Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 12/28/96

[ - Hugh's Remarks on how he enters hypnosis so quickly: He closes his eyes, slowly lets them drift up to a comfortable spot in the middle of the forehead, lets himself be drawn into the space where he gets the feeling of hypnosis which is "a feeling of floatiness where I can float right up out of my body, and my body is very, very comfortable and then just fades away. Not that my body fades away, but I find a way from my body." Says he gets the feeling, of Ah, this is hypnosis, yes this is very comfortable, working perfectly, I going right into this feeling. "If I have any uncomfortable body sensate, I just adjust the body so it disappears."]

(I would have some questions for Master of Spirit.) I am here. (Yes, I saw some signs of this. And there is a great deal of activity in the right leg. Do you know what is happening here.) Autonomic nervous system is responding to energies that are not appropriate for this body. There are other energies nearby that are affecting this body. (We ask these other energies to withdraw. You may listen. Withdraw and listen. I will call for you before Master of Light. Are you still here Master of Spirit?) Dry mouth. (Subconscious, keep mouth moisture. And energy, I have asked you to withdraw from the energy field of this one we are speaking to now and from my energy field. You are welcome to observe and listen. Have they gone, Master of Spirit, from the energy fields?) (I ask Master of Light to surround our energy fields with light.) The energies are invading that field now. (Master of Light!) Yes, I am doing it. (What are you doing?) Clearing the fields. (Thank you, they need to recognize ) They are very intrusive. (Yes, and they are to recognize we have the power on this level too.) Yes, they know that, but they feel higher intelligence prevails. (Well, Master of Light and Master of Spirit ARE higher intelligences and..) That's why we prevail. (So you are clearing the energy field Master of Light?) Done. (Thank you. A good lesson to me to remember to call on you even before we start.) Good not to even inquire as to their state of health. They're able to come in with that sort of thought pattern. (Well, you are here Master of Light. Now, how shall I do this? I had some questions should I ask you or Master of Spirit.) Three questions that you need to ask me later. I will wait. (With the protection of Master of Light, I now invite Master of Spirit back.) He's always so positive. A good thing for you. (Yes, we need that energy. The energies, no I won't talk about them. Yes, I will, I need to ask.) You may change the energy fields by reversing the polarity of the energy. Have Light do that for you. He knows what I'm speaking of. (Do that now?) Now. (Master of Light, please.) I've done it. I don't need to be told what to do. (Then, it is done Master of Spirit.) Good. (We do have questions.) Those questions are? (Well, the visitors of the vehicles that accompanies Hale-Bopp, ummmm, we do want to know, are they manifesting in greater number on the earth realm at this time and are they a positive influence on humans and the creatures here?) They are responding to the increased interest and aspire to be more involved with you creatures of the earth. They have need to create a better communication system. It is good to keep a positive but respected distance so the communication can be honestly understood and not influenced by that influential energy you cannot do see, hear, touch or smell. The subconscious is aware but you do not usually ask your subconscious or clear the fields so it would do a better sense of communication service by keeping a distance. (So to communicate with them mentally?) That is correct. (Even better if we were to not channel them through Hugh, their energy, but to channel their thoughts through?) You know how to do this channeling. Most do not. Most would open with the excitement of communicating with another type of mind, would be open to a control mechanism that easily influences their thoughts without their knowledge. You have many in your group already being influenced. (What would be the instructions we could give them [those in the group]?) You did. They did not listen. To protect their own fields and keep the integrity of their own mind, body, and spirit. Protected by Light, not protected by a fantasy, but protected by a placed energy, Light, around them before, during, and after any communication with any spirit outside their own realm.

[Note: Right leg of Hugh's begins to shake and quake again and Hugh comes up saying he felt a tickle go up his nose. We are about to discuss subconscious knowledge of Visitors when a earthquake hits [later discovered to be a 3.2 quake.]

[Hugh moves back into the trance state after the earth quake.]

