Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: April 14, 1997

(What would you have me call you?) Just Spirit. (Are you seeking to gain Hugh's attention in the evening?) Yes. (In order to communicate what you seek to communicate now?) Yes. (We are ready to receive that now.) You, as a person who represents many levels of intelligence, in this human body, are needed to speak out and share with everyone the information that you have. This person needs to know - as has been told before - there is no need for fear of reprisal, for fear of attack, for fear of torture, for fear of physical or emotional attacks, for fear of any kind of retaliation, for you have all of our ability to retain. You must understand that protection is always around you and the speaker at all times. The others cannot hurt you unless you place yourself in a state of fear which attracts the feelings that are attracted to fear and you will then exert efforts to fight off this fear, which will bring about confusion. And it will be much better if you will eliminate the fear and confusion NOW, because it isn't appropriate. (Is there more?) Yes. That which you fear of others cannot, will not, is not of your concern, for they can do nothing. It's good to know that you may move forward rapidly. The works that you are preparing for selling and publishing are good and need to be in the hands of the public as soon as you can possibly get it there. Selling is only a medium of getting some more money for extra publishing. Giving away the books would be the best. If you can put a balance on them. The major drawback is the distribution of information and the excitement to be created in the public so they will use the information immediately. Should it not be used and put into practice immediately, you will be running the risk of being too late. With another phrase being too little. You have many others helping but you are the most distinguished to do what you need to do on all levels now. If he will accept this, I will leave him alone at night, for the moment.

(As this Spirit now withdraws, Master of Light, now enters. And I welcome you Master of Light.) Serious sounding, wasn't he? (Very.) Dire. Do this. Do that. He doesn't know how good we are. Albeit, he has the information. (You are a Spirit of Light, Master of Light.) I am THE Spirit. The energies that we use are wondrous and move all in any area. Even those which you see in the comet are moved by protons, which are a part of the light. They move those particles for thousands of miles. That's light. Questions that you have, and have not spoken of?

[Hugh gets a tickle in his nose and comes out of hypnosis. I then suggest he relax and return to the state he was in, which he quickly does. Light chuckles and says, "He's easy, isn't he?"

I say, "Yes," he's marvelous. It's amazing how he does that.]

(Light, in the group Friday Night, you suggested we send Light to the Higher Self of the missing boy. Is this always true with individuals, to send to their Higher Selves?) When we send Light to the Higher Self, it is easier, I believe, and I would suggest you advise others, that we eliminate thoughts that we attach to things which we send to others. To do this or do that or to fix and to heal is inappropriate, we feel. Send directly to the Higher Self which knows the action to be taken. For that's why the person is there and the guidance thereof. You were the one who said, we don't know what's the reason for this, the young boy. If there is no specific reason for sending, then send Light to the Higher Self. If you are sending a healing, love, a feeling of affection, and feeling of thoughtfulness, then the thought would go to the mind, matters, more of the carnal state. (Thank you.) You are welcome, author. This is exciting. I've never done anything in print. (Really?) No. Perhaps you think I am shallow for wanting to participate, but this is a very important event. And as you well know, I want this to work for the balance of the universe. Important that you know that your presence, as a Godly spirit, is also doing some meaningful work with the digits there. (Why, Master of Light, if I am a presence as a Godly Spirit, am I having so much difficulty with bringing my body into balance?) You're needed to do the carnal work now. You're needed to do the work that you're doing now. Plenty of time to do the other. You've been there before and you'll be there again. (We are not meeting with the visitors on a frequent basis, would this be important to do?) To them. (Help Hugh with investigating publishing houses.) He knows what needs to be done there, and he will be guided. (Is there any other reason Hugh is not sleeping besides presence of that spirit?) He has many other things on his mind. He seems to think he doesn't have the answers, although we think he does. (Master of Light, what is what we term the Holy Ghost?) Who terms? (Humans.)

The essence of the communication system; i.e. as in reference to the Christian or the Judeo-Christian focus on communicating with deities that have some form. You represent the idea that God selected and sent part of himself to the woman who bore a man child that you call Jesus and therefore Jesus was the literal Son of God or a part of that God Creation. The Holy Ghost, if I may say so, is nothing more than the Higher Self. The Higher Self is a part of the communication system. The communication system which knows as much about the Creation that is being created by the Creator. If that is not confusing, I'll try it again. If there is a Creator, then there must be some communications between the creator and the created. There is knowledge that moves from the power of the creator to empower the created. The Holy Ghost is, not really a ghost, but a very good communication system. You have that knowledge, why did you ask? (I will, with the second book, be wanting to find out alot more about these Higher Selves.) You will be, with the second book, with the knowledge of the Higher Selves, if I'm to author that one also. And the third? (Yours. Whatever you choose to make of it.) Hmmm. (I thank you.) Don't worry, mother. Two wonderful young people doing well in their own ways of learning through their experience. You've done well. They will do well. (Thank you, Light.) (Yes, Hugh, absorb all the energy and presence of light in your wonderful body.) You may enjoy some of that wonderful energy in your own beautiful body.

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