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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: November 24, 1996

Hugh Channel. Pamela Guiding
The following information is from a Records Reading for an individual and contained interesting information we share here:
Is there a particular planet most influencing her because of her time of birth?) Symbolically. There are influences of all the energies of the Universe. We symbolize those energies as humans. We create verbiage for the influence of the solar system. Other stars and other planetary influences past our solar system. There are many influences that affect all living form. And this school called astrology is very accurate in its influence and knowledge and should be respected as such. As many other disciplines are accurate, also this is very accurate. We do have free will. It is not the part that makes one perform a certain way, but gives knowledge of that person's tendencies, paths, and attitudes. In human form, and animal form of all nature, and also plant form. Is there more? (In a past life, was she known - as indicated by anothoter - as Anastasia, daughter of the czar of Russia?) Anastasia was a previous life of this one you speak. Is there more? (I would have a different question, a seeker asked that she had heard world affaires are being determined by a small group of families. I would ask from the records if there is truth to this. Her statement was, 12 families controlling world events since the days of Napolean.) There is great control over social, political activity in the world by the economic basis of influence. Power in modern times has been related to monies and money control. Where originally it was related to physical control. (And this power, has it been in the hands of particular families for a long period of time?) All relative terms you are using. There are certain families who have maintained a great strength in the wealth of their affaires and do influence greatly. Some are known publicly. Most seek to remain anonymous to the public. There are no set numbers of families as you ask the question for there is no time set for your question. (Currently, is there a set and secret organization that controls the governments of many nations?) Indeed. There is a great influence suggesting today that which I speak, that controls the movements and policies of many nations. For most of those who are in this control mechanism are unknown to the public and would have it remain so. (Have they a name which they call their organization?) Their organization is very loose and informal. Names are given at trying to identify those who wield this great power through their monies. Names are simply identifications that people try to apply. There is no official organization, hence there is no official name. Next question. (The next questioned was, The Christ consciousness, if it is embodied in physical form in a single person today.) Oh, oh, oh, oh. (I believe this person meant to ask if that one known as Jesus of Nazareth has been reborn?) Not now or never, in the form of the man Jesus of Nazareth, who was here to demonstrate, as there are many people 'ore and since who demonstrate. He is but one who was demonstrating for those who would listen. There are many today doing demonstrations and still the populace doesn't listen or learn. What would you have me say? (This one who asked this question, I believe you answered, when she said, he is rumored to be the first to cross the boundaries of death. I doubt this to be true and will share with that one knowledge which you have brought forth in the past. Perhaps I shall ask you then, what is meant, when history refers, and we refer today to the Anti Christ?) As I have spoken to you previously, there is an existence of balance in all Creation. For every influence of one nature there is an opposing influence bringing balance. Without balance in all of the creations, without balance in all that you know or are yet to learn, without balance there will be chaos and destruction. The Creator would never create such, nor could any Creator ever create such, for balance in what makes Creation exist. (Good, then there is another that asked, if we are being told, this one said, that the future that comes is one of mass destruction, and if this is not what we seek, what can each one of us do to individually change this?) This question has been answered. (Yes, by Higher Self. [See below] I thank you. I would also ask you this, Master of Spirit, when you say we, do you mean spirit as human?) Not all spirit takes on the human form. Hmmm, not all human form chooses to take on Spirit, hmm. ALL exists in a collective energy field. When reference is made to one, it must by necessity, affect all the other. When spoken words come from this level, it is difficult to relate to that which would be presented. When put into words it is sometimes confusing. We recognize that. Thought forms are the purest, but when you ask for words, one must use the language that the ears are meant to hear. (I thank you. I thank you greatly.)

[Master of Light enters.] Well! (Yes, you heard me asking for you, didn't you?) (A member of the group asked, Master of Light, "what IS the best way to send light?") Thought. (And when we do send light, is it too directive to hope that it does good? Or to look for what is the benefit and good?) Thought, again, influences the result. For if one sends the influences of light, and says, "I hope this does its work", one is not expressing its true devotion to that outcome. So, thought again creates that outcome, whether its light or another form of energy. You know that. (Yes, but it is tricky here Master of Light. For instance, when I send light, Master of Light, and I ask for spirit attachments of another to go, isn't that directing light?) Thought. You have free will of thought. Don't, do not be confused, when you send Light, as an energy for All things to exist as they are meant to exist, that is what we call without direction. When you send energy of Light as thought for a purpose of which you desire to manifest, then that is a choice and that is another type of thought direction. Why is that confusing? It seems simple. When you request, you request. When you send pure energy, you send pure energy. Why is that confusing? (I think the confusing part is...)That people don't accept who they are and what they are. And selfishly worry and quiver and quake. How great you are and how little you know of that. When will they learn? When they are enlightened? Ha, ha, (That's you!) That's what I represent, when I speak to you as Light and the power of thought. The physical body is but the core, and the light energy around it exists as another form of energy, just as you witness the sun's energy in the day and the moon energy at night - it is light energy that you are perceiving as that object which you really cannot see. Is that a metaphor that you can use? Then let there be more light. And let that light fill your mind and body. And when you send to another the Light, you may send it to heal, you may send it to make pleasantries, you may send it for comfort, but should you really send just pure light, they will do with it what THEY must do for their process on this planet and in that human form. The other is your selfish concern. More questions? (Master of Light, at the symposium, would you like to be the one to lead us in our Light meditation? Would you be willing to do that?) I would be happy to do that, providing you don't scare them with me. (I was thinking of you speaking through Hugh.) Oh, I would be glad to do that. I would be DE Lighted to show them something of myself there. You may also learn, as you profess to love light, and do indeed appreciate the energy of light, that you send yourself light and energy to create that which is now, ready, to manifest for your body, and to direct Hugh to do the same for his body and you will both find wonderful results.
(There is a question asked by the member of the Friday Night group. It is: What ARE we to do individually to make the future what we want to see. What more can we each do?) The question is, what can you do with the knowledge with you have now? (Yes. Those in our group specifically.) They should, if they choose, take the message to others and bring them into the knowledge they possess: The freedom of choice, the ability to create even greater knowledge as they accept the greater knowledge, other knowledge that opens up to them as it does for everyone. (To make the future happen that they would see, are they to think of, speak of, voice that future?) If they are seeking to manifest the future then their total focus should be on that future. Recognizing other avenues, keep their focus on the future that they choose. Thinking, speaking, acting, and knowing that their energy is now making manifest that future.

Novemenber 24, 1996 Following Is Session With A Client of Pamela's. Pamela Is Speaking With A Virus - We thought this would interest you.

NMR indicates virus in body is mono. Been with him since childhood. Client guided in trance state to speak to virus. (Pamela spends some time "teaching" virus to "speak", by having it make sounds: Mmmmmm, etc.) (You are here in this body.) Yes. (How did you get in this body?) (Do you have memory, virus?) Came in through the body opening. (Through an opening in the body?) Yes, the mouth. (How did you know you were welcomed, or allowed, into this body? How did you know that? Is this something you would know virus?) Confusing questions. (Oh, how do you know where to do and where not to go?) Well, we go where what? (There are many mouths, how do you know which mouth to go in?) Every mouth. (You can go in every mouth?) Can. (Do you?) No. (Why?) Went in this mouth. (Yes, you went in this mouth. Very smart, very true. And have you stayed in the mouth?) No. (Where else have you gone in the body?) All over the body. (Did you find the body welcoming to you? Or do you have to hide out in the body?) The body system made us go into a sleep state. We slept a long time. (What changed, to wake you?) Something made us wake up. (What happened after you woke up?) We found we could multiply, and so, we did. (And your numbers now, are you continuing to multiply, or are you happy with the number of you?) (Virus?) Yes. (Have you a message to bring?) We multiply to bring a message. (Ah, and have you knowledge of that message now?) No. Make the person make weak and sick. That's what we do best. (Who sends you?) Some higher intelligence. (How do you know how long to stay?) We stay as long as we can stay active and then we go into hibernation, when they get too strong for us. We usually make them sick for awhile and then if the body keeps going, and they build up their immune system, we go into hibernation. (Do you ever go back to the higher intelligence that sent you?) Yes. (Have you memory of doing that?) We can move. We can be active or inactive. We don't have a great amount of direction, we just do what we're supposed to do. We make people know we're here. (And when higher intelligence says you have done your job very well, come back to me, I have somewhere to send you, that's part of your job too?) Yes, we do that too. (I see. Well then, Higher Intelligence has sent you to THIS body to make this body weak and this person tired and you're doing your job very well.) Yes. (Yes, there must be reason higher intelligence sent you here to make this body weak.) Yes. (Now, here is an important question: Would you know that or do I ask the Higher Intelligence why it sent you here?) I don't know why. I give my actions to the directions. I don't give directions. (I understand. Well, you wouldn't mind if I ask higher intelligence?) I have no feelings. (You're just there?) I'm here. (I'm going to talk to you again, would that be okay?) Hmmm. Yes. (Do you feel like taking a little bit of a rest from your job while I..)I never rest. (I see.) Until I'm deactivated. (I see, well, since higher intelligence has activated, I'll leave you to your job while I go speak to higher intelligence.) Good. (Thank you. Thank YOU. Subconscious mind, you indeed led me right to where we needed to go, and I would like you to bring in now that higher intelligence. I will ask the Higher Self of this one to take us to that level of higher intelligence that would give us the message that is to be heard. That is connected with the presence of the virus in the body doing it's job. Yes, breathe in that level of consciousness. That higher intelligence to which Higher Self guides us, either itself or to another.) Yes. (To whom do I speak?) You are speaking to me. (And you are a level of higher intelligence.) Yes. (You are one to whom I have spoken before?) You have. (Higher self?) Part of. Not this person's Higher Self. I'm called by many people to do many things. I direct the virus. Knowledge. (You have sent a virus in the body of the being through whom you speak.) No, I was given direction to do that. (Are you given the knowledge of why?) Yes, to make this person weak and struggle. (Do you know the good this will bring?) No, I know what we do best. (So you simply direct the virus in?) Yes, I direct it. And once it is here, it does different things. (And when the message has been received, or when the higher intelligence asks you to retrieve the virus, is that part of your job too?) Yes, we can activate or de-activate, or move out and on to another place. (Then I need to speak to the one who gives you your direction, is this correct?) Yes, yes. (Then I need to speak to the one who gave you directions to move into this body.) Oh, this body has its own director. (And that is?) A part of another spiritual energy. You call that, Higher Self. (Then I shall speak with Higher Self.) (Higher Self of _____, you know what we seek.) You seek reason for the virus in the body active? Doing mischief with the body. Hmmm. Challenging the body to tune itself up to a higher level of energy. Highest level needed for the work to be done is higher than before the virus and before that. Body was abused. Need the tuning of the body to the highest level of energy and only by challenging the body do we get the response. The request was ignored before. (What would be the best actions to be taken then at this time?) All positive actions to make the body as strong and powerful and match the mind of the body and the body to the mind and the will to do that which is to be done with the greatest energy and vitality of both the mind and body. Subconscious mind is your greatest ally in this endeavor. Subconscious mind can also be worst enemy. (Thank You.)

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