Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: September 13, 1996

Hugh Channel, Pamela Guiding
[Received a dream from S. who asked for interpretation. As soon as I read the part to Hugh about the child bending over to pick up a feather, Hugh's left ear buzzing so loudly he can hardly hear. We have to wait until later to have the session. As we begin, I ask for Master of Spirit, but an energy clearly not Master of Spirit (lots of jerks of Hugh's body as the spirit aligns - which happens only when a new energy is entering). I need to coach this "new" energy on how to align and use the voice box.]

(What energy is here, seeking to communicate? Hello? Yes, you may speak. Hello) Hello. (Who is this?) Who asks? (This is Pamela.) Who are you? (I am also known as Raema. Do you know that name?) No. (Who are you?) I am here with the information. (That we are seeking?) Yes. (In regards to the dream?) Yes. The woman in the body you know as S. has special information that you are to encourage her to recognize and translate, uh, transmit, to others there that it is important for them to know as soon as possible. She needs to move away from those who doubt or question her or who would try to manipulate her. She can be strong, but has not the strength at this time to keep those away from her. You, both of you, who know she may be of service. This information is about the subject about which you are most concerned - saving the planet earth from radical changes that would eliminate its use at this time by those who would use it for balance that benefits for all. [A big sigh and he leaves.]

(We welcome Master of Spirit here as the one who gave this message is escorted by Light to where it chooses to go.) Yes, I am here, what may I help you with? (The energy that used this body just prior to you, do you know where it came from?) Yes. Another life source some distance from you, on this planet, not distant from you spiritually. As you are embodied, it is also embodied, but in spirit form you communicate easily. It is from a planet source of given energy that would like to co-inhabit the earth, but help, not hinder, earth's progress. It is a friendly force and co-operate. (It is from the area we call the Pledeians?) You may call it that. Some recognize a place and name it. It may have other names. The name's merely an identification for you, not to have some strange or mystical meaning. (It gave us an over meaning of the dream S. had. Would it be of benefit to gather more information in regards to this dream?) You want Spirit to decipher a dream? Hmmmph. You have that ability. Why do you ask me? Do you doubt your ability? (I think often our information isn't as....) You teach well. And you practice… fairly well. Exemplify what you teach. Believe yourself. When you get the confusion away, the answers are clear to you. Believe in yourself beyond your ego. The ego I refer to that is that which may be conflicting and confusing. Believe in your spiritual self with its greater powers far beyond your physical being. But I am speaking to one who knows that. Why do you need to be reminded? Oh, I see. Part of the physical body's lesson in teaching is learning. Hmmm. You wish something else? (I wish to ask in regards to the hummingbird found in the pool this morning.) Let me remind you again, you have this ability and I will be happy to share that which you already know with you. Very positive lesson for you and that known as Hugh. Listen! Be aware with all of your senses, not just the few. Be aware of all of your senses. The hummingbird was to test your abilities to sense that which you have, that which you can see without your eye, that which you can hear without your ear, that which you can touch without your hand, that which you can send without a messenger, that which you have always with you. Ask for your spiritual and higher guidance systems to be working for you. They will serve you well. Is there more? (No, thank you Master of Spirit.) Again, I feel you have another question that has not been stated. Are you waiting for another time? (What is perhaps in my mind is I had been intending to ask about the walrus and the earthquake, but thought you would tell me, 'those, too, you can figure out on your own.') For you tell others, and I will tell you, they are omens that you have awareness of at this time. Earthquakes are merely reminders that the earth is moving, and this movement will change. There will be changes. The animals are demonstrating they can die with ease, which should put those of you who are fearful of making a physical change to the spiritual world, at ease, for they are proported to be the lesser and yet, they move with ease in and out of the physical form. And know when they are no longer necessary or they find themselves in too great an abundance to support their being on this earth will move back into spirit and stay until there is an appropriate time for them to move back into physical form. This may be a very typical example of what may be happening to our human animals with their own Higher Selves, denied the knowledge, as the physical body moves as an automaton without feeling or spirit. Animals are closer to the nature around them. And these are called higher levels of intelligence, we call humans, for they are not using their intelligence. (I would ask you Master of Spirit, do animal's souls evolve into or become human souls?) They do not. They do not become human souls, but they may evolve to the point where the human soul understands and accepts the animal soul and the animal soul agrees to accept a new plane of recognition, thereby moving to a different level of awareness. If that is a bit confusing (yes!) let it be so until you speak to me again. I will see if you followed the directions suggested in my commentary today.

(Very well, I accept that challenge to grow. And I thank Master of Spirit. And Master of Light has been present from the first moment. Oh, here it comes again. I am so glad, Master of Light, that I can see your vibrations and become aware of your presence as it increases here.) Did you like the Light this morning on that little bird's back? (Yes!) Golden Light. (It WAS golden light. I haven't seen a golden humming bird!) You won't again! It was the Spirit of the bird showing you it was being brought back into the body of the bird. And the light shimmering for you. I thought it rather spectacular. (I want to cry it was so spectacular Master of Light! You and Hugh are a power team.) He merely directed the energy that is always available, into the lifeless form, and brought its energy back to a level of viability and we shimmered a little light. (So the hummingbird's heart kept beating even though the spirit had left.) That often happens you know. (Wow. That's special. I thank you Master of Light.) And I thank you, for you recognize and communicate with me. More often would be even better. (I agree.) Thank you. You must recognize if you are to realize your greatest potential, that without demonstration of greatness for those who would watch you with awe, you ARE that greater spirit that you recognize. But oft-times, people become very confused and suspicious in this day and age, so it may be better for you to be more on their level so they understand and don't feel fearful of you. Sometimes, fearful people do radical things. I protect you. And your other spiritual energies protect you. But you must be aware of creating fear which may attack that which they fear the most.

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