Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 11/10/94

Hugh Channel/Pamela Guide

(We are working on our body fitness and strength.) Very Commendable. Committing your physical being to a higher level of energy allows you to do so much more with the other levels in that carnal state, doesn't it? (Yes) Good, you will be in need of much more energy in the physical body than you are experiencing now. You will be needing much more. (Hugh has been practicing leaving his body, is this helpful for this communication?) Yes.

(We have decided to name our project of helping others to raise their consciousness for the incoming of Spirit and the God Consciousness, The Omega Project.) Hmmm. Very smooth and comfortable sound, is it not? (Yes.) Hmmm. A project indeed. (We say this project is the preparing of the path for the Age of God Consciousness.)

Do you know what God Consciousness is? (I believe it is love, the non-judging energy, the positive energy this planet and the people need.) DO YOU KNOW what it feels like to be in the God Consciousness? (I think I had a brief - yes.) You are one of the very few upon the earth today who may make that statement. It is not known to many. But is so powerful one can demonstrate with that power as long as the power is respected to all, all aspects of power. This is not something to be used, but to allow it to use you. You are the instrument, it is the power.

(Is it a possibility that earth is to become an instrument of that power too, should we choose it as a whole, as a people?) Earth will do what it has to do. For it is part of God's powerful energies that you find in ALL. Earth will do what it has to do. It is God's will, not Man's will. Man may do things that are demonstrating against the normal energy of earth, but that will not last forever and one way or the other earth will survive.

(Is the one known of Sai Baba an incarnation) Yes. (Of the God Consciousness?) And demonstrating it over and over. How many people? How many people see what he's demonstrating?

(There is another named Mother Meera, born Kamala Reddy in India, is she also a demonstration of this God Consciousness?) She has demonstrated the powers that can flow through the human being as you and others have also. She is an instrument of teaching just as you profess to want. Thousands of those among you can do that easily, but must allow it to be, without forcing it upon others, only to demonstrate for those who choose. Knowledge is learned, not forced.

(There is an energy in our home seeking to gain attention. Manifests sounds, and we see glimpses of it.) One of you keep asking for, now both of you keep asking for guidance for energy for knowledge, the demonstrations all around you are part of your learning. When you ask for something and expect it, it comes to you as well as others. This energy is a part of your asking for. Neither good nor bad, you merely asked for energy and demonstrations. This is not any more or any less than what you asked for.

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