Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: August 1999

[Hugh has an entity with him that wishes to speak to us.]

(We wish to know of the entity that you bring. Have you spoken in this manner before?) [Yes finger moves.] (Then I welcome you. Hello. What brings you here?)

Hmmm, anger. (Is it your own anger or his anger that draws you in?) We don't know. Anger. (At who or what is it you are angry?) People. (Human beings?) Yes. (How have human beings angered you?) They ruin our earth. They ruin our civilization. They ruin our creativeness. They ruin everything. They are the ruination. They are the resurrection. They create. They make wonderful minds and creativity and then they continue the cycle of destruction." (They have great power.) Great power to create and great power to destroy. They change the whole balance of earth. (What if their power to destroy was shifted to a focus to create? Would the earth benefit?) They over create they overdo everything. They're not animals. They're mindful. They're creative. They do not respect nature. They do not live by nature's perimeters and guidelines and dictates and they destroy the balance of nature. (Yes, they do.) These were the god minds that came into the bodies of creatures here that were more like the bodies of animals that we train and use and domesticate today. Or we see and observe in the wild. (Do you see humans remembering who they are and what they are and their powers?) I don't hold hope for that. (We seem to be at a cross roads, a wonderful turn, where earth will benefit. Either humans will not see their way and will be destroyed or humans will see the light and change their ways. Either way, earth benefits. Would that not be true?) Well, I don't approve of your two options. (What do you see as a third?) Well the one option is very good if the humans were to get their destructive ways in check and change their attitude to a balance and natural approach that would be wonderful. I see no great value in total destruction. (So you are not as angry with people as you sounded.) Oh yes, I am angry at their actions and their shortsightedness and their inability to learn. Their crass and inhumane nature. Their selfish focus. I could go on. Do you want to hear more? (No, I know well of what you speak of. That scenario of people opening and changing and realizing and becoming more light filled beings.) Well, I agree and that's what I'm trying to teach. But of course you would say I am going about it in a very negative way. (I would? How are you trying to teach it?) Through anger. Punishment. (Does it work?) No. (Oh. Well you seem to be very powerful. What is a way it might work?) I'm not powerful. Determined to try to help change the onslaught of natural balance. The terrible destructive forces that are at work right in front of us; right in front of us, in people's faces and they don't even see what's happening. (Whom do you teach?) All who will listen. (How do you do this?) In any and every way that I can. I speak through people. (And if it isn't working can you see a way that would work?) Perhaps I'm blind to my own emotions, hmmm? (I must say, my natural inclination is also to be stern and warn and angry and scold. But like you I see it doesn't seem to help.) Yeah, they don't want responsibility. They've been taught they aren't responsible that others will take care of things. They don't have to. (What if they began to think responsibility was something they wanted?) Responsibility is a great privilege that they have avoided. (What if they were taught to understand the rewards of responsibility? What if they wanted the rewards?) Well, I don't know, I guess all those are possibilities. (People like power. They like rewards.) People abuse power and expect rewards for nothing. (A thought's been playing in my mind, what if people were to grasp they have tremendous power in regards to themselves but not for or over others? What if they understood they could make themselves fit, healthy, look as they want to look, move through the world as they wanted to move through, have what they wanted to have, but have VERY limited power in regards to anyone else?) Yes. If you could impart that thought to them with something that would make their greedy little minds latch onto it. (Yes, and along with giving them the "feel goods" as they began to realize more and more the inescapable law of cause and effect and began to look at their life span in terms of life times they might well begin to alter their behavior. So it is that teaching of them. You could do this. You could teach through others and teach them in this manner: Reward. Cause. And Effect. Total and complete and absolute power with themselves and their own lives. So even if mayhem surrounded them, they would be centered and safe and secure. I believe people would listen to that.) There has to be some force that makes them want that, desire that, focus on that. Otherwise they just keep slipping and sliding on, the downhill. (I wonder if fear wouldn't be that force? I wonder if fear of others out of control and nature out of control wouldn't cause them to pause. They can see it's happening. Fear is a powerful human emotion.) The most powerful. (So if they were to observe, I can't control this, everything's going out of control around me. If they were to hear the message, "ah, but you can be safe in the middle of that, you can walk through that unscathed, unharmed and with the rewards you seek", they would listen.) Hmm, then the conviction must be firm. The resolve must be powerful. The belief must be unshakable. (They have had stories.) [Laughing] They have had stories all right. (I am speaking of stories that demonstrate that are deep in their psyche: Daniel walking into the Lion's den. Lot and his wife leaving a place to be totally destroyed, they were warned and guided out of it. Noah being guided and moving into safety. They have a belief individuals can be safe in times of great turmoil. They want that. They want to be like Daniel, where they are safe no matter what is happening around them.) True, but first you must believe this is possible, necessary, and acceptable. (Do you?) Oh yes. (Then you are a fine teacher of it, a fine teacher to speak through many with that conviction. I believe totally. You are right. People hear conviction in the voice. As they see others doing it they say, I can do that. I will model myself after that person. I will become as that one. One thing that can be said about this world in this time and age is that things spread rapidly around the globe.) That's true. You are both working in good areas. I feel sometimes this person feels desperate and not accepting he has the power to convince others, while they may try to tear him down. He feels vulnerable perhaps to that attack. (Yes.) And his body responds by feeling vulnerable to his own thoughts and feelings. (So he needs to remind himself of his invulnerability as long as he is needed, correct?) Yes that is correct. (Thank you, I think that message was important for us to hear.)

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