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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 10/24/96

Hugh has sneezing 'fit'. NMR indicates sneezing from irritation due to entity attachment. Pamela directs that one to enter into light as it does not readily speak. Next asks for Higher Self of Hugh to speak through Hugh.]

(I would ask you if the entity, the discarnate creating the sneezing has left this body and energy field and moved into the light?) Partially. (How do we finish this, make it complete?) Protecting and preventing others from entering the field would be advisable. (Again, he needs to surround himself with light daily, doesn't he?) Yes. (Make I ask you to bring light into the field and body that that one is completely from the body and moving into the light?) Yes. (I do so, thank you. This energy field of Hugh's is filled with Light. I would ask you Higher Self if there is any other cause for the sneezing that he has?) No, not at this time. (What is the cause for difficulty with hearing with ______?) Partially nerve ending damage and partly not wanting to hear. Avoidance. (How may we help nerve endings to heal?) The fine work in the ear may be regenerated through the greater extent, but he should open his mind to words, even though they irritate him, of others. He may visualize all the operation of the nerve tissue in the ear would be perfectly picking up the sounds that he allows to flow through into conscious and unconscious recognition. (There is also the area on the chest where a growth was removed. Another irritant or pimple is forming there. Is there information that would be helpful in regards to this?) The body can do wonderful things to regenerate, restore, and rehabilitate. Specific program should be initiated in the subconscious mind to do the physical work and the emotional mind to be more receptive and less judgmental. (Thank you. There was indication before that there were negative thoughts affecting the back of Hugh, coming from the level of the Raemet experience. Is there continued work to do in this area?) Yes. It would seem that there is still emotional prejudice that is involved in the spiritual body connection. (Would this be a cause of the fatigue the body has been experiencing?) Yes. The critical factor is moving past the fear of public exposure and generating a focus of energy on the success that he knows is possible. (Thank you, I welcome Master of Light to fill this body, this space, this room with light.) He needs more light in his body. (What is a good way of getting more light in his body?) Exercising the physical body, breathing lots of oxygen in to oxygenate the body cells and activate his mind and body, personal relationship. He needs to work on harmonizing his thoughts in the physical cells. He tends to be moving away from physical exercise. He thrives on physical exercise, but because of his lack of physical energy, he's not motivated to exercise, which would help him, in turn, build up his energy and reduce the pain being suffered from neurological dysfunction. He knows that. He just isn't motivated to do it. Maybe, we should motivate him. (And how would you suggest this Light?) We'll have to lighten up. Breathing in, if he would start breathing in Light, it would serve him well for it refocuses the attention on the physical body and the energy then would be devoted to the healing energies and the oxygenating the nerves and muscle. Visualizing - which you may do for his subconscious at this time. Give him visualizing exercises involving the breathing in of Light energy. Exhaling the toxins out.

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