(You are the memory bank subconscious mind? ['Yes' finger moves.] And you have been to the visitors vehicle? ['Yes' finger moves.] You have memories of this you can share now? ['Yes' finger moves.] Then, oh, I believe Master of Spirit is coming back in. Master of Spirit, is that you?) They are becoming intrusive again. (Master of Light, is that you? How can we stop this?) Master of Light is working on this. This is Spirit. (Spirit, yes, I'm wondering, how with Master of Light and the will?) They are very strong and intrusive energies they don't want to listen. They feel their superior knowledge warrants more energy than your equal knowledge. I have told you, they believe themselves to be vastly superior. Even though they have failed in many areas of their existence, they feel you being in those animal bodies as being inferior creatures. (Then we truly need your guidance Spirit.) I would counsel that you need your own guidance. I would counsel that you need your own belief systems for the more you fear the greater the power you give the, hmmm, visitors as they call themselves. (Indeed, these visitors can hear me and I am asking you to respect our word, and respect our territories, if you would communicate with us. After all, that IS your desire and your goal - to communicate.) They indicate yes. (Then, we will indeed communicate with you, but at the time that we choose, which is not at this moment. We are attending to building our own communication system that will help the communications, so please wait.) Would you ask more questions of Spirit? (Yes. I would ask about the evolution on this planet of the animal kingdom, if the animal kingdom evolved from the simple single cell amoebae? This is what evolution teaches us and is this accurate?) That was one stage of the development of the native flora and fauna on this earth early, early in its development. A combination of elemental minerals with oxygen and other gaseous forms of energy created the one cell and then that, of course, evolved further and further into the higher planes of animal. (This evolutionary process, was it all part of nature naturally evolving or were there other influences from outside the earth planet affecting this, influencing, manipulating?) Many times. With a continuum of questions, visits, testing the ability of the animals to carry and use the spiritual energy you experience today in that animal body. (That spiritual energy, when did it first come to the earth plane?) Spiritual energy has always been present in the universe. Spirit thought forms came into animals early in the experiments as different types of animals were thought to be better equipped to survive and to produce and to evolve than other types. The erect animal was thought to have a better, longer, and more productive life span. Therefore, many types were used before settling on the type that you are inhabiting now. (The spirit thought forms, prior to that, did they inhabit the mineral kingdom - the floral and the fauna kingdom as well?) Yes, all those have thought forms which one could call a power of direction in their growth, and the complex changes within each of those evolving into higher levels recognized as biological changes. (What was the reason for the necessity of developing the upright species?) Other animals were given a spark, if you would, of the spiritual sense and they failed to use it to the most effective end result. And eventually, there evolved several erect types that were able to use it to a more effective end. And many times the visitors would effectively enter into the animal kingdom, testing to see if they could produce a complex animal that would be able to rule itself on the face of the earth effectively. (How many times has civilization advanced to where it is now, or further, and then been completely destroyed in the history of this earth?) Never completely destroyed, but to the end the destruction was vast and in the greater extent, you are in the 13th development at this time. (And at this time, are we self-ruling or being influenced by outside of our realm?) That is a very interesting question you pose. Perhaps you could answer that yourself. When you witness the easy influence of those that call themselves the visitors, how secure are you and how willing are you to recognize you have the ability to protect, as well as detect, the influence of others upon your being? (Not very.) That is correct. You seek to try to understand what would be the best approach or path to follow in dealing with these visitors. You have constantly been in the observation of many visitors. Would it not be observable that they have never really, in your history of the modern man as you call this 13th development, taken the lead to eradicate or dramatically change your development? They realize they are not as well equipped as you are to do the work on this earth plane that you do. You're only major drawback would be doubt through fear. Lack of recognition of your powers. One that you need to recognize at this time. I am through.

(Thank you, Master of Spirit. Master of Light you are here.)

