Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 10/26/94

(Higher Self of Hugh, is incident with spider a message for Hugh?) Windows are opening that must be observed and used, recognized, facilitate, before closure. Windows don't often stay open forever. The time is approaching when things will move rapidly, requiring a great amount of personal time, dedication. If these preparations are made now, moving forward rapidly will be comfortable and easy. To facilitate with encumbrance of other will become difficult. Preparation in ALL cases. (Again.) That which must be done in preparation should be done and everything in order, for movement ahead is rapid. Changing time and places will - energies will be required in greater and greater amounts to accomplish purpose. More meditation, more exercise, more dedication to your preparation and fitness would be of great help. That is what the preparation is for, your program is requiring at this time. (IS calling it The Apostle Program positive?) For you? (For masses, for those we are seeking to reach?) That is a good forum for preparation. And maintenance of highest level of health and energy. Eliminate all toxic conditions to maximize strength and energy NOW. (What are toxic conditions existing at this time?) These conditions are those which are destructive to cells in your physical body, allowing excesses to drain the body energy. Eliminating all excesses helps energize, not enervate. (What would be specific excesses in system at this time?) More? You want more? (Is there toxicity in food Hugh is eating?) The quantity. Too much food. (At night you mean?) Yes. (Would it be better for him to eat at lunch or breakfast more?) Light lunch. Breakfast more. The food is generally healthy. Excesses create drain on body strength and energy to process. Stored fat can be reduced, muscles enhanced, getting more tone to muscles creates less drain on energy. Energy then can be applied to your projects which will be starting very shortly, requiring your full attention. Body - both bodies - are generally healthy. Increasing energies, toning muscles, and detoxifying alimentary canal. (Then symbolism of spider was to eliminate the poisons from our systems and our lives?) Very good. (Have past lives that would hinder or interfere with Hugh at this point, been dealt with, or are there more yet to uncover?) Yes. Higher Self needs more connection through meditation and focused prayer, dedication, and direction. Much of the healing and toxic condition can be changed mentally as well as physically. Must eliminate worry and fear. And focus with total concentration. Pain in left arm. (Signifying?) Seems to fade away, only indicating much pain comes from fear, and fear comes from unknown, unknown can be eliminated if the focus is directed perfectly, as it will be. (Higher Spirit, have you a message for us now?) Be of Good faith. Faith in your proposed program. Faith in your belief. Faith in the absolute. And perfect attendance from a Higher Source is yours. For the embracing of it will be happening soon for you. Soon. You must prepare for this. Happening soon. For you will be tested by this soon. .

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