Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 04/21/94

(Master of Spirit, we have a plan we wish to ask your guidance on. A plan we believe would help, very quickly, to bring in the knowledge and spread the word you ask from us to teach and share. A means for the world of Spirit, of God, to communicate with the world now, from your realm messages that Spirit would have us have today. We would like to know from you guidance on how we can work with this best. We have felt or thought if perhaps Hugh were a way or a means for there to come in his body a guidance that can read the akashic records for individuals or groups or nations. Reading and guiding and directing people in what is going on with their lives physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. This kind of demonstration is very powerful for people here in the body. That to know, to become more and more aware that all that they think and do is written on the records of time, and how powerfully this affects them in the body in the present day and the future of the world. We seek your guidance on this. What say you?) It is possible for this to be of service. It is possible for this to do justice for all. It is not an easy task, for there will be many naysayers among those who seek guidance from Higher Powers. One never ceases to question our power. All Men do is question instead of set themselves as a party to this beautiful and balanced Universe. Man needs guidance or the destruction of Man is within the very near future as we know Man today. As we know Man of yesterday. Many, many, many civilizations have graced this beautiful planet and, perhaps, many more to come. It is not our desire. You call them Akashic Records. They are Universal Records. (Is it helpful for Man to have the Universal Records read?) "Hmmmm, if they are willing to listen and to heed the knowledge obtained from the Universal Records, they may well be guided into a more powerful and beneficial path. Should they choose to follow the norm, of course it will do no good. (What suggestions directions would I give to access the records?) You need to make your wishes known. All can receive this information, it is not secreted from Man in anyway. Everybody's records are open to everyone else. Not like your societal structure of hiding away. We offer a community spirit, where there is no right or wrong, only the learning processes that we observe. There is no right or wrong. (If we were to read a Universal record for a person, would it be necessary to have the person present in room?) If I understand you, the reading, as you call it, is the recital of that person's knowledge of Universal Records and may affect or bias in more than one way. It is obvious then if anyone can read the records, then they are universally available, all one has to do is ask. (If we were to ask for physical information, is this available?) All information is universal. All information, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, is part of the records now, and the past, and the future developing. (How do we do this? Do I present the question? Do I ask for information?) Hmmmm, the mechanics. (Yes, that's important down here.) Hmmmmm my feeling would be to name the person and ask for information pertinent to your desired results. Persons are identified by name, and perhaps their location would help, since there are probably many persons with the same name. Age, place, any identifying information would help. (And dreams, is it possible to ask about dreams?) Dreams are merely an extension of the subconscious. (You have before you, myself, Pamela Chilton.) I know you. (I would like to have my universal records read in reference to my purpose for being here in this time and place now. What is the work I am to do for Spirit at this time?) You are one of the Masters to bring the information to save the populace if it is willing to be saved. If not, you have done your work and return. The Master's work is only to do. The education is the work, the information, the learning processes made available. Each one must teach themselves or move out of the way for the earth will not tolerate this any longer. (What is my specific role in doing this?) (Long pause) "Wait a moment."(Pause) There is a cloaked figure, that seems to be of another dimension, from ancient times of earthly record, that's with this woman Pamela and will guide her in teaching those of the possibilities and that they may effectively change the path the human race is taking now. She may be recognized as a Master or may serve her time as a Master incognito. She will indeed serve as she has now, and has been serving for many years. This is not an easy task for any Master, for they resist greatly the Master's teaching. She will be very famous for her work whether, it is recognized or not by the human, but by the Masters, who respect each other greatly. She has a Master's highest role. The word, in ancient times, of human record, is Ra. Ra, meaning the God like energy, which like a mantle of authority to the Master, rides her yoke gently, but steadfastly.

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