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(10/28/07)  Teleseminar Synopsis

 AUTOMATIC WRITING - How To Do Automatic Writing (By Hand or Key Board) For Communicating With:

Beings With A Light Moment To Send Light To Self, Earth, Love Ones 

If you are going to channel – and automatic writing is channeling – you have to be able to know before you channel whether there are spirits with you who can interfere with the channeling and you have to be able to know afterwards whether what you channeled was interfered with or altered by yourself or another. 

Self muscle testing is the anchor that can keep you from drifting into the seas of conceit, deceit and fantasy.   On this website we have in the Treasure Chest a paper on how to use a pendulum.  The directives in it are important for ALL forms of self-muscle testing.   


You must be thorough in your testing:

Example:  “My cancer is healing.”  Muscle Testing Response is ‘Yes’.  .

Now this statement also to be tested:  “My cancer is growing.”  Muscle Testing Response is also “Yes”.

BOTH can be true:  Part of the cancer healing, part growing. 

 When testing for physical illness, disease, dysfunction you need to be particularly thorough so you have all the information you can for taking responsibility for your healing journey.

 Wording must be precise.  You must listen to the literal meaning of what you are saying because changing even one word can change the literal meaning of your statement and thus change the response:  

 Example :  “There is more to know about the dream I had last night.”  Muscle Testing Response is ‘No’.

“There is more to know about the meaning of the dream I had last night.”  Muscle Testing Response is ‘Yes’. 

 Example:  “There is an entity in this body.”  Muscle Testing Response is ‘Yes’.

There is always an entity in your body.  YOU are an entity is your body. 

 Self-Muscle testing is even trickier, in a way, than NMR because it is more difficult to get a ‘kinda’ or ‘sorta’ or ‘maybe’ response with Self Muscle Testing. 

Example:  If you have three or four or more entities in your body and you make the statement:

There are two entities in my body you would get ‘kinda’ or ‘partly true’ response with NMR and with a pendulum if you have set up such a response.  With self-muscle testing with fingers or weights which have strong and weak – indicating ‘yes’ and ‘no’  - responses only you are likely to get a ‘yes’ response to this statement. It is literally true there are two entities in the body.  To find the additional entities you would need to make statements such as:  “There are only two entities in my body.”  Or “There are more than two entities in my body.”  Or “There are three entities in my body” and keep adding from there until you find how many are there.

Many people don’t like the word entity, it sounds scary.  They want to say “I am the only person in my body.”  Or “I am the only spirit in my body.”  Both of these statements could bring misleading responses.

 If you have an entity with you that is a non-human you are likely to get a ‘yes’ response to the statement you are the only person in our body.    If you have a past life personality of yours present with you, you would get a ‘yes’ response to the statement ‘I am the only spirit in my body’, and would not find the ‘other entity’ (who you were in the past). 

 Before you do any kind of automatic writing, any kind of channeling, any kind of altered state work, indeed any kind of pendulum work, muscle testing, applied kinesiology, NMR  - you need to test you are the only entity in your body because if you aren’t the other one or ones with you can easily interfere and intrude their own thoughts and communications without you realizing it. 

Automatic writing is a ‘misnomer’.  Automatic writing is not Spirit Possession - unless you have allowed a spirit to take over your body and do the writing, which is NOT a good idea!.  Abdicating possession - control  - of your body is an invitation for losing sovereignty over your body and your life.  Even if you are allowing another spirit to write through you, you want to keep possession of your body. For automatic writing the spirit with you mentally communicates what he, she or it wants to write and your subconscious writes that message. 

 Automatic writing can look – and feel – as if one is not thinking about what one is writing, that is just happens.  This belief is what makes most people feel they can’t do automatic writing.  They sit and wait for their hand to start writing or their hands to start typing – without their participation in it.   Really, automatic writing is the response of the subconscious to thought and thought moves faster than what is thought of as the speed of light. Thought is impulses of light – creator light – and the speed of thought is instantaneous no matter how ‘far’ the thought ‘travels’.  

 Automatic writing is like driving a car.  When you first learned to drive, you had to think about what you were doing before and while you were doing it.  So your driving was not very smooth.  With practice, you taught your subconscious what to do and now it directs your body to drive the car - automatically – for you.  When you get behind the wheel and put the key in the ignition your subconscious knows what you want from it and it does it.  This ritual is a kind of trigger or signal to your subconscious. 

 You can establish the same kind of automatic trigger response from your subconscious by establishing signals, or trigger, or even a ritual for automatic writing.  Have a special spot you sit in. Eventually you will be able to do it anywhere, but in the beginning a special spot helps.  Even if you cannot have a special spot, it can help to have a special note book or special pen to write with so when you pick these up the subconscious is triggered – it knows what you want.  One person uses a red note book for talking with her emotions and a blue note book for talking with spirit. 

 You can designate one hand, if you are doing manual writing, for emotions and another for spiritual guidance.  On a computer you can have one file for the emotional self, one for body, one for spirit and so on. 

 Some people like to light a candle or put on a particular sound or music to put themselves in the frame of mind that works for them. 

 Eventually you will want to get away from these physical cues.  In the beginning, however, they help to set the stage for the mental shift you will make.  The mental shift is one of focus.  

 Eventually you will be able to sit down, focus on the information you want and the source you want it from and then begin writing it.  You can name the source mentally or aloud or write it down as a kind of salutation:

Example:  “Subconscious”  “Higher Self’.  ‘Body.’  “3 Year Old Me.”

 Speaking of body it can be quite a revelation to discover through self-muscle testing or automatic writing that you and your body are not always in agreement about things.  Example: “ I want to lose weight.”  Response is Yes.  “My body wants to lose weight.”  Response is No.  If you get that your body does not want something you want – or your subconscious does not want something you want, you can use automatic writing – which is much faster than muscle testing – to find out directly from your body (or subconscious) why it is feeling/thinking differently than you do. 

Example:  You write:  “Body – WHY don’t you want to lose weight?”  You then place the pen over the paper or your hands on the key board and allow yourself to begin writing.  At first it may not make sense, but soon thoughts begin to flow rapidly.  Then you may indeed find yourself writing the words before you consciously think them.  Often automatic writing does not stop for punctuation, nor does one sentence end and another begin – it all flows together.   

 The key to automatic writing is to not think about it.  You state the question or make your statement and then start writing whatever pops into your head or whatever it seems like ‘your hands’ want to do or write.  Don’t wait for the hands to move automatically.  Start it yourself.  At first you may find yourself writing nonsense or scribbling or typing aimlessly until the subconscious gets the hang of what you want, which it will get if you keep your mind focused on what you asked and focused on the thought you want the answer from the source you named. 

 Pamela:  If I want answers from my body or want to dialogue with my body I write “Body”, as a kind of salutation.  If I want my three year old self – I write “Three Year Old Pammy”.  If I want Higher Self I write “Higher Self”.  For a long time, I used to write my side of the dialogue or write my question, but I became impatient with that and started voicing my side mentally then writing the response.   Eventually I became impatient with that too and began getting the responses mentally as well.  So now my ‘automatic writing’ can be mental, not physical.  Although I still have to focus myself mentally by imagining I am picking up my ‘automatic writing’ notebook and pen.  And my body and younger ages still prefer the physical act of picking up the pen and writing their thoughts down on paper.  I think they think I take the written word more seriously and they may be right.    

 To automatically write mentally you might imagine a mental “Screen of the Mind” on which you see words being written.  This can be very effective for visual people. 

 You can ask your Higher Self to tell you about a past life through automatic writing, or ask that the past life personality you were come through your Higher Self.  When you are done be sure to direct the past life back into the light of the Higher Self. 

 BEFORE all automatic writing muscle test to find out FROM THE HIGHER SELF – YOUR HIGHER SELF – if you are free of spirit attachments, if you are not, deal with them first. 

 AFTER automatic writing muscle test to find out from your Higher Self whether you or another interfered with and adulterated what came through. 

End with A Light Moment of Sending Light    


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