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Master of Spirit, please locate the records for ____________ born _______.  

For validation that the correct records have been located please give the place of birth in the present incarnation.  [Note:  This information is given correctly.]

Thank you.  She is seeking to know if she has been associated in previous incarnations with the spirit known today as ______________ born in this incarnation on _____.

  Hmmmm, yes.  Other than this life time, previous associations, is that the question? 

 That’s the question 

This indicates three  life times incarnate.  

What were the dates of these 3 life times and where were they?

  The one was in Europe in the part you would know now as Germany. 1142. 

(Their relationship?)   Father and son.  (Their names?)  Sounds like Victor, Vitor, Vitor.  (This is the father or the son?)  The father.  (And the son?)  Hans  (Is their last name seen?)  No, they were peasants.  (Who was the father?  In this life time the father is known as whom?)  The one known as _____, the woman.

 The second life time, where was it?

 1492 in what is known as England.  (Their relationship then?)  Older brother, younger sister.  (Who was the older brother?)  The woman is the older brother in that life time.  (What was the brother’s name then? )   John.  [They were] John and Mary Beth Smythe. 

  And the third life time was where?

  What is known now as America, the United States area that was as American Indians, in the Plains area, early 17th century.  (The Indian Tribe name, is it seen?)  Part of the Sioux Nation.  (And their relationship?)  They were mated in that life time.  (Which was the male?)  The woman.  (She was the male then?)  Correct.  (And the name?)  You want this in their language?  (Umm, yes, I would like to hear it in their language.)  Shaw wah ki   [Note:  I am writing this phonetically- the “ki” is pronounced with a long “i” as in kite.]  (Thank you.  Very interesting, is there a spelling?)  Hmmm, you have the pen in your hand?  (I do.)  Then you write it as you hear it, they had no written language.  

Are there uncompleted life lessons between them brought forward into this life?

  There are several.  (These are?)  A feeling of needing to control and to resist being controlled.  (On one or both parts?)  Both parties involved, yes.   (Is there another, you said there were several.)  One of feeling fearful of being in the others presence for fear of losing control.  (And so they are learning to do that with each other?)  You asked for life lessons.  I can’t predict.  (Is there another life lesson between them?)   These are ongoing, then they have to be working on them if they chose to complete them. 

  Would marriage between them be conducive or counterproductive to their higher good in completing this? 

Hmmm, you could ask that question, but I cannot answer it, for they’re the ones that are working out their life lesson.  If I were to say yes, that would be a possibility.  If I were to say no, that would be a possibility.  These [possibilities] are all with their actions and interactions, actions and reactions.  You see, that’s part of the lesson isn’t it? 

  Yes, and she would ask you at this time if you have further guidance for her.

  I would offer both of them this same guidance, if you can call it guidance - a view, would perhaps be a better word - that each must be their own person and that is one of the ongoing life challenges, to be self within self, to be comfortable and happy with self, to feel reliant upon self, to feel independent of other selves, to know oneself, to like oneself.  Yes, even to love oneself.  But without “self ish ness” one cannot really know who one is.  The life lessons as we continue to see them grow would be learning more about self and not having to depend upon a control or of being controlled by another.  Is not that clear?  (Yes, it is.) 

  For guidance to _______as to where her biggest blocks are, would that best be asked of her Higher Self? 

  That would be good for her in meditation.  To ask to be shown that through dreams, through thoughts, through her reactions from other people and her own actions.  Much can be learned from observing oneself from a different vantage. 

  I’ve long wanted to ask, Master of Spirit, if before we incarnate in a life incarnation, do we make chooses such as marriage, such as this is the person I wish to connect with and be married to, or is that individual?  

