Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: Oct 31, 1998

[Hugh feeling heavy/tired. The message is from this brother who died as an infant. Other personal messages that are not shown here were given.]

(Did you have a name? Did they name you?) No. (What shall I call you?) You can call me brother, I guess. (Have you a message for Hugh?) I wish him well. I must apologize for creating a problem in his body. My very weak, tired body that died was malnourished and it probably made his body feel drained of energy. I apologize. (Where do you go when you are not here speaking?) I go to the Light, as you call it. I go to the spirit world. I come back into this part. I haven't really decided on another lifetime yet, so I am moving back and forth until something proves exciting and I choose another path. I guess you would say I am just in the process of learning. (So when you speak as the brother, you pick up the energy of the body that died, is that right?) That is true. Yes, I still have the strongest thoughts of that life. It was NOT a happy arrangement between those two who were my mother and father. They were not happy. (Do you ever see them in the spirit world?) I cannot say. (Is there anything more?) No, that is all. (Sending you back to the spirit world with light and love…) Oh thank you, I like love. I don't have any of that. (Well then, lots of love with you brother.) I know Light. Yes, Light has lots of good energy. (Then perhaps light will share that good energy with you as he comes in.) We CAN convert that to love. (Yes, do so brother. Love surrounding you. A return of love to you that you have show to your brothers with your guidance.

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