Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: November 10, 1994

Higher Self of Hugh, Pamela Guiding

(Seeking information regarding demonstrations.) Demonstrations will be received when the person is piqued with interest and driven to need and desire. A way of communicating with others at a higher level. (Would you be aware of the winning lotto numbers on any given date if asked?) I don't know that is available. The numbers may be controlled by a higher power. I would not be informed nor have access to those numbers. (So when a person dreams or has flashes or intuitions of future happenings, does this come from higher power?) May come from many levels, but this higher power, a higher level of Spirit, would be one, and their own memory - subconscious or conscious memory banks may contribute to that. I specifically do not know in THIS instance what numbers would work for you or her. However, I'm drawing blank numbers for you to know about now. There are no numbers in my mind. (Are you aware of the presence of spirit around us wishing to speak with us?) Yes, I am aware there are several spirit entities that are present in your home now. What else? (I would ask for your guidance and guardianship while we speak with these energies.) You have the guidance at all times. Whether you listen to it or not, the guidance will be available. Even in your dreams. Always available.

(We will speak with those energies now. I ask the first energy to move forward for the purpose of communication. Align with the body and subconscious mind to use the vocal chords.) What can we do to help you now? This entity has been calling for help in his meditation. What do you want? We came when called and now we need to know the need you have for us. (Is there a particular area that your energies are powerful in?) We have all the areas with expert coverage of information. You must ask what you want. This is not a contest. (I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound it so.) Not offended, making sure you understand. You must make clear your question or need. Then we will do our best to fulfill them. We have adequate experience in that area. (We have great need of financial support in the work we need to do.) That shall be given you. Next. There seems to be more. (We are seeking to connect with an energy in body to help us with computer programs.) That is being done. There are three areas we are working on now - that creates some excitement for its possibilities are great. Note for him: we are enthused and as he speaks and thinks he adds new concepts and we are willing to counsel with him and add more as we may be able to in his future. (Can you also be of help with him in seeking to build a mechanical devise for Neural-Muscular Response?) He knows how to do that. The concept is in his mind and he is putting it into product form now. (Can you also be of help in connecting with those who would publish our book?) Yes. There will be some changes but those changes will be good for the sale and for the interest in your book. Information is available in that area now. (Is there guidelines in publishing houses or agencies?) Information says trying smaller publishing houses might be faster than going through an agent for they have not served you well at this point. Yes? More? (Who are you? Who do we ask for when we communicate with you?) Hmmm, you understand that it is not like your world. We are not scattered all over. We are easily contacted. We know it is difficult for you to understand that. You may call us many different names. You like to call us "Master of" and that is fine. "Master of" - as you call Light - enjoys the humor of being called old Blue. We are not very humorous here. But some of us like that. (Hugh has asked, if he were to know more clearly the path he is being asked to move forward on, he could act more directly. What, from your level, IS the path?) Exactly. Listen. We're very, very focused on your cause. As many others like you are working for this same cause. We support you totally and completely. We cannot work as you do in the human field and depend on you to make starts that we will support you in. We must ask you to use your innovative and experienced energies to create new avenues of reaching people's minds. We support you. We will support you in any way possible. You must make and take action. (Shall we promote the idea of renewing youth through the mind, in order to teach the people what they need to know. Is it possible to rejuvenate minds and bodies on this realm for the purpose of not looking, growing, old?) People see what they choose to see and believe they see. Think, if you would, of all the different methods that have been sold and touted to people for thousands of years. People madly scramble to spend their money and time seeking the so called eternal youth. Yes, they will indeed be fascinated with your concept. (Is it true, and what is meant, that I have brought in more of higher self than is normally so?) Is it true? It would seem as the director and catalyst with this group, you have done much of that and will continue to do more. Remember who you are. Remember who you were and still are. (Is it important to address the Raemet energy of Hugh?) You may ask any time. (Thank you.) You are doing very fine work and we will support you. Do not hesitate to ask. Your thoughts that sometimes you feel irritation form our side is not the fact. That's an erroneous concept. We are never irritated. When we seek to help we are available. (Is the work we do training therapists, hinder us in greater work, or part of greater work?) It would give more power to your stimulation of minds as you increase the number of believers. But you must move them past their petty concepts and un-stifled realities before they will be effectively moving in your direction.

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