  Am I hearing you asking “if we can identify a person we’re going to meet and marry in a fore- going life time?”  (Yes, before we are even born.)  Well, it may be true, but it is not of my knowledge.  (But, before we are born, two spirits could make that commitment together?)  We [spirit]  might make that type of person or a re-identifying of another spirit in this life time about to begin, but how the outcome comes out would be foolish to predict, would it not?  (Yes, it could change, I understand.  And so the same would be true with children?  We might say to souls, yes, I would be willing to be a parent for you, but whether it happens or not…..) remains to be seen as those spirits move in or out of embodiment and their actions interacting with others can change all of the predictions, thus, we find that the life time lesson - or life term lesson - is not completed and it moves again into another subsequent life term lesson.   (And when we are looking at the body, when we choose our parents, do we know before we even incarnate how long that body will live or the length of that incarnation?)  Again, the same rules apply - how would you know until you are there and interact and react?  If it were all that  - as you say cut and dried - if it were all that predetermined, then it wouldn’t be a lesson.  It would merely be following a pattern you have pre-set for that life time.  The action within your self and the interaction with other selves and spirits  - whether they are embodied or out of body -   determines what the lesson’s outcome will be.  Thus, giving you a completed lesson or maybe more, or an uncompleted lesson or more uncompleted lessons to be fulfilled in subsequent life times.  (So when we have someone in hypnosis - I’m thinking of a spirit of someone who died young - says I had no intention of living a full life span….)  That was a choice that was completed.  (But that could have been altered while she was here, if she decided to take more lessons?)  That could also be.  When you say free spirit, it actually means that.  (And when people, when their bodies are injured and they are close to death, even then the spirit can choose….) to stay or not to stay.  (Depending on life lessons that remain or do not?)  And self - ish - ness. 

  Thank you again, Master of Spirit.  

You are most welcome.

  Subconscious, now open the connection between the Higher Self of Hugh and the Higher Self of _______. If  the subconscious can open to ________ Higher Self and we speak with it directly, that would be preferable.  If that is not possible then making the connection between Hugh’s Higher Self and __________ Higher Self.

  I am in connection with the Higher Self of _______. 

  Higher Self of  _________ what is her individual life lesson in this incarnation?

  Hmmmm,  Well one of the lessons we are focused on is controlling our life and controlling our actions and reactions and relationships.

  Speaking of relationships, does she have beliefs at the subconscious levels, what we might call programming that cause her difficulty in relationships?

  Fear.  The very basis of all negativity. 

  Her fear is of?

  Many things, but one of those is the subconscious fear of relationships.  You may know that she has had previous relationships that were unsuccessful.

This fear, did it evolve from her childhood, in relationship she saw with her parents, or elsewhere?  

It evolved in many life times and in this one also.

  Then what does she need to do to get past these blocks, beliefs, programming?

Well, she needs to identify with the  opposite of fear which would be a concept of self-appreciation and love, you might say, and when she feels that totally and completely she is free to be in any relationship she chooses. 

  You know her well, Higher Self, what is the best approach for her in clearing herself of these blocks and accepting this self-love?

  Clearing and accepting.  Hmmmm.  Well, she does do some self-work, inside, but more of that would be helpful.  Asking her to form the blocks readily seen in dreams would give her a better view of what might be the faster and most expedient way of pursuing the completion of these challenges she has in this life.

  We teach a technique on our website of writing down the negative beliefs one thinks one might have and then making a tape for oneself of erasing these and replacing them with the new positive. Would that be helpful?  

  As she would work with her subconscious programming, yes that would be helpful. But first she must determine what they are. 

  Indeed, and this is best for you to do rather than for ask at this moment?

  Well, she has fear that she has not dealt with - that fear turns into a form of anger - even though it’s suppressed because it’s not recognized and released that can form other negative programs.  It might learn to feel resentment, frustration and that might not work through itself into the open so she can release it and become [free] of the anxiety and feelings of depression.

You know she will be very frustrated if I don’t ask what guidance can you give her now as to where to look, where is this fear rooted.  

Inside herself of course.  It starts within, its part of her lesson.

Then, I’ll ask in this way…are there inner ages that are important for her to work with…

Even as she was in her mother’s womb, it begins.  If she would look to this with assistance or with guidance within herself we would be glad to help her, but her subconscious and I cannot do it alone.   [See Addendum At Bottom of the Page.]

   Higher Self of _________, I use the term Higher Self, is this how she thinks of you or refers to you or is there a name or term she prefers to use?

  I am just a part of her and her spirit self so she could call me whatever she chooses.  I don’t have any pet phrases if you can use that word.

  What part of her would you describe yourself as?

  Her Spiritual Self.

  And is there guidance for her in establishing a clearer communication with you?

  Is she clear in her communication?  (That’s what I’d like to know.)  She can do improvement as I have just stated, by more meditation and asking for dreams that would give her guidance, but she - although having dreams - does not write them down to study what they might eventually be if interpreted according to her own inner self.  [See Addendum 2 At Bottom of Page]

  Does she meditate?

