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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 11/29/96

Session With Master of Spirit In Regards to Hale-Bopp from tape thought to be lost, but now "rediscovered. Hugh Channel. Pamela Guide.
[We have questions on comet called Hale-Bopp. Its presence noted and that it seems to be headed in direction of earth. This is correct?] Yes. Its sphere of influence will pass within the influence of earth as its present course is now projected. But, it will be re-directed, missing the earth by an adequate amount of space to eliminate any negative effects. [Seems to be some kind of space ship accompanying it, is this correct?] There is this vehicle from another dimension that is now present in its vicinity that is creating a communication system. So communications may be established with certain levels of those who would communicate on earth and they will be responsible for re-directing its path along with other spiritual energies that were promised to re-direct the path, if you recall - some months ago. [What is the communication they seek to establish with those here.] That which you know of very well. A mental communication as well as a physical. Should you care to establish more mental communication, you may use your own techniques to open your thoughts to their's and begin by communicating unknown areas known to you and known to them. [Their intent is, then, to aid us in this...] As one of their parts of helping, they will move that path and projectory. [Is their intent to send vehicles or physical manifestations to earth to communicate they are there?] They have been doing that now for a very long period of time. They will increase the number of contacts. Visual and physical contacts will increase. Demonstrations will take place. The need for your educating the people, again, will help eliminate the fear which will cause exercises of panic upon the nations of the earth for they have been taught to be fearful and terrified of the unknown. (How can we communicate that their intent is positive?] You must learn the mental communication and they will help you advance that communication. To be done by degrees so as not to panic the populace of the earth but to seek positive information for identifying the positive for there would be also those from other places who would have an opposite effect on the earth. These forces now are positive in nature and should be allied to prevent any negatives from influencing the earth in the present or near future. Your communications systems are capable at this time. [My this is quite a challenge for humankind.] Therefore you must exercise the greatest degree of care, for you have your spiritual selves to deal with, embodied in the human form, and used wisely the human form to bring forth information in a positive way that lets people look and feel and expect a positive future. The earth and its environs are all a part of this very precarious meeting, for much has been done to program the people here. [To tune into these ones, is there a sound, or a name, or a guideline that can be given to tune into them?] Yes, there are may different communications systems available to them. As I have stated - mentally, be open and receptive, sending messages of mental energy, KNOWING that your energy travels faster than any other form of communication. You may send and receive instantly, communications from them even at their position that exists now. Remember the moon communication from those who first landed on the moon, the message sent mentally to their space center was instantaneous and it can be done again in the same manner as you well know. [What would I think of, the group accompanying Hale-Bopp?] Ask how you may help introduce them, for they are advanced in their knowledge and have been studying the populace of the earth - as you have - for many thousands and thousands of years. You were once a very close part of these same communicating, hmmm, their communication system is completely simple and open and all you must do to receive or transmit is to let it be and focus. What you care to relate to them will be immediately received. Be careful you eliminate fear for it tends to make them nervous about communicating with you. There will be more information you will be asking me, but do your opening communications first and I will then be available whenever you choose to communicate with me. That energy you call Master of Lights will be of great help to you. He has a more jocular attitude about things and more human communicating processes are available from all levels to that one. [Thank you Master of Spirit.]

Thank you Master of Light! [Well, you know, my mind was thinking, gee the best way to send a mental message is to ask Light to connect us and light the way.] And no sooner have you said that then it is done. [Ahh, Master of Light, thank goodness we have you.] Ahhhh, author of the book. Hmmmm. [Author of the book, now, is it?] I speak to you. I would not assume that position - yet. [Yet!? You know, the third one, I do plan to have be directly Spirit.] That's the one I will be the author of. And you will be the collaborator. [laughs] [Indeed! The typist as it were! Ah, Master of Light, thank goodness for you. These are times of challenge and daunting!] Let me suggest red on your day of celebration. [Red?] A fiery energy that will give you feelings of triumph and abilities all day that will move forward. And that will be a way for you to recognize that you have unlimited abilities. When you close your eyes now at this very moment, imagine a glowing, glowing, glowing red light that's vibrant, healthy, powerful - representing physical energy as well as fiery emotional energy. And when you see that it wipes away, erases, eradicates completely all the old childhood programming that you seek to erase. Vibrant, life force red. See it now. And whenever a question comes to your mind of human level - doubt - as the saying goes, it makes you see red. For you are limitless. You are a great spirit and I know that and it makes me happy to see you recognize that. It makes all of us happy to see you recognize that wonderful capabilities. And you may demonstrate great powerful abilities by manifesting life force in many different forms as you propose to do. That will be a great demonstration for who would doubt or need further proof of their power.

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