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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 3/24/97

[MASTER OF LIGHT] We're whizzing right along. [referring to book] I like this. (These Visitors; my mind is troubled by them. Do we, is it in our best interests to welcome them here and work with them, or to begin communicating to them it is not in our or their best interests to be here?) The idea should come from you. If you would tell what your feelings are, then I am here to assist you. Not to direct you.

(The Visitors have said they have discovered the pulse rate of the planet is slower than the vibration they're accustomed to and like. And that their presence is, as well as what humans are doing, speeding up the vibrations which is NOT good for the planet. So the question in my mind is, is the planet then not a good place for the visitors?)

That ultimately is the truth. There are many besides those you call the Visitors which are of much higher vibration and in large masses have a profound effect. You see, all living things on this planet and in this planet vibrate. Vibrate at many, many different levels but many of them were designed to be harmonious with each other, to bring the balance that we speak of, in this world. Their world is different still, and when they bring their higher vibrations, it throws the balance of vibration in and on this planet off, to make it incorrect. (Is it true of those we call the Pleiadians as well?) The vibrations of anything outside of this planet could well be higher vibratory rate and that's why you feel certain feelings; you feel cold, you feel hot, you feel uptight, you feel tired. The effect is if they are on a different vibratory rate, they affect you. Ultimately, when millions enter into this that will affect the vibrations of the planet, causing it to become disrupted. On our planet today, humans, we are in very disruptive times because we have moved into imbalance. Let us say that this planet is brought back into balance. Have we moved forward in evolution, are we where we were when we moved into imbalance? What is the most balanced scenario? This is a good demonstration of how the Visitors can drain energy from human form as well as planet life, and even the earth it self. Disrupting the energies causing changes - then struggling to bring balance back and burning excess energies, making it difficult to maintain the balance the earth, as a body, needs to be healthy and support life. (Us, as earthlings, we have a great interest and desire in communicating with minds from other planets, realms, dimensions. Is this in our higher interest?) I believe you already know the answer to that. What is the answer you just posed the question to? (It seems to me there is a paradox here. There is a desire of humans to open communications with other realms/planets, dimensions and yet it seems by doing so it contributes to the conditions that are occurring. Would it be the WAY in which we are seeking the communications?) When the gods were here, being careful not to abruptly change anything, but to sneak in quietly to the animal factor, they were careful not to disrupt the vibratory rate. These creatures, androgynous or not, may come into this Universe expecting one thing and finding another, generating WAY too much. The parts of this universe that do not balance should be kept where they belong to create the balance. Each part of the universe, the galactic balance if you would, is important. When a major body such as this thing called Halle Bopp, the meteor, the ice-earth factor runs through your visual area, when it's moving through it's actually disrupting, although it's far, far away, according to your miles, it's going through an energy field that affects the earth and other planets. When anything passes closer to you than usual, you are affected by it. (Then the average being, as we talk to the average being, we communicate to them to spend a period of time in physical exercise, a period of time in mediation, a period of time in learning more about their inner minds. Is there a period of time, then, if they wish to astrally travel, to do so?) A period, of time, yes, you could call it that. (But to recognize they are HERE in this period and time and dimension, and to make that their focus?) Well, again, what do we have? Is every vibratory rate compatible? (No) Then you have disruption of vibrations. Give enough numbers, that vibration will begin to affect the very earth itself. And all the living creatures have been affected for some time by that vibratory rate. The emotions of people, the changing climate of the social structure here, is quite different than it was even earlier in the century, is it not? (Yes.) There is a prime example of energy changing on the surface of the earth, which changes all living things. When you destroy, you take out of balance, when you add to, you take out of balance, when you destroy and add to at the same moment, you maintain balance. When higher vibratory rates are coming in and disrupting the norm or the median of the vibratory rate, you are creating an imbalance that affects the nerves of all animals, especially the human animal. (Should we be communicating to the Visitors, 'go back to your planet' leave our planet'?) It's difficult to force anything on another. If they can understand what's happening and see they would be part of the destruction itself, I believe since they seem to be sincere in their desire to bring balance, health, vitality - that they would make the changes necessary or leave our sphere of influence. It's great power to make something as large in number as these to leave without their cooperation. (Is our continued communications with the Visitors helpful?) Yes, is helpful, that is the way you would have them understand. Let them see what is happening though their own observations would be more convincing than the words or thoughts you send out. As is true of the populace here on earth, until something forces them to change they tend to maintain it. (Master of Light, there is a man named Major Daimes, who is a Remote Viewer...) Yes, I am aware. (He talks to many people. Would it be helpful for him to receive communication from you, or Master of Spirit?) Yes, it would be helpful for him to understand more. To be informed of the other elements he is not seemingly aware of. He has ego, just like you do. So his ego, even though his so-called protocol is designed to eliminate ego, his is distorted by his lack of knowledge, we'll say that. You could help him understand more if he is open and receptive to new information. He is a very academic person, so you have to present things in a manner which he can conclude to be correct. (If we could give him some kind of co-ordinates, would that help?) If you give him the direction, he will form the co-ordinates. I don't know that you are familiar with the coordinates enough. (Would we give the direction, seek for the communication from Light. Speak with Light?) Light sources are very varied and the best, perhaps, would be to get him to recognize that Light has intelligence and his intelligence can contact that intelligence. His intelligence tends to focus on what he calls androids. If you can focus on androids, you can certainly communicate with Light. We have great intelligence. (The plant pathogen, has he tuned into that correctly?) Were you to ask your next source, you would be more satisfied with this answer.

(Question was, the plant pathogen, does such exist, in manner Major Daimes, has perceived, that is approaching earth and will eradicate the plant sources on earth?)

There is no plant pathogen as he sees it. There is an energy that could affect the earth. There is an energy that he recognizes as a plant pathogen, which would cause dysfunction of plant vegetation in this earth. This could have a very detrimental affect to the growth. The observation is that your teams of scientists are always seeking ways to alter. They may well alter some of that genetics so that plants so not become affected by this plant pathogen. He is seeing variables. He is seeing one type of negative energy that would affect the earth. But he doesn't look at all the other possible features for that. When he sees only one thing, he limits himself. You, I believe, want to learn how to use this method. When you do, look at all the possibilities and paths that you rightly and judiciously