Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 6/30/94

(Master of Spirit, I saw Hugh's spirit standing by the bed last night, staring down at his body. Were we correct to surmise you and he were practicing with him getting out of the body?) Yes. Working through all media such as dreams and altered states to prepare the best communication without his interference. And it's moving well, thank you. (What would be helpful to give Hugh as an instruction?) To remove and isolate himself from the communications. He can watch, but remove action without any interjection with thought or spoken word, but not putting himself in sleeping. (We are seeking information regarding ________) Yes. This woman has some dementia, which may be corrected through the release of old programs and spirit entities. And again, it may not change brain chemistry if she chooses to pursue her life lesson as it is now. If she can collect the necessary information to complete life's journey, then she can move out of that path and onto another. If she is not prepared or willing to do that, she will probably ignore all help and pursue the path in spite of the interjection of chemical, psychological help. She can be potentially dangerous, to herself and those close to her. I see her actually shooting someone later on if she does not change her path and she will be incarcerated with diagnostic dementia as the cause of her actions and she will suffer the life she came to do, but she need not complete it if she chooses to recognize the path and follow it to conclusion without the experience of life path. She will be released to do other things at that time. As you well know, you can only guide and suggest. The rest is up to her. Her family are supportive, but exasperated with her actions and threatening to have her incarcerated and put into a drug therapy program. This is will not help, but will continue her on the path which was chosen for her to do early in this lifetime. (We also seek advise for the skin condition of the person named _____________.) There is some bacterial problems as well as nutritional and system problem. It seems combination of cleansing inside and out would be most advantageous to it. Certain beneficial plants and herbs that would help condition. (What would these be?) Oh, one moment. Aloe vera, gingtine, yucca, tameanna, mild glycolic acid will clean outer layers of dead skin from the surface faster than one can scrub them off.

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