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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: September 21, 1998

[In respect for privacy, we have removed the names and birthdates of those we ask Higher Self, Master of Spirit and Master of Light about.]

[Reading on 9/21/98 With Hugh's Higher Self]

(What is message or meaning of the dysfunction of air-conditioner in our vehicle?) You were told you would have great opposition and resistance from expected areas and sources. Again, demonstrations of seemingly passive areas which are causing you problems, taking your time, resisting your moving ahead. (Would meditation and light be our best protection against this?) In part. Other part would be protecting all of your self with the white light. Since you have the knowledge and cooperation of the spirit you call Light, use it. (Please access my subconscious and Higher Self what is causing the itching on my scalp and the sores.) Again, irritation, following resistance from certain areas in your life. When you are internally distraught and upset and do not vent your feelings appropriately, you have conditions of which you treat your clients/patients for and now you are experiencing the same. There are material things that contribute but the primary source is not physical but emotional. (Please access Higher Self of _____to find origin and cause of brittle nails.) The knowledge comes as lack of absorption of certain minerals that need to fill in the matrix of the cells in her bony and cartilage structure. Lack of absorption caused by hormonal imbalance. (Cause of this?) Perhaps what she is ingesting, we are testing now. There is hormonal imbalance caused by the ingestion of certain chemicals. She would do well to maintain a good diet and a healthy body, but not to push it to extremes as she has been known to in the past. Determination may be confused with abusing the body's systems. Forcing them beyond their normal ability by ingesting certain chemicals, or certain substance that in turn react in her body and change the balance of chemistry and thus affecting the absorption of elemental minerals: Phosphate. Calcium. Magnesium. Magnesia. Copper. Iron. There are many. (What are chemicals she is taking that are blocking this?) One of these is a hormonal stimulant recently started. This Higher Self would recommend to her Higher Self that she find what is best for her mind and body, thus her spirit will benefit the most graciously. (We have sent some hormone stimulants to her. Would it have been one of these?) Yes. (Which one?) It's a combination that she taking, excessive amounts. Again, would recommend she find the balance through either blood analysis, which would be specific to her needs but not as to the origin of the cause. Your testing techniques would give you the origin of the cause and the substance which is interfering with her natural body balance.

(Hugh had a dream two night previous. He was cognizant enough to say to himself this is important, I need to mention this to Pamela. Are you aware of what that was?) Yes, it's about timing. The incident is of little consequence. It is a matter of timing. Timely appointments. Timely events. Timely action for distributing and contacting for the distribution of the book you are working on now. It should begin as an exposure now, not after it is already printed, as you should have learned from this incident, Odyssey of The Soul, the book called Apocatastasis. The 2nd book should begin exposure now. While you are doing the primary book, you might as well take advantage of that to expose the 2nd book. (Good. Is there any other message to be shared at this time?) You are struggling with your fear of your physical being. And you're trying to be light and rise above it. One would recommend that you go to your Higher Self and have your Higher Self create the balance that which would allow you to be comfortable within your realm of activity and action with which to reduce the body to the purposeful size and weight you are comfortable with.

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