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Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 10/31/00

Transcript of question & answer to Hugh's Higher Self on 10/31/00

Q. Are tarot card readings and psychic predictions of good or harm?

HS: I can tell you when a person asks from one side, which we would call the known, about the other side, which we would call the unknown, they will get information. I can also tell you that the information is mutable, moveable, fleeting. It may remain active for a time and it may not remain active for very long. There's a movement to everything. Everything is flux and moving.   So when a person sees, hears, or predicts an event, it is for that moment of time only. And it may or may not be true in the future. But it might be true at that moment in time.

Q: Can Higher Selves access the Records. [Note:  This refers to that which are alternately referred to as Akashic Records, Soul Records, or as Higher Spirit calls them: Universal Records.]

HS: Higher Self cannot access the Records. Can access energy of self and input of that energy in the universe, but if looking for Records, for information on another, Higher Selves must seek another source or access.

Q: Are the Records recorded pictures?

HS: Records wouldn't be what I would call a picture. You might call it or think of it as a visual thing. But no, they are information, just like other information cast out into the universe. Like a radio wave, electronic waves.   Billions and trillions of information fly out into space every day.

Q: What creates this energy?

HS: Part of the energy, the identity of a person, whether they are in the body - which is where the usual amount comes from - or they are in between bodies or just resting. Most of the information comes from the activity from the physical body.

Q: Is there a bulue print of the universe that the records contain?

HS: You might get that information form another source. It's not like you go into a bank vault, open a drawer and pull out the information.   There are many levels of this information that would be invisible to you. But if you were to ask Higher Self about information about self, you would be able to retrieve this, about self. For this is part of your memory banks as well.

Q: If a scientist or inventor receives an idea or concept that seems clear to them, where is this coming from?

HS: Many different sources. Vast, vast information in the universe.

Q:  _______does Tarot Card Readings for herself.  Is this beneficial to her? 

HS: Well, if you are speaking of what she is getting now - she is getting a lot of negativity.  But that is coming from her. Her mind is focused on the negativity. Therefore, that is what she reflects. That is the information she gives out. They [cards] give that information back to her. Then the information is compounded.  [Meaning her beliefs reflected back to her in the cards compound her beliefs which, of course, adds to the negativity in her life.]

Q: How can we move her mind from the negative focus?

HS: Well, that's not our place to do that, is it?

Q: But we are seeking guidance on how to shift her focus.

HS: Well, now you have hit upon a subject where she feels she is the battered martyered one.   Many times, thinking that bad things befall her, good things support here, that she has good fortune and bad fortune, according to what she's experienced in the past. She's not really embraced the responsibility of thought. That what she thinks she tends to manifest. She says, "Yes, I understand this." She does understand that, but she does not practice that.

Q: She wants very much to be a psychic.

HS: Yes, yes, she says she wants to be a psychic. But is fearful of doing things that would make her responsible, in a place of responsibility. Fearful of criticism, fearful of being wrong, fearful of being made wrong, fearful of being who she is.

Q: Is there a way to be a psychic that would always be positive for people?

HS: There is always a positive way of putting thought forms. But many people don't think about that and reinforce the negative thoughts of a person by feeding their negative thoughts back to them, making a stronger negative form.

Q: What about the car accident she is fearful of having because of a psychic seeing this for her?

HS: Not necessary. You may recall she had an entity attachment that had died in a car accident. If you recall, that implant was read incorrectly by the psychic, or tarot card reader.

Want to read about the Records? Go to our website and read Messages From Spirit, The Universal Records. By the way, the future is NOT in the Records. Read Light's: "Time, Prophecy and Predictions".   Want to read more about Spirit Entity Attachments?  Read Chapter Seven of Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis...Posted free on website or available at all bookstores via internet

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