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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: May 8, 1997

[Hugh's Higher Self/Master of Light/Visitors]

(Higher Self, our testing indicated the virus causing the canker sores are due to message from Higher Self. This is correct?) Several inputs: One, fear of what is befalling the earth, its decline and slide into destruction. Second is fear of we will be ineffective in reversing that. Third fear would be not making sufficient money to publish the book. Forth fear would be not being able to get the book sold in sufficient quantity. Many pressures seems to create the subconscious mind's own resistance and when it becomes paralyzed to some extent by this overindulgence in emotion, diseases crop up to gain the attention. Make the person realize all we are talking about is a few little virus or bacteria. Even though we have the ability to reason, fears block reason and produce these roadblocks or mental blocks to success. The subconscious is feeling lots of pressure to be able to resolve all the financial problems and all the mechanical problems involved with producing, publishing, selling, shipping, and all the things that need to be done without money present to do them. (Do you see a solution to this?) There are lots of solutions for many things, but we are speaking here of the blocks created by fear. As long as these fears are inter-FEARING with the solutions, the solution will be difficult to obtain. So first, release the fears, perhaps using his friend and yours, the Light. Use the Master of the Light to create joy and enlighten him and enlight the way to the enlightenment of others through the book publication and sales and distributing. That will help allay the fears of those who would seek the answers for the future. It would seem he feels the frustration of the time element. So long. So long. Almost the five years that were allotted to turn this situation around. Coming to the end and nothing is done yet. He fears that there will be a dearth of time to resolve the situation. More fears. (Thank you, you gave us the flyleaf on the book: "To ally the fears of those who would seek the answers for the future." Now Higher Self, there were intruders seeking to speak before we began. I asked them to communicate to you who they were and what they wanted to speak about.) I would suggest you address the ones you call the visitors, for they have things they want to tell you. Not that you should listen. (I will indeed address the visitors. Is there more that you would communicate at this time?) This body mind needs to have more spiritual access through meditation. Fear blocks his meditation also. He's like on a treadmill without any ball bearings to let the treadmill run smoothly.

(Hello Master of Light.) Would you like me to enlighten the Visitors that they should move back or I will zap them with my lightning. They are so inquisitive. They want to tell you about their process of saving the earth, only it will involve the mechanics of their devices, not yours. Their program will not be inclusive, as you will see. You think they might be difficult and intrusive now. If they once start with their programs of resolution, you will be nothing. (Then Master of Light, is it to their advantage and our advantage to keep communicating in this manner?) Yes. To keep them at bay.

(I welcome communicate from Visitors via mental telepathy, NOT from within the energy field of the body, as this dilutes the communication and it is not received purely. If you enter the energy field, I will cut off communication with you. I know you to be beings of integrity, so please honor this agreement that we have. You will speak from outside the energy field via mental telepathy. Greetings.) Greetings to you. As well as what we know to be the movement of the earth and those around on the surface are not changing or taking advantage of the knowledge that they have. These people are not in tune with the reality of the earth and all of us are waiting and seeing and feeling that nobody is using their minds or their physical beings, which are so powerful, to make these necessary changes. You are already seeing the extinction of many, many thousands of people; hundreds of thousands of people are being wiped out. You will see before long millions of people being wiped out. Is this what you want? We can save the earth. Let us have the power and we will change all of this. Yes, thank you. (You are seeing, indeed, what human beings have created through their thoughts over many, many years. We've come to a place, as you must observe, where human beings are beginning to listen to the earth for the earth is speaking very loudly. Saying to human beings, "I do not like what you have created." And human beings are moving into a mode that often creates massive change. And that is fear. Human beings have a long history of being very lackadaisical and letting things slide until, suddenly, something wakes the collective consciousness and they respond, in mass, instantly, to confront that which they have created. I believe this is very similar to now. It is trickier because it was not in physical form. They have waited for that.) As well as recognition. (We, too, have a plan, as do you. We, too, have a plan to trigger the alarm for mankind. We are humans and we are human body and we understand humans and now that the timing is right, this is what we are proceeding to do. We do not turn over power to you yet. Indeed, not at all. This is the planet we have built, it is the planet on which we are learning, and it is the planet in which we will continue to learn. Earth was given to us by The Creator.) We believe we note that you invaded this earth from the Master Spirit's form to see what you could make of it. I know not the Maker, or Creator as you say, gave this to you. You assumed that you could create something greater here. Which you did. But now we see the failure looming, very close at hand. (This is true. Let me add this: We became very enmeshed here, and we are seeking to make our way out of this. There will be millions of billions of souls that will have lost their opportunity to unconnected themselves from this realm and plane if other energies come in to take over and change what we have learned to work with. This is not in our best interest. We seek to grow even as you do. As long as we are tied to this earth, we must make our way out of it in our way. The way we've created, we must learn to uncreate. Interference from an outside party loses us that opportunity. I tell you, truly, Visitors, that if you come in and take it in YOUR way, the day will come when humans will wrest it back from you again. This is not, I think, to your best interests or our best interests. There will be many years lost in that struggle. You see how well your people fare when they come into human bodies without the preparatory journey. We see them as those of our young people that are quite ruthless, unknowing of how to deal with this emotional body they come into. They are not prepared. It does not work well. They, too, have had their large share in creating the fear and destruction that races us towards this failure that you speak of. We are trying desperately to figure out how to work with the new influx of minds and energies.) Then speak well and move fast for you're not keeping the promise that you made yourselves when we first spoke. I am speaking of the promise to have the earth population in sufficient numbers see the erring of their ways. We see what you do. We observe no changes. (I must thank you Visitors, for you are right. I hear and heed your warning. Thank you.) Thank you. We mean you well. (Yes, I believe that. And believe me when I tell you, it is with a heavy heart when I hear that this earth is not ready for our kind and your kind to be here together embodied. And it is ALL of my wish and blessing and hope that light leads you to a planet in which your race, your kind flourishes and grows. And when you in that energy and one we can perceive and see, it is my fervent hope and dream that there will come a day when humans from their glorious planet that they have saved and you from your glorious planet meet and become leaders in all the galaxies. I do hope to see that day.)

WELL SAID! (Thank you light.) WELL MEANT! (Yes.) They, too, should heed what you say for once, no- twice - had planet. They twice had planet and twice lost theirs. (How?) Same basic neglect that humans and other animals. There are other irresponsible animals on this earth; irresponsible to the needs of the planet, focusing on their own needs, forgetting the delicate balance of nature, and a delicate balance it is. They should learn and know by now that this is not their type of planet. But it is so inviting. For you and I know it is the jewel of the Creator's Works. And KNOW that to be the truth. It is THE jewel. (My, that makes it a highly sacrilegious thing we do, when we rape our planet.) We have come far from the soil. Too far to reach back and enjoy its loam, nutrients, and balance. As Light, I observe all and know the past, the present, perhaps the future, which I won't go into, but this is such a perfect place and so easy to care for. It really is easy and if we - you and I and all the others to bring balance back - would turn aside the greed and the constant competition that we create with one another and bless and stroke our fullness, our oneness.

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