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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 6/23/94

(Seeking information from Master of Spirit and records regarding current condition of high blood pressure that continues to reoccur for _______. What is the cause?) "It would seem she has outside influence, thus building within her physical body the problem that is concurrent to the entities attachment to her physical being. She will stabilize her blood pressure at an appropriate level when this entity is moved out of her physical being and into another sphere of influence other than her. Two times she has experienced damage from this entity. She cannot heal her physical being when the interference is there for this causes too much disturbance. Then, cleansing the body in all ways - physically, spiritually, and emotionally -for each cell responds to thought and emotion as each cell has intelligence. She must keep that in her thoughts and prayers." 6/23/94 (Master of Spirit, give conditions seen in physical body for _____ and the beneficial actions to heal negative conditions.) She has had abuse of her body in earlier years. Although now she treats her body well, she has dysfunction in the spleen, liver, and the kidneys. Her adrenal glands are affected and her lower GI tract has some irritation. Needs a special type of cleansing. Her body is valiant in its effort to become strong, but her emotions are focused on her weakness thereby creating a physical psychological, or as you would say, psychosomatic dysfunction. She suffers from a disassociate disease brought about from past lives and childhood in this present life. Her old programs of self-esteem need to be corrected because without reason for living she will slowly increase her body's deterioration until it becomes more rapid in reaching a moribund state, where she will leave the body. She needs, first of all, to penetrate deep into the old programs leading to no self-esteem, self-hatred and build self-worth, love, creating joy and harmony within her own mind and body and spirit. She will then find the way to learn and complete the lesson in this life that she has failed in future correction of past lives. The therapy she uses must be real time therapy that brings her into focus with the past as well as the present, allowing her to understand exactly what it is for and what it will do. Allow her to complete that process and then to release the negative energy that she's learned from."

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