Messages From Spirit

[Contacting "B" - Great Dane Dog, Through Hugh's Higher Self on Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, 1998. Pamela's words in parenthesis]

Date: 11/26/98

(Thank you, now on this level, we would like to contact the mind of the animal that is the pet of my daughter Bambi. The animal we call B. Can you make contact with B's mind now?) We're trying to do that now. This spirit of the animal is trying to find its master who it depends on completely. Very closely attached to that spirit of your daughter, Bambi. (May I communicate with that one now?) You may do that.

(B, can you hear me?) [Higher Self of Hugh laughing says: hmmm, typical animal, B's Higher Self is looking in all directions"] (B. I am a voice speaking to you. You can't see me.) Yes. (I'm Bambi's mommy.) Yes. (You met me once or twice.) I want to reassure you that Bambi is coming back.) Where is she? (She went for a visit with Ron. You know Ron right?) Yes. (They went to visit Ron's mommy and daddy. They went on a plane B and they didn't think you would like the plane.) No. (So they left you here with your friend. You're with your friend right?) Kinda. (What do you mean kinda? Where is he?) Well, he gets crazy sometimes. (Do you play with him sometimes?) Yes. (Are you together where you are now?) Kinda. (Where are you?) Well, I'm in this cage. (Do you have a yard to play in?) Sometimes. (Do they take you out to play every day?) Yes. (Is your friend in a different cage?) Yes. (Do you like that or would you prefer to be in the same cage?) I don't like it here. (I know you don't. Bambi has left you other places. Do you like it better here or the same as those or you don't like this place?) It's, I guess the same. They're not bad people. (So they're not bad to you?) No. (You just don't like being caged up.) No. (I don't blame you.) I think I have rights too. (When Bambi goes away like this. Would you rather stay with a family that has, like a yard where you can go outdoors?) Oh, yeah! (Well, I think Bambi should make it a very important priority to do that She misses you too, you know.) Yes, she sends me messages, but I'm kinda mad at her. (I don't blame you. Do you know when she'll be back?) No. (She didn't tell you?!) I don't know time that way. (Do you know days?) Hmmm, days and night. Dark and light. Yes. (Yes, shall I tell you how many days she'll be gone?) um, okay. (Today's one day right?) yes. (Then tomorrow's another day.) Yes. (And then the next day is another day.) Yes. (And she'll be back the day after that.) She's going to be gone forever. ( No, it isn't forever B. It's 3 days. It's a very short time really.) Not when you're locked up. (B, I'm SO SORRY you are locked up. I think Bambi thought she put you in a place with a yard where you can run in and out and I'm going to tell her they didn't.) Well, sometimes they let us and sometimes they put us up in this cage. (She thought you would be free to run inside and outside any time.) No. (Well, I'm going to tell her that, so she doesn't put you back there okay?) Okay. ( So, oh B! ) I'm alright. I just try to sleep a lot. (I think that's probably a smart thing to do so you can run around outside your body while you are asleep and it is safe.) Hmmm, yeah! I'll do that. I'll go right through this cage. (Yeah, you can go anywhere. Even check on the kitty cats. What do you think of kitty cats, B?) They're funny. Different. (Have you met one up close yet?) Hmm, yeah. (They have sharp claws.) Boy, do they have sharp claws. (Bambi's going to have you come visit us soon and we have a cat and we want you to be careful about that cat. Cause he's been hurt by a dog and he'll claw a dog who gets to pushy with him. And we built a house, a little house for you to sleep in at night.) Yeah? Can I go running around in your yard? (Yes, but you have to be careful about cactuses. Do you about cactuses?) Cactuses. Yeah. Whatever that is. (It's pokey. It's a plant that is very pokey. How's your foot doing B?) It's okay. I can lick it. (We'll send some healing energy with Light, too.) Oh good. I like that. (B, I'll let you go back to sleep. And Bambi will be home soon.) Yeah, a long time soon. (A short time soon. Let's see if I can help you see how short. Let's see what happened to you in 3 days. Do you remember when Bambi and you took a long trip in a car when you drove down together and it was a long trip?) Yeah. (Did it take a long time?) Kinda, yeah. (It too a long time?) Yeah, but it was fun. We got out and we did things. I like the car. It's good. (Well, before you know it Bambi will be home. You just sleep and roam free.) Okay. (Good night B.) Thank you. It's not night though. (Well, go to sleep then.) Okay.

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