Subject: Food facts or fibs.  Oct. 2016


Here are a few questions about nutrition that I thought could be of help to anyone.  It is kind of a long list. Some of these may be correct but I would like to know from Higher Spirit if they are since we don't always know what special interests were behind the studies of various vitamins and minerals. The last question is not related to food but would be interesting to know.

1. Is it true that to get calcium into ones bones it is necessary to have the proper amounts of Vitamin D and K2? Then what is the best source of calcium for optimal health?

Higher Spirit:  The proper balance of all vitamins, minerals, and chemicals is necessary.

Best source of calcium:  Vegetables.

I asked if land based or ocean based vegetables best. Response was: Difficult to get in right balance from ocean sources.  I said, “what about seaweed?” Response was, “That is an ocean source.” I then asked about shells from shellfish and response was (of course):  That is ocean based as well.

Are grass fed meats and dairy the best source of K2?  Higher Spirit:  Vegetables is best.


2 Is there a difference to the body whether or not vitamins are

 a. ingested through food-. ,

 b. ingested in the form of synthetic vitamins or 

c. ingested in the form of vitamins that are derived from plant sources.

Higher Spirit:  Plants themselves.

Is it true that the blood needs to be slightly alkaline but the stomach needs to be very acidic in a healthy body?

Higher Spirit:  Depends on substance being processed in stomach. (Dr. Hugh adds later:  Proteins, fats and acids are what require acidic stomach acid.  Carbs require alkaline.)   

3  Is ascorbic acid (most people consider this Vitamin C) a healthy thing to ingest? 

Higher Spirit: When taken with food and has same chemical composition as natural sources. 

Or is it best to get Vitamin C from foods? Higher Spirit: Always best.

Can large doses of ascorbic acid cause scurvy? Higher Spirit: Too much can create irritation and inflammation, not scurvy.

4 Does sodium help the stomach form acid for digestion?   Higher Spirit: Sodium is an element. Does not form anything. 

5.Does consuming refined wheat products deplete the body of B vitamins? Higher Spirit. No, no relation.

 Do whole wheat berries from heirloom wheat have the whole vitamin B complex if it isn't refined?  Higher Spirit Yes Once the berries are ground into flour(not refined), does that effect the vitamin content?  Higher Spirit.  Grinding is refining Yes affects content.

6. There is something called a Brix meter that is used to check sugar content of fruits and vegetables. Does higher Brix reading mean higher nutrient content too? 

Higher Spirit:  Humans make all kinds of machines that are not effective.

7 What is the healthiest type of sugar to ingest, cane sugar, xylatol, honey.or?

Higher Spirit: There are many different sources of sugar in many different chemical forms.  Many Effect of each substance differs—not the same on every body.  

8  According to Dr. Elaine Ingham almost all soils have all of the minerals that plants need, it is the bacterial/fungal relationship in the soil that allows the plants to uptake what they need. Is this true?

Higher Spirit: Incorrect.

In other words it is the lack of the correct bacteria or fungus that  make enzymes, that causes them to be not healthy  rather than the soil being depleted of nutrients, of course water, sun, weed killers,etc. play a part.

9 Is it true that eating meat with starch or sugar is not good for the body?

Higher Spirit:  Different for different bodies. Bodies digest and absorb substances differently

10  Back in the 1950s the US did hydrogen bomb testing in the Bikini Atoll islands. One ship that was in the detonation zone is in fairly shallow waters today.  Divers like to dive the wreck but were worried that it might still be radioactive.  Apparently it was tested and considered safe, however  the island is still radioactive and the coconuts are not safe to eat from the trees growing there.

If this is true why is the ship no longer radioactive but the island is?

Higher Spirit: More testing needed. 


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