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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: June 12, 1995

Session with Hugh channeling, Pamela Guiding.

[NMR indicates an energy in the room that would interfere. This energy brought with Pamela from Los Angeles. "Destined to meet her there." Same energy cat perceived. Not negative to Hugh. Is negative to Pamela. Pamela must protect self.]

(Have you spoken in this manner before - through a human channel?) I have spoken before. But not often. I have spoken to people before. I was also a people before. (Your purpose here now?) I was to bring a message. (Message is from?) Another place. (What is this message?) Message is, you two are behind the reality of change in the world and it will change by itself whether you interfere with your thoughts and processes and prognostications. It will continue to deteriorate because that is the way it is intended. (And how was this intention made, do you know this messenger?) The message is coming from the realities of truth in the world, not what you want it to be. You are powerless and cannot convince the people necessary to change their attitude. You are powerless. (We have received your message and we acknowledge you have accomplished your task and you are free now to return to your rightful place. Is there more you would offer before doing this?) You are wasting time trying to convince the peoples who are focused on their own pleasure and nothing more. They will not respond to you. There is no time left. You will not succeed, so the friendly message is to save you trouble in trying to change the path and course of world and people. (You must have many to whom you bring this message. Where is your next destination?) I don't have another destination, except to return. (Then, are you free to do that at this time?) Free? (Has your message been fully delivered, for I have a message for you to take back with you? Are you ready to receive that message?) Yes. (Very well. You are to return to your Master and take the following words, "We have received the message. We are grateful for the intent and the urge behind it. We would have your Master know, at least from the mind of Raema, that be it as it will, the truth is that each soul can only do what each soul knows to do. And I, and that one with me, shall continue to move forward into the light, to offer the light to those who would choose. That is all we can do and it is what we shall continue to do and each shall play their part. And in the Lord God that created us all, may Creation know the end.") Yes. (Would you take that message back please.) Yes. (Good bye now. I ask that one now be released and if it has needs of guides it may have that, if it knows its way it can go now. And I do acknowledge the Spirit of Darkness. I understand its power, I understand it's part in the plan. Here, now at this moment, I acknowledge it is Master of Lights to whom we give our allegiance. I ask now for that one we call Master of Spirits, who guides and directs. If that one would now align with Hugh's body and his inner mind that we may communicate with that light and Spirit. Breathe in now body, breathe in subconscious and allow that presence of that Higher guiding spirit, Master of Spirit, God Spirit, to come in and align.) Yes. (You are aware of the communication that just took place?) Yes. (Master Spirit.) Yes. (Is it also from the reality of truth that these things can, indeed, still be averted?) Yes. (And our plan of communicating that and sending light is part of that?) That is a method that has been proven by your levels of energies and observed to be effective. It will work again when you use it properly with the number of people necessary. (How do we capture the attention of the people of the world? We are feeling SO paralyzed. I suspect publication of the book, giving us places to speak and talk is part of it. And demonstration are important. We seem to be blocking our own demonstrations and manifestations. What guidance can you offer us in this matter? Is this correct?) There is another energy here. (Would it be important for us to hear from this energy at this time?) Yes. This energy is an entity of knowledge. There is many avenues for you to pursue this change and balance that you seek in the world and its environs. There are many, many approaches. Others are doing what you are doing. Others are approaching it in their own way and in the way they are advised to approach. You have struck upon and listened to the advice of Spirit and your own energies, using the media. There are many who are now processing their knowledge and energies, but yours are energies that far exceed the others and must be used in the most powerful form of communication that you have spoken of and planned to use, but so far have not succeeded in starting the right communication. There are many things to be done in these, although working toward the same end are varied and will affect other people differently, but yours is the most powerful and must be promoted in the fastest most powerful way, for its acceptance is imperative to the changes needed for these earth to survive as YOU know it. In the form of people, plants, and animal balance as you know it. And this is important for the whole program. You have not found the right person or medium to take your message to its fullest extent. There are people who would be powerful catalyst for your purpose, but you have done nothing to contact them and it must be done soon for this method to be effective in your purpose. I cannot help you, but give you the information that I have and when more is forthcoming, I will inform you. Thank you. [Hugh "comes out" and reports feeling an energy, so hopeless, being crushed beneath its own knowledge. So hopeless he says, "So heavy, so sad." We choose to contact Master of Lights to lift Hugh's spirits.]

(Master of Lights, we need you.) Turn out the light. [Pamela turns out the light so the room is dark.] Now close your eyes. And when you're ready to open them, you'll get a little flicker of knowledge that I'll be waiting to give you a light show. Like the colors dancing in your window of televis, what do you call it? Computer system. Ah yes, like that now. Watch, now watch. It's in the corner of the room. What color would you like to appear next? (Yellow.) A good color, watch it begin to form a glow and then expand, becoming the glowing yellow color, rich with its powerful energy. And let it just flow through the room encompassing all the energy in the room so that you can know how it infuses light energy into every cell from any source, being the energy vibration of yellow. And as it gets brighter and brighter, close the eyes and let it flow right into the very center of your yellow chakra. And from that, called, solar sun center of your chakra, that energy can flow through every cell of your body, enlightening it, infusing it with energy of the wonderful solar system. And you can feel the romantic effect upon your body, through your mind, and out through the spirit. This is the wonderful energy. It shines in your eyes. It shines in your heart. And out from you and back again. Yellow. And if we stir in a little blue, for you, you will find green. The healing energy that flows from that energy center of your heart, out through the body, letting that healing energy of green bring perfect balance to your physical, mental, emotional body. If you can feel this, Pamela, what else would you like to feel? (Confidence.) Then let the blue move up into your ability to assimilate, to communicate, and to weld into perfect balance, the knowledge that you have for those who seek the knowledge you may give them. Let us invite them to you. Let us invite them into the circle of knowledge, for you have that knowledge. Let's be generous with our blue. And let it fill the world with knowledge. You see, you have knowledge, what else would you ask of me now. (Prosperity.) Hmmm, you already are very prosperous. (Gold.) Should you want more, yes, you can focus on gold, for it is a powerful energy that moves things faster and in your own level of being, gives you the ability to command attention. Gold can be yours now. You focus on the color and let it manifest. You'll find the manifestation comes from many sources in many different ways. And, one more thought I detect. What would that be? (The book published.) Yes, that was part of your communication. For you have the knowledge and now you are communicating it perfectly for the greatest amount of understanding and illumination of knowledge. A perfect, perfect way to communicate. And, from that communication comes many other benefits you would call wealth. Wealth of appreciation, communication, knowledge, and oh, yes, the gold comes with that too. It is important for you in many, many ways. Let us all focus now, if you would join me in that beautiful white energy that we're sending throughout the world to bring balance. This is one of your appointed times is it? (Yes, it is. [It is noon]) Let us three now pretend we are the holy Trinity and with our powerful energies, send that light over this whole world inside and out. And let it bring joy, joy, and balance to everyone in this wonderful world. Whatever they may be doing and however they may experience their life, let them feel balance.

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