Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: October/1996

(Master of Spirit, have you a message for us?) Subconsciously, spiritually, the two of you are very aligned but consciously there's doubt, there's fear. Your consciousness sees obstacles, difficulties, limitations, separations, travail, politicking, all of that which is part of the consciousness of this realm. And is not that the call, to raise one's consciousness to a place that inspires and illuminates the consciousness of others so that all begin to lift the consciousness of the Spirit higher and higher attaining higher levels of guidance on and on and on.. To know and to accept and to believe that man is not as limited by his physical realm as he believes himself to be. This is why we have a place in this work as well. Yet, we are far more hampered even in the physical realm than you for we must work through you in your consciousness, and when we are stopped or blocked from your consciousness, there is really not much we can do but urge and guide and wait as you work your way through that which would stop you.

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