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1.        Mentally Think of Your Higher Self Surrounding You with a Protective Gold Light to Keep Intrusive Spirits Out of Your Energy Fields Even As The White Light of Spirit Funnels In Through The Crown Chakra At The Top Of Your Head Filling Your Soul And Your Cells With Light. 

2.        Channel That Creator Light Out Through Your Third Eye To The Earth:  Lighting The Atmosphere, Surface, Mantles, Magma And Core Of The Earth With Light.

3.        Think of the Names or Images of All That You Wish To Light with Light.   

Not telling the Light what to do, just sending the light through you to them.

 Greetings and a reminder we will be having a Summer Sabbatical in order to get Light's Book,

Odyssey of the Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation finalized and off to the printer.  Will be back with the

seminars with this is completed.  We invited you to send questions for today's seminar.  Some we answer, some we took to Higher Spirit.

Q:  What did Buddha come here to teach? If it was the same as Jesus, did Buddha succeed better in preserving his teachings over time?

Higher Spirit:  Similar teachings to what Jesus taught only more to the oriental focus.  If the question is, were Buddhaís teachings recorded and preserved more accurately than the teachings of Jesus, the answer is no.  Teachers of higher consciousness do not expect their teaching to be understood in their time and place.  Their expectation is to light the way for those seeking greater understanding. 

Q:  What happened when Buddha reached Enlightenment?

Higher Spirit:  He realized there was more yet to learn. 


Q:  How much did Buddha understand about the Higher Self and the Lower Self?

Higher Spirit:  Used different terms that would be understandable to the people he taught in his time of teaching.   


Q:   Did he transcend these human planes? 

Higher Spirit:  Yes that was part of his teaching.  Idea is to leave the physical form and reach the level or state of Nirvana as he termed it.


Q:  How does the Buddhist Enlightenment compare to the Enlightenment of the people of Atlantis?

 Higher Spirit:  Not all people of Atlantis were of higher intelligence.  There were many, many thousands upon thousands of people in Atlantis of lesser awareness and less informed than is known today.


Q.  Is Osama Bin Laden still living?

Higher Spirit:   Yes.

Q:   What are what we call Black Holes out in space. 

LIGHT:  Well, not holes.  Extremely high energy created as part of the universe and still adjusting as it moves in different directions.   As I told you before itís not gravitation thatís pulling it apart, itís pressure from an inner production of energy thatís pushing it apart. 


Q:  In the bible (Old Testament) there is the story of Abraham, where he was told by God to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Did this happen as we read it in the bible ?

Higher Spirit:  There were more than one of those kinds of stories in the Bible.  Parables used to try to get the people to adhere to the social structure and religion being proposed at various times during those Biblical years.  Many stories were total fabrication as they were used only as lessons to try to control, direct and if I may use the word teach the people to follow the rules of the rulers.  This is a very good example of the untruths they were fed.


Q:  Is there a kind of divine providence for humanity ?

Higher Spirit:  Why do you ask me questions you know the answer to?  I will leave

this answer to you.

NOTE:  To hear Pamela's answer you will need to listen to this seminar.  How to order a recording of this and other seminars - as well as hypnosis recordings - go to: https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/subscription.html


Q:  A few weeks ago you mentioned that in channeling spirit said that there are many things that Dr. Harmon thought were impossible but were not. Can you tell us what those are?

NOTE:  Again, will need to listen to seminar for this response.

Q:  There is a crisis going on globally with oil.   What is causing this?

 Higher Spirit:  With any product that is used in great amount by the populace, they can be manipulated.  Whether it is food or fuel or crops.  Itís a way of manipulating the populace of the Earth.  Itís also a way of cutting back on the production of hydro carbon material that is detrimental to the atmosphere of the Earth.  There are many, many shale mines, oil, available all through Canada.  Thereís no shortage of oil.  Thereís a shortage of time before the planet suffers irreversible damage.


Q:  This oil shale are we using it at this time?

Higher Spirit.  No it is more expensive than liquid oil drilled from the ground.  It has to be processed like coal does.  No hydrocarbon over produced and over used is good for the environment.  You see evidence of that on a daily basis.


Q:  So we have to find different methods to propel our machines.

Higher Spirit.  You already have the knowledge.  It is not being used.


Q:  Why Not?

Higher Spirit.  Why donít you ask the real rulers of the populace?  


Pamela:  Oh yes, that central group with no name.

Higher Spirit.  That is correct.

Note:  See Synopsis of 4/5/08 Seminar on Conspiracy Theories for more information about this group.


Pamela:  They must have a reason.

Higher Spirit.  Chaos of any form helps control the populace.


Q:  Been a number of tornados and other weather anomalies.  A result of the imbalance or the restoring of balance?

Higher Spirit:  Itís a result of the over abundance of carbonous material changing the atmosphere, changing the weather.  Itís also a combined way of Mother Nature getting rid of a lot of excess populace on the Earth. 


Q:  Can you tell when there are imminent earthquakes? 

Higher Spirit:   I donít know that we would have that ability.  You might ask Nature if Nature has premonitions about the movement of the Teutonic plates in the Earth.


Sheri Minelli:  If our group concentrated on the thought of 10 million people sending light daily, could we get 10 million to do it?


Higher Spirit:  Well, you already know the answer to that. 

Pamela:  It could be a positive suggestion, positive visualization.


Higher Spirit:  YES!!





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