 Yes, I am. (And have been working with the visitors I think.) They are pesky. You are like a magnet to them. They sense what you're doing and they want to be very involved and they try their different methods of intrusive communications and they don't know as much as I do. [chuckles softly.] (Perhaps negotiations are in order with them if we set a set time to speak with them, they may honor our times.) You may not honor their time. If you understand my message. (I don't, would you repeat it for me.) Do not honor their time. (Have them honor our time?) Correct. (You said I have three questions Master of Light.) You do. (And they are? With the answers of course.) Well, am I to give both the questions and the answers? (You're so good at it Master of Light!) You're the co-author! (Well, three questions, eh? I think you've been in my mind because I have many, many questions. I often call us beings of light, that the being who inhabits the body is a being of light. Would this be a correct terminology?) Not all inhabitants of bodies are beings of light. One would hope, one would admire, one would pray and enjoy all inhabitants of bodies being enlightened, that is not the case. (Do we all come from the light originally?) Yes, the energy you speak of, as you call light, is the source. The source of light is light, for light comes from thought and thought creates all. (To teach the importance of surrounding the energy fields, protecting the energy fields, with light is to talk of the source?) To use the energy from the source, as thought creates the light which would protect you, your thought is the actor creating the protection as you give the direction of the thought to energy. Energy then performs the function. You, then are protected, by the function of energy created by thought acting upon the protection of your physical body. (So people who have long held and embraced the protection of God would use the word God, others would use Buddha, others would use..) What ever words you use. It is the thought that gives direction. Remember that light is the energy source and thought is the creator. I speak of Spirit of Light as a thing that is in specifics. In reality it is not a thing. In specifics it is a common substance that everyone and every thing has access to. What creates anything from this energy is thought. If you were to think of me as thought, you would become confused. Use the word Light and you become enlightened. (There is a member of the group who has communicated to others she sees you, when you are speaking through Hugh, as a being with long hair. What is she seeing?) She is seeing an image that comes from her thought. Her thought is creating that which she thinks. Just as your thought creates what you think. (Which is the kind of light that comes around when you are here. Various hues that I see.) Perhaps, she likes the image of Hugh, and therefore applies some of that energy to a thought pattern that creates the image in her mind that she sees then. That was not one of your questions. (When did spirit, as embodied on this planet, begin on this planet?) Light, again I say, is an energy. Combined with elements, creates matter as a physical, biological, elemental form. Thought starts the process. The thought, hmmm hard, maybe, hmmm. I am not putting this in the proper thought form for you for you don't seem to understand that thought creates things of all nature and in the beginning thought, if you can substitute that word for God you will have a better definition of the origin. Thought created ALL material things from the time of the origin, to the present, to the future. And, yes, its happening at once, but the oneness is in many different divisions. (Worldwide catastrophe has hit this planet 13 times, or 12 times and the 13th is what we are seeking to avoid?) The latter is correct. Each time the experiment failed because of misdirected thought through, ultimately, fear. (Yes, and if we teach them "you must change your thoughts or this destruction will come", we are using fear, too, aren't we? How to bring the message of the importance of the present, oh, I'm confused. I haven't addressed the question you know I want to ask yet have I?) Not yet. (To tell you the truth, Master of Light, I can't think of what it is.) Very well. (Oh, dear.) There's no problem here. (There's a problem here.) [Light laughs.] (Earthquake!) That's correct. (Yes, that vibration, an earthquake, or had it any bearing or connection with the visitors?) If one would suspect, they will prevail upon any natural change to create fear. Do not believe they have controlled the earth's structure so as to create earth quakes, or tidal floods, or, perhaps, the disastrous events that Hale-Bopp's intrusions would create. They are a powerful source. But please, believe in yourselves and project that belief strongly and with the greatest, empowering light you can project, you are powerful. You have power beyond all your belief systems' acceptance at this time. Believe. This person's body I speak through now has tremendous belief in his self. When he can determine exactly what he wants, he can create that. All of you can create whatever you choose if you choose to create that which is positive, you will. You need no visitors to tell you than. I am here to help you understand that. I would like you to believe in your power, but I cannot make that happen. Only each individual can accept that for themselves. (Thank you Master of Light.) You are welcome wise and wonderful spirit.

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