Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: Oct. 4, 1994

Trance Information From Higher Spirit Re Universal Records,
Hugh Channeling. Pamela Conducting

(You have told us that there is an energy level, or an energy field, where the records of the universe are contained. Is this correct?) Yes. (We have on this level called this the Akashic Records or The Book of Life. You name them the Universal Records.) They are the same. (Do the past and present conditions of the earth and each life form upon it exist within these records?) No. The history or information of those incidents living in carnate state, spirit, or in some other element of awareness are recorded. (Human mind when aligned with Spirit can access the UR?) It can. (Doubts, fears, preconceived notions, ego can affect accuracy of information received?) It may block that. One must have no doubt when working on the higher levels, as you have made discovery. One must be totally aware and accepting of the reality and truth so that there is no protective coating, no interlocking, blocking, energies. When one focuses it must be total and complete without any level of question. (Is accuracy greatly increased when individual consciousness removes itself entirely?) Of course, answer is yes. (Is it always Higher Spirit that accesses these records for the human mind?) If the energy is high in the body, then the information can flow through more easily. Again, the energy is a pertinent and consistent part of communication. (I have written that Higher Spirit is a higher vibratory rate than the spirits of those who are or have ever been incarnated in the body. Is this correct statement?) The statement is correct in its substance, but perhaps not in the belief of many. (Would it be better not to state it or would it be better to educate that this is so?) These choices I cannot make for you. I can only tell you what is available. (Is Higher Spirit of a Higher vibratory realm than even the Higher Self.) I believe we have indicated that before. [Pamela note: Answer is yes.] (How would we best describe the Higher Self to teach others about the Higher Self?) It's the Spirit level of intelligence that is a designate part of the universal intelligence. It is not the God or A God, only a spiritual energy that can communicate through the physical being, using Higher Self for the connective process. It can influence many areas of human life form, as well as other animal form. And it does have influence over the world as a vehicle for the existence of the human form and other life forms on the earth. (And how would you name the energy that you are?) I am the spiritual aspect that works through higher self. (Would I call you, in speaking to others, Spirit?) As I have said, I am one of the Spirit energies. I am neither the Highest Spirit, nor do I represent other spiritual energies that are also available. (And when I wish to call you as opposed to other spirits I ask for simply Spirit?) You would ask to speak to Spirit that is appropriate for giving you the answers you are seeking. Just designate that by your needs. Words are only that which you use and we use to communicate with you. (Would it be correct then to state that this communication is a higher vibratory level than Higher Self communication?) When you speak of communication, you are speaking of transmittal of information? (Yes.) And we do exist on a higher vibratory rate than spirit in the human or other animal forms. When Higher Self is in place above the physical being, their vibrations are higher than yours and lesser than mine. (Yours is not an energy that incarnates into form, am I correct?) Never. Oft-times people will ask for and get a thought communication from this level without going through a process. It is sometimes called a flash or intuition or a message from God. It is only they have asked for and received directly the information.

(In seeking information, the mercury or silver fillings put into teeth for decay. Is this harmful for human organism?) It would vary for each individual. Anything that is not a part of the natural balance of the animal detracts from its energy, confuses, distorts, maladjusts alignment. Therefore is considered toxic. (In my case, best to remove fillings of silver and mercury from my teeth?) They are toxic. Your choice is whether to try to encapsulate them so they have no effect on your body or remove that substance and replace it. It is not a choice that I can make. (Encapsulate means to cover with something else?) Yes. Substance that is not a natural balance shortens life and aging process is exacerbated. Just as thoughts create energy fields, variances in aging - chemicals and substances foreign to the body do the same. (Do hair chemicals do same thing?) While hair itself is moribund and no longer capable of transmitting substance to the follicle, material applied to hair often ends up on follicle and therefore can be absorbed through the skin, into the body primal area. Yes. It can be toxic.

 (You made a strange reference in regards to ________________, that she is not human. What is the meaning of this?) Difficult, because she is of different origin and closer to the spirit realm, but in body - healthy, curious, oft-times leading to obtuse behavior pattern. No previous earth experience. No past life, perhaps to guide her and give her old programs that she may have learned from. (What is purpose for this incarnation?) She will, at a later time, reveal much information to you that she is not aware of at this time. (IS her present association with _________positive?) It is only a temporary experiment and learning process. She is fascinated by many different things in this life that she has never experienced before. Neither positive nor negative for HER experience, may affect others. She is, hhhm, you might understand - protected by a different realm other than you are familiar with in this carnal state. (Any guidance or advice I can offer her?) Not at this time. We do not give advice and she will give you the information when she is ready. We believe that will be some time in the future. But that may occur at any time according to her higher and knowledgeable being that is beyond her physical being.

(The one we call Edgar Cayce, a Seer and Prophet, was he too accessing universal records?) The one you speak of used a method of leaving his consciousness and information that he received in this altered state was able to be channeled through his voice. Much of the time he was not aware of what he was doing. He oft-time contacted different spirit levels, not just this level. He contacted many different levels of spiritual knowledge that are available besides the level you seek information from now. ( I question that information brought forth from him on Sarah and Abraham, which differs from the information brought forth from you on Sarah and Abraham.) As I have stated, much information came from other areas than this source. (I understand.) Thank you.

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