Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: December 9. 1994

Higher Spirit/ Hugh Channel/ Pamela Guide

We must work to stop the congestion and irritation and aggravation that pervades in this old program. Frustrations and irritations are constantly working against us. We have to work with the energy. (How?) First eliminate the irritation that comes up. When you speak of these various programs, refocus the attention of the program directly into the purpose and seek then the financial aid to put it into action. The delay has been long enough. It needs to move now. You are preparing your bodies well. We like that. It shows great focus and determination. We need that same determination and focus on the other aspects of communicating your program. (Any private or public relationship stand in the way?) Removal of the fear was the biggest move for his moving ahead now. (Has that fear been completely eliminated in inner levels?) It would seem so. He still has some fear of rejection on another level. From his old programs. But that is part of his project this time. He must eliminate those programs completely. (Would regression eliminate those programs completely or the act of moving through them?) You would do well to access his Higher Self, which would know more of that particular than I.

(Last night, as we slept, I heard the words "You are chosen". Saw them in golden light as well.) You have heard these words before. They are meant to remind you and you have promised and as you have performed a promise, you must perform as you're doing now, without changing your focus and meditating three times a day. Your sending light as a form of meditation and a way of focusing your energies through yourself - as that loving act of healing goes through you - you also benefit, as you have been told and perhaps experience now.

(In meditation other evening, was a pressure on my ears. What would that be due to?) The Spirit words oft-times seeks your attention by creating sensate in the auditory forms of nerve endings. These would call your attention to focus on the message that would be coming to you at that moment or soon after. In other words, it is available message form now, when you feel the sensation. (I thank you for your guidance.) You are most welcome. (I would speak with Master of Lights now. I must thank you for the help and guidance you give us with ourselves and clients. What would we do without your light?) Not as well. But your forms are changing and your energies are changing and you too are projecting light, which pleases. And that projection and use of that light energy,will benefit you all. You might use light energy to communicate with those who are tuned into that familiar feeling of the energy through the Spirit world. My suggestion would be that your partner use that form of meditation, since he likes to play with me. I like him. He has an inner peace and beauty that we seldom see. You will note the energy in your room is always positive. Have no uncertainties or fears, for those feelings and movements and your mentioning temperature drops are all positive for you. There's energy available to you to use now by asking and directing, you will benefit.

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