Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 06/17/94

(Master of Spirit, we received your signals. What would you say to us at this time?) "The work you must do to move this forward rapidly is to start the wheels moving into position now, using your people and contacts, creating that which you wish to promote, just like you were going to sell a product. It needs a campaign and a program if you are to sell something. That's a part of moving into place, so the money will follow and produce that which you must produce. I have been talking to Hugh and Pamela and Hugh doesn't listen and Pamela hears part of my voice, but you don't act accordingly. You must move now. You MUST move now. Begin by lining up the appropriate people who you will need. You cannot do all this yourself. You must have assistance and help. You must begin the process now. (Do you know who these people are?) I will assist you in all ways possible. I will guide those who would help you and hand their wonderful energies to you as rapidly as I can, but don't wait for everybody else to do it for you. You are the chosen ones to move now. If you don't ask, create, develop, and produce nothing will happen. (Spirit we don't know who to ask and how to get them to believe us. How do we get them to believe?) How do you believe? (Because we have sat and listened and watched the demonstration. I don't know how to move them into that belief.) If I could do all of that you wouldn't be needed. You must do your part and I will help you in any way. We all help. All are here supporting you, as we support others who try, and have had limited success, for we need you to make it a world wide recognition. (We need aid in knowing how to do that Spirit. That requires , oh my goodness, power, connections, money. How do we start? Especially when it seems needing to be done rapidly. Are we to go in front of the masses and channel in front of them Spirit, God, messages, teachings?) Yes. But not as before. (How then?) By way of empowerment. Teaching people who are eager and seeking people out who will demonstrate the power of the mind, body, and spirit working together. This demonstration gives people belief, re- excites them to be as great as they can be, encourages them to follow the principles God built the universe on, maintaining balance. (Do we use hypnosis to help them to demonstrate?) Use whatever name, whatever demonstration is acceptable to the people. You cannot force feed anybody information, so they must be open and receptive. Even if it seems off the course or unusual for you. (Please be specific, we stand in front of the people and we say Spirit is here? God is here and can work through you?) "Spirit can move you to greater things. Immediate demonstrations are available to you now. Demonstrate to them the power and the ability and the results of demonstrating the power on a world level. (I believe this is where we have our greatest hang up.) This is your strength, not your detriment. (What do we demonstrate to them? Are we demonstrating lights through Master of Lights?) Good. You have many representations of Spirit power. You can bend powerful rods of metal, you can walk across very hot coals, you can demonstrate levitation, you can demonstrate for the people that they have been given a power greater than they earlier believed. (The power of levitation, would this be the raising of arms and hands?) Or bodies, or books, or objects. (So we are speaking to people of their power to use their minds to change the world. Is this so?) Yes. Demonstrate any way that empowers the people, so that they may use this power to gain the confidence and cooperativeness with each other, for as this power grows, so will the universe enjoy the fruits of their combined focused efforts. You will see, as you've witnessed before, when many people pray or focus on an objective, it is irresistible to manifest. It WILL manifest. (Are we to speak about world action?) You are to speak of what may be. If these empowered people want a goal, you may give them goals and demonstrate how they reach those goals. Just as they find them individually, you will find them collectively. (Are we to channel Spirit in front of people, that they may ask questions?) If that will impress them and involve them, that will be a worthy demonstration. But never to the point of excess where you become suspect and ridiculed, for that will deter others from exposure to this phenomena and practice. (What is Hugh's specific role in this work, and mine?) Your roles are designated as demonstrator teachers, manifesters of truth, teachers of the higher level of neural knowledge and abilities that no one here even can conjecture today. You will have these made available to you soon. (So the step is to simply begin?) You have many who would help you at this time. Call them. Direct them. Tell them their part and they will participate. Yes, may will come forward when you move. Many have been waiting for demonstrations to move with. [Note: Hugh's body suddenly jerks, indicating Master of Spirit has left and another entered. I note Mike Todd's aura.] (Is Mike Todd here? I gather you were listening to that.) Yes. We need to move on these things. (How do we promote it?) With the greatest speed possible as we ground swell the people's interest. We have to be ready to move with it rapidly. Great forces are at work with us and great forces against us. This will not be easy, but a great challenge. Probably my greatest one yet. Hmmm. The medium is the media, television and great worldwide demonstrations. Perhaps we should contact some of those who get world wide attention who are curious about these things now. Who have inner thoughts and feelings and behind their own doors investigate these things. Those are some people who might give us some power. Yes. (What can we say that will be different from what others are saying?) It may sound different to them, it may be different. It has to involve them. THEY have to benefit. They have to be of great benefit, otherwise their interest waxes, and dissipates. This can be done in a very short time. We get all of our ducks in a row and the old expression goes, we can do it right away. There is a great promoter of magic out there. He's making a big name for himself. He may have some knowledge. If he can give us some support, we'll give him some support. I'm great at making deals and that's the power.

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