  Yes, but not to the extent that she would be successful in doing if she chose to set aside that time.

  What would you suggest to her would be good for meditation, what amount of time? 

  Hmmm.  (Tape turns over)  The time element for meditation varies with the ability to focus in the depth of the meditation.  Sometimes a person is quite disturbed and it takes longer to reach that point.  Sometimes a person drifts into it in meditation.  You might tell her - describe to her or show her where she might find what you call self-hypnosis.  And using that she could give herself in the subconscious state a guidance for changing, eliminating, correcting, modifying old programs that are no longer serving her.  You see, once she understands what her goals are, then she no longer need follow the path, but to finish the path and let the goal be a part of the completion of that path by recognition and release.  Learning what she has, of course, from the time she’s been on the path and recognizing the completion of that path.

Is there a time of day or evening that matters with her meditations?

Oh she has good energies,  she could choose the time that would be most comfortable.  Spirit doesn’t care about these things you know.  Whatever works well for her would be the best time and the best place for her to be comfortable and secure.

When she meditates would a sound in the background be disturbing, interfering, conducive to the meditation?   Like music, or chanting, or chimes or a mantra or earth sounds?

  The choice is hers, I am a member of the spirit and I’m comfortable with any of those because I’m not involved with that level.    

  She wants to have a family.  Is there any kind of - well that depends upon the relationship right?

  That will come as another part of her lesson, won’t it? 

  Yes, it will, I might ask you if  there is any life lesson prohibiting her having children in this life.

  None that I know of.  In fact, that would be another part of learning control.

  And in the relationship with _________ the communication given by Higher Spirit, would you add anything to that about this relationship? 

  No, this could be a wonderful completion if they could both come to the same pathway that they are able to complete, they can complete it together separately or severally.    (Pamela Note:  In case you wonder what “compete it together separately or severally” means I think it means you each have the same or similar life lesson and you can each complete this life lesson with each other or with other people and you can complete it in this life or several lives.) 

 If she does her work of clearing her blocks then there still remains work for him to do, would that be correct?

  That is correct.  He has his own path.

  Is marriage between these two seen at the moment as a probability or not even in those realms?

  Of course it is always a possibility and if they both pursue a positive path, it will probably come to pass. 

Thank you, is there further guidance you would provide her with at this time?  

She is a beautiful, beautiful person and needs to really recognize herself as such.  Love herself, like herself, and rely upon herself.  She can always talk to her Higher Self and her subconscious as well. 

  Thank you Higher Self.  We do thank Higher Spirit and Higher Self and we do ask that Light always be with ______, which we know it is, and if there is any message from Light for ________ it is certainly welcomed and appreciated.

  LIGHT:   Very well.  I always insist on people enjoying light for I am there for them to enjoy.  But I want them to share me, Light, with all the other people so I would invite her to not only enjoy “Light Meditation” but to involve other people in “Light Meditation”.  The more we involve others the faster the changes in this wonderful Earth will occur.


