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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 11/20/94

Regression of Hugh to Luke (Lucanus) Incarnation

"I seem to be floating up a path, as if walking up a path. It seems familiar, dark, shadowy shapes, moonlight, trees. We come to speak to the master, Jesus. He is aware we are coming, we've been here before. That's good, that we're here. Coming in the lightening feeling now, a lightening of energy. It's lightening as we speak and he comes in a form of Rapture. He's up ahead, it's as though I'm watching and it's happening very slowly. Moving up a hill, uphill to a mound, it seems to be the crest of this garden. We're reaching the top of the hill. He is seated over on the right on a, like a stone, flattened and fairly smooth on the top. There are several seats like that, that are rocks behind him and to the right, his left, in the garden. The olive grove is starting at the top of this hill and runs down the side that I came up. As he sits there, in the place where he meditates, I meditate. We sit, he raises his hand, he turns to me and says, 'Where are the others?' I say they are coming. He says, 'that is good, Lucanus, we must have time by ourselves. You must promise me, if your are willing to carry our message forward after I am gone.' I say, 'You will not go Master.' He says, "But I will, and soon, and in a way that will make people realize who I am and what I represent. You must make it a powerful message Lucanus.

He's thinking these thoughts, as we look at each other, I see further into his inner self and there is a bright, bright shinning light inside of his being that radiates out all around him and I can feel that, even in my spiritual state. He, in his radius of energy, is magnificent. For a physician, very wonderful to feel the healing energy, the powerful energy he radiates. And he says, 'You will, by your own words, promise me to carry forth the message until Man sees the Light that you see on this night." (Hugh begins to weep.) And I swear to him that I will, and I fear it so much. (Weeping) Wanting at one moment, to beg not. The other moment to embrace him. I swear that I will heal until no man feels the pain. (Lucanus:) 'There's too much Master.' (Jesus:) 'You will go in the same faith that I live and die in my carnal state. You, too, will live on. As I leave my carnal state, so will you. We both will be feel the changes and the power that we have transfer from one to another body. But I shall not return more than once, as a demonstration for those who would not believe. You, my friend, will manifest many more times.'

(Lucanus whispering:) 'I don't want to do this Master. I realize I don't have your power. That power makes you who you are.'

(Jesus:) 'Let no Man go without this power, for that's what you're teaching. Every part of this universe is empowered in the same way. Only Man will be able to recognize their power for they have the power of recognition. And you are the teacher, Lucanus. And you teach the healing arts to every man who will listen, and demonstrate for those who won't. You will, you will, you will.'

(Lucanus:) 'And for the first time, I want to run and at the same time, want to do his will. I have never felt this empowered, it's too emotional for me. I cannot express my power, that I'm feeling, without wanting to weep. It's frightening.' (Weeping) (Whispering:) 'Don't like this loss of control. (Hugh's right hand raises.) Then he touches me. And even in my Spirit form, I feel his energy. As he touches my energy with his, he says, 'Go and you will know, that every time you touch someone with this same energy you have now, they will be transformed and become teachers, like you and all of you in the future, will become teachers.'

(Deep sigh) 'And now I'm on a ship. I'm on a ship going towards my next destination, as the physician, and yet there's something different about it. I can't quite tell what it is. But it doesn't have to do with the Man. It has to do with this one that I am going to see soon. And my heart is light and full of love. And as the sea faces me, with this wonderful energy, that I feel like floating, as if a leaf on the sea. Floating. Now, I'm going to practice my art of leaving the body and going into a higher plane, which I find healthy and helpful for me, as I try to teach others to do. As you let the body, just relax in a comfortable, healthy position, you can float right up out of the body, not to be seen by human eyes, but by other spirits, who are everywhere around us. (Deep sigh.)

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