Angels, Spirit Guides & The Name of Your Soul


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 Dr. Hugh begins the seminar with a Light Moment to Send Light To Self, Earth, Loved Ones, Group Gathered for this seminar.: 

Pamela: “ I want to tell a story. Like all the really great stories it’s a true story that leads to even greater truths.  In one of my regressions, I began speaking as the little girl I once was.  I knew I was sitting in the chair in Dr. Hugh’s office.  I knew I was in hypnosis.  My face felt heavy - a sure sign of hypnosis for me.  My ‘yes’ indicator finger had lifted up – a really sure sign of hypnosis for me.  And I – Pamela – felt like I had slipped off to the side – to the right side of my brain to be exact.  I had given ‘center stage’ – the front of my brain - to 3 year old Pammy.  I adored that little girl from the first time she came forward.  She is feisty and brave my 3 year old self.  She is also a tattle tale.  If I had a secret I was keeping from Dr. Hugh - like being mad the night before for some reason and not telling him – she would tell him.  So I would hover nearby, ready to swoop back in and push her out of center stage if she got too gabby about me.  I rarely did, however.  She was just too darn interesting to listen to.  After all, she was talking about a me I had forgotten and wanted to remember.  And when she would talk, I would remember.  Like the first time she talked about the Parachute Lady.

“I had forgotten about her.  But almost the moment 3 year old Pammy began talking about her, it came back to me.  A beautiful, giant woman with white parachutes billowing all around her.  She would come to me when I was hurting.  She always came after I’d been abused and left alone to nurture my hurt.  I didn’t know how to nurture my hurt.  She did.  She would gather herself around me and cover me with her parachutes and I would heal inside them and inside me.

“I recently saw my parachute lady again.  She appeared in the corner of my office in a vision.  She is beautiful and she is a giant.  Her head reached the ceiling in my office.  A white light shines all around her and around her head and shoulders there are other white lights that pulsate intensely.  I can see how this looked like billowing parachutes to me as a child.  I can also see how other people would mistake those pulsating lights for wings, not parachutes.  I understand now what people mean when they say they’ve seen their guardian angel.  I’d be tempted to call her my guardian angel – or maybe an archangel from God, she’s so tall and grand and bright - except I know better.

“I know who she is and I know her name.  She is my soul.  She appears to me as a woman because in this incarnation I am a woman.  All the pulsating lights around her are the previous incarnations of my soul.  When my body dies I’ll be one of those pulsating lights gathered around my soul.  I’ll commune with my soul and it will commune with me.  The other pulsating lights - points of consciousness - in my soul and I will also communicate.  And when our soul calls upon one – or all – of us to go forth and appear as spirit guides or spirit teachers or spirit healers – we will do so.  

“I will explain this with another true story about another soul.  Allyn is the Higher Self of a woman who was my client 14 years ago.  This woman was also a student of mine and Dr. Hugh’s.  As is true of many people who are drawn to hypnotherapy for study and for healing, this woman was challenged in this life by a childhood of great pain.  The reason her soul chose such a childhood – we discovered – was because of a previous incarnation that is still driving an intense inner need for punishment.

This woman was amazing in hypnosis.  Like Dr. Hugh, she could step aside completely and become totally unconscious during hypnosis.  What I did not know then, because of my inexperience, was unconsciousness is not good for therapy. What it is great for is channeling and she was, like Dr. Hugh, an extraordinary channel.

One day, in response to a question I asked her while she was in hypnosis, she began channeling what she later referred to - after listening to a tape of the session – as her guides.  The next time her Guides spoke, again in a hypnosis session, they said:  ‘We, Allyn, wish to invite trust.  We ask the one sitting before us, the one known today as Pamela, to initiate the dialogue that will bring this in.’ 

“I responded:  ‘If you are her guides and you speak as ‘we’, why has just one name – Allyn – been given?’ 

“They answered:  ‘We are One and we are Many.’    

“In one of those intuitive flashes that come so often for therapists working with people in altered states I asked:  ‘Are you her Higher Self?’

“The response was ‘yes’.  She, when she was out of hypnosis did not understand that response.  What did the Higher Self mean, we are One and we are Many?  I ‘flowed with’ that answer better than she did, at the time anyway, but it has taken me all these years to realize I know what this means.  But I didn’t remember what I knew until my own soul appeared to me”. 

Allyn is the name of this woman’s Higher Self.  It is also the name of her soul, or at least a name that is close in vibration to the vibration that names her soul.

 Light has written in Light:  The Act of Creation, Book II of Odyssey of the Soul:  “Everything has vibration.  Spirit has vibration.   All of Spirit knows you by the vibration of your soul.  It is the vibration of your soul that names your soul.”

“Last week, I – Pamela – gave Wolfgang a wrong answer.  Wolfgang asked if we thought new Higher Selves are still being created.  I said the term Higher Self applies only when the soul is incarnated in physical form and there is a Lower Self part of the Soul – the part inside the body – and a Higher Self part of the Soul – the part outside the body.  I realized shortly afterwards I was mistaken.

The Higher Self is the One that is the soul.  It is the many incarnations – or Lower Selves – of the Soul that are the Many within the One.”

When a soul incarnates, it projects a part of itself – a part of its consciousness and its energies – into physical form, not its whole self.  The part that is in the physical form becomes an almost separate part of the soul - almost, but not quite.  The part of the soul projected into the physical form becomes an incarnation of the soul.  It is not the soul.  It is an incarnation of it.

Each incarnation of the soul has its own experiences; develops its own viewpoints, personality, character, energies, and consciousness.  Each incarnation becomes an individual light unto itself and remains an individual light even as it merges into the One Light of the Whole Soul.  

The One Light of the Whole Soul is and always remains the Higher Self; the level of the Soul that does not enter into physical form.

So the right answer for Wolfgang is:  “Yes, a new soul – and thus a new Higher Self – is ‘born’ or ‘created’ when a spirit chooses to incarnate for the first time.  We know there are souls incarnating today that have never been humans before but have incarnated into other kinds of physical forms on other planets and in other realms of physical existence.  We know also there are souls incarnating on this planet and probably others that have never incarnated into any kind of physical form before.

How do we know?  Light has told us and Higher Spirit has told us but we knew before that because of NMR.  We test our clients with NMR:  Neuro-Muscular Response.  We named it that because we wanted to differentiate the kind of muscle testing; i.e. applied kinesiology we do from what is generally done. 

As we begin testing with NMR, we test for the presence of spirit attachments.  We know spirit attachments can – and do - interfere with the muscle testing response.

We make certain the ones we are testing keep their thoughts firmly focused on the statements they make for testing muscle response.  We make equally certain we have cleared our minds of all thoughts as we do the testing.

We listen to the statements people make to be certain these statements are simple, not compound, sentences.  A statement such as ‘My mother and father were both there’ is impossible to answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ muscle response if one of them was there and the other was not.  

We make certain the statements are literal – meaning they are what the person means to say.  A statement like:  The reason for my tooth pain is physical” is going to get a ‘no” response if it is the gums that are hurting.

We listen closely and we pay close attention to what people say when we test them with NMR so we can help them refine their statements as closely as possible to elicit the correct response.  As Higher Spirit has said:  The responses to your NMR testing are always correct.  The question is correct to which thoughts and which statements?” 

We practice.  Pamela has used NMR almost every day for 17 years.  Dr. Hugh for more years than that.   We have people make statements they know the answers to and we don’t so they can know whether the NMR is working for them.

We want you to do the same.  Not with NMR, if you are not trained in this method, but with your own self-muscle testing.  If you haven't already: Read Self-Muscle Testing Paper and in the Treasure Chest Read How To Use A Pendulum (which is also a self-muscle testing technique and the guidelines in there are useful for all self muscle testing).

When Pamela first saw her own Higher Self standing in the room, she did not know at first who she was.  She scolded her for interrupting her meditation and told her to get out so she could go back to her meditation.  After she was done meditating, Pamela had a feeling about the spirit she’d seen.  She’d looked very familiar, she now realized, and so she self muscle tested to see if the spirit had been her Parachute Lady.  The response was ‘yes’.  Next she tested the statement:  “This spirit is my own Higher Self.”  The response was again ‘yes’.  The next morning Pamela and Dr. Hugh tested it again with NMR and got the same answers.

We become more skillful with Self Muscle Testing and NMR every day because we use it.  That’s what we want you to do all this week.  Pick a method of self-muscle testing and practice, practice, practice it every day.  Test statements you know the answer to and see what a difference it makes when you are mentally focused and when you are not mentally focused.   

We want you to become practiced at self-muscle testing because next week we start teaching you to how to use hypnosis to program yourself to automatically reach a goal.  Automatic means without conscious effort.

One of the Rules of The Mind is:  The greater the conscious effort, the less the subconscious response. 

If you’ve ever tried to remember something that is ‘right on the tip of your tongue’ you know what that rule means.  It means the harder you try the less successful you are.  It is not until you ‘let go and let the subconscious do it’ that you remember. 

That’s true of conscious effort in anything the subconscious controls.  Until you ‘let go and let the subconscious do it’ you will put out a great deal of effort with minimal success.  

Since the subconscious controls the body, the brain, the memory, the emotions, all habitual behavior and the intake and outgo of all energies, including spiritual energy, you have a great deal of incentive for programming the subconscious to achieve your goals automatically.  Without conscious effort on your part.

So for the next several Sundays we will be working with you on achieving goals.  We’ll teach you how to hypnotize yourselves and since we know the best way for doing that is to hypnotize you, we will be hypnotizing you.  Yes, right over the phone or your computer – whichever one you use.

Make yourselves ready.  Set your phones up on speaker phone or get headsets that plug into your phone.  Set up a comfortable chair you can relax in, or set up a pillow you can lean against on a sofa or your bed or like down on pillows on the floor if you feel safer there.  Don’t drive.  Don’t walk around.  Don’t even stand up.  Sit or lie down.  Read the How To Be Hypnotized Update on the content pages and in the Treasure Chest on our website.  The more prepared you are, the more you will learn and the more effective the sessions will be for you.  We’ll be sending you some additional material this week and posting it on the content pages by next Saturday to help you be even more prepared.   

We’ll start by replacing self-punishing and self-sabotaging subconscious programs with positive empowering programs.  Then over then next several weeks we’ll use hypnosis – thereby teaching you how to use hypnosis – to program goals common to many people, such as:  Better Eye Sight.  Better Financial Wealth.  Better Health.  Enjoying Exercise.  Doing Exercise.  Stabilizing Hormones.  A Diet of The Mind For Converting Calories Into Immediate Energy, Not Excess Fat.  High Self-Esteem.  Self-Confidence.  Young Skin.  Opening Psychic Self.  We’ll think of more.  You can email in your requests. 

What we are doing is giving you $120 weekly sessions for the monthly rate of $25.  What’s 25 divided by 4?  About $6 a session????   You’d better alert your friends because we may come to our senses at anytime and stop giving sessions away.   In the meantime, relax and enjoy as we educate, enlighten and entertain your minds with the skills and knowledge we have learned over decades of teaching and learning from thousands of minds, souls, and bodies.   

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