 Pamela Note:  I think the “with assistance” advice given by Higher Spirit refers to a person helping you with regression therapy, beginning with a womb regression.  This would most probably be a hypnotherapist or a psychologist or psycho-therapist trained in hypnosis for regressions.  The “With guidance within herself” might refer to the same, or might mean you can do this with dream work maybe or self-hypnosis/meditation - asking to be shown or to know what occurred while you were in the womb that created fear.  The “subconscious and I cannot do it alone” means - I believe - you have to become consciously aware of what happened so you can talk to your inner age baby and reassure her.  For example:  I discovered in regression therapy with hypnosis that my mother quit eating for several weeks when she found she was pregnant with me.   She was trying to starve the developing baby to death.  The baby was so sad, so hungry, so fearful and so sorry she was hurting her mother and bringing her sorrow and shame that the baby wanted to die.  That the baby had this kind of reaction tells me the baby was not feeling connected with the spiritual self (Higher Self) which could have brought the baby comfort as well as supplying life force to the baby’s body - which it was doing.  In other words, the spiritual self/higher self was right there, but the baby’s emotions were blocking her being aware of this so she “bought into” the sadness, rejection and negativity surrounding her.  So after this regression, I sat in a chair and closed my eyes.  I asked my subconscious to open the communication to the “baby me in the womb”.  Then I put myself into a light hypnotic trance.  This is easy to do.  Physically relax the body.  I often have tension in my jaws and shoulders, so I make sure I check for this and relax the jaws and shoulders.  Then focus on a sound that is peaceful and quiets the mind.  Sometimes I put on an ocean waves tape.  Sometimes I just listen to my breathing.  As I listen to the sound I slowly count down 10 to 1.  Either I count the waves (but this is so relaxing to me I only count down 5 to 1) or I count my breaths or I imagine I am stepping down 10 steps to my “island” where whomever I am speaking to is waiting for me.  This time I imagined I was stepping down 10 steps to a lagoon where the “baby me” would be.  When I got to 1, I imagined I went into the water in the lagoon to talk to the “baby me”.  I took her in my arms.  I held her and rocked her and said to her:  “You were not a mistake.  Your mommy prayed for something wonderful to happen in her life and you were the something wonderful sent to her.  She didn’t realize this because she was out of touch with her spiritual self.  She will realize it some day.  She will come to love you as I love you.  I love you very much.  You are very important to me.  You are very special and without you my life would not be.  You are my beginning.  I don’t want you or me to be out of touch with our spiritual self.  There is a light inside you.  Here, I will help you find it.  That is your spiritual self.  It will feed your body and help you grow.  Keep it with you always.” 

     You see?  You talk to the age you as you would to that age child, keeping in mind children are so much smarter than adults think.  I found in a later regression done in hypnosis that the “baby me” in the womb - when I said to look for her light inside her - saw what she called a “parachute lady” holding her, feeding her, and loving her.  When Dr. Harmon asked the baby to describe the “parachute lady” she said a “beautiful angel with a big light like a parachute around her”.    I think this is the form the light our (baby me and me) spiritual self/higher self took for the baby but she was so emotionally upset she couldn’t see it then. 

        Since I figured the subconscious - which always fights to survive - was angry about being starved, I did another session myself, sitting in the chair.  I told the baby me she needed to tell her mother how mad she was that she tried to starve her and didn’t want her.  This time I picked up a piece of paper and let the “baby” write it out.  Sometimes, I’ll do the self-hypnosis I described above and tell the age me I want to speak her mind to speak it when we get to 1.   After I had the “baby” write out her anger, I did the self-hypnosis and invited the body to speak its anger.  When this was done, I imagined holding the baby again and stroking her body - patting her tummy etc. - and telling it not to worry, it would not be starved ever again because I would feed it and the parachute lady would be with it always. 

Dr. Harmon and I also checked to find if I’d ever starved in a previous life and found I had.  We did regressions to these lives  - and I did some of my own “chair work” with these.   If I didn’t have him, I would have asked to be shown in meditation or in a dream any other times in which my embodied soul suffered starvation. 

By the way, when I want to open the communication with my Higher Self in my “chair work” I will count down 10 to 1 first, then I will do various things (I like variety) to “get to” the Higher Self.  Sometimes I will imagine I come to a spiraling stair case leading up to and through the clouds to “the light”.  I will climb this or glide up this or sometimes a cloud comes down and lifts me up.  Sometimes I skip the stair case and “step through” my third eye.  I will always ask when I get “there”  that my Higher Self draw near and make its presence known.  That’s when I feel the coolness gather.  (Sometimes, when I know I don’t need any of this preparation, I just begin with this.)  I have trained my subconscious mind to move a “yes” indicator finger when the Higher Self communication is ready to speak verbally.  You can read about how to do this training of the subconscious  in the “How To Connect To Your Higher Self” in the Treasure Chest of our website.

When you are not in the “mood” for meditation, this self-hypnosis preparation will help you settle the body and calm the mind for meditation 


Pamela note:  The self-hypnosis technique I suggested iabove would be a good way of getting this inner self dream interpretation.  Sit in your chair, read aloud your dream, ask the Higher Self or your “Dream Master Self” or your “Inner Self” or any term you prefer to give you the meaning of the dream.  Then do the 10 - 1 relaxation and quieting mind, then whatever you imagine will lead you to your “Dream Master Self”.  Keep on a tape recorder if you are afraid you will miss what is given.   Eventually, with repeated sessions - or maybe even right away -  you may be able to sit down to a computer and enter the same state of hypnosis - which is focused concentration - and write out the communications you have with the various levels of you.

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