child ‘fixes’ the thought/idea money is dirty in mind.  Also associates ‘dirty’ as ‘bad’.  When both ideas become ‘fixed’ in subconscious the programming is to avoid money, get rid of money, and/or hide money.  Continues into adulthood.  At child level of thinking the concepts taken in are ‘whole’, not partial.  The belief taken in is not ‘some’ money is dirty or ‘some’ people fight over money, the belief ‘Money is dirty” refers to ALL money not some, and the belief ‘people fight over money” becomes, in the subconscious programming, “ALL people fight over money.” 

 Children do not really ‘get’ the concept of money.  It is often an unseen, nebulous, mysterious something that has great power to upset their parents.    When parents fight about money, worry about money, get upset about money the child gets fear/worry/angry thoughts about money: 

Thoughts of:  Money makes daddy mad.  Money makes mommy mad. 

Lead To The Programming:  Money makes people mad.  [Meaning to the subconscious thinking,  ALL  people, including me, the subconscious self. ]

Thoughts of:  Money makes daddy sad.  Money makes mommy sad.

Lead to the Programming:  Money makes people sad.  [Becomes in the subconscious thinking money makes ALL people sad, including me, the subconscious self.  Thus we have clients who say things like, “I have all the money I could need or want, so why do I feel so sad all the time?”  Sometimes it’s something else, but often enough it is a program that money makes people sad.]

Thoughts of:  “Mommy and daddy fight about money.  Money upsets my mommy and daddy.

Lead To the Programming:  Money causes fights.  Money upsets people.  [Becomes in the subconscious thinking, money always causes fights, money upsets all people, money upsets me.]

Thoughts of:  “Mommy and daddy have money problems.”

Lead To The Programming:  Money causes problems.  [Becomes in the subconscious thinking money always causes problems for all people, thus money causes problems for me.]

All of which leads to The Programming and Subconscious Thinking:  Money is bad.

 Very, very few people sit down and talk about money to their small children to explain:

What money is.  (Medium of Exchange.  Assigning Value.)

How people get money.  (Jobs.  Careers.  Getting paid for and/or investing in goods, property, services, talents, skills, education, knowledge.)

Why people call money dirty.  (Germs, dirt, bacteria ON the money, not the money itself.)

Why money is good.  (Medium of exchange, method of assessing value, provides goods/services/shelter/food for safety and comfort.)

Misuse of money and lack of money can worry, upset, distress, anger people.

Solution:  Learn how to earn money, use money, save and invest money wisely. 

 Participants guided into self-hypnosis for reprogramming to:

 Erase:  Money is dirty.  Money upsets people.  Money makes people mad.  Money makes people sad.  Money causes trouble.  Money causes fights. Money is bad. 

 Imprint:  Money is good.  It is good to have money.  It is good to invest money wisely.  It is good to spend money wisely.  Money is good. 

 Over next few weeks will be working with More Negative Money Programming, including religious programming about money and programming about wealth and being wealthy, riches and being rich.   

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