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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 11/26/98

Date: November 26, 1998

(Do Higher Selves have form that we could perceive?) What would we include? (Can Hugh perceive you as a form?) Can, but hasn't. (And the form that you have, is it similar to human form?) If one wanted to create that, one doesn't go around in that form. (What kind of form to you go around in?) Formless. (A kind of energy field?) Yes. (The one we call Raemet, is it an aspect of you or is it you? (The Raemet that you speak of was originally in a very powerful vortex or field of energy such as you were also, before you became animalized, and that form would be the form of Raemet and as you were called Raema. Until you became animalized, you would have a form that could vary in various ways. Very flexible. (In our process of becoming animalized, the way our body is now, does it have a spirit of its own that is separate, say from Hugh's spirit. Is there an animal spirit of the body?) Yes, there's animal spirit. Animal spirit has many different aspects. The animal firmament is the part that you see, touch and feel. Most commonly called the body. There are other layers of animal matter and vibrations out from the body as well as the spiritual aspects of that physical being. (The spirit of the body, what happens to it at the death of the body?) It leaves the body. It can stay in this level of your human forms, the level here on the earth plane. It can decide to follow spirit into the spirit light. It can attach to other spirit forms or other physical forms. (Is this what we refer to as the astral body?) It can be referred to if it stays in that level as an astral body. It keeps much the same delineation and form ,in a much less dense manner. So when you see it directly you don't see it, when you see it indirectly you know it's there. But if you try to see it directly, there's a part of your disbelieving mind that shuts it out of the eyesight. The eyesight. Hmmm, word, word. The eye sight's recognition of the form. (So the spiritual aspect of the body, is that the spirit like Hugh's spirit, the aspect of yourself? Or the aspect of the animal?) Both. It's the aspect of the animal if it is being used for with or about in the manner of the animal function or action. (When a person has a spirit attachment what - well, I guess it could be the animal aspect.) Yes, it could be the animal aspect, Just as animals recognize each other as the body has died and its moribund or no longer functioning, they are still aware of the aspect of the animal whose body has died. (Do the same spirit and the same animal spirit come together in every lifetime?) You're referring to coming together in what manner? (The spirit that is Hugh's was Abraham in a past life, correct?) Correct. (Was the animal spirit he had with him then the same animal spirit he has with him now?) No. It may follow into the spirit form, but there it must make choices and either dissolve into, become modified with, the spirit that is now going to return or stay in the spirit world. There's a different vibration. You may find out from Light, Master of Light, more about that in your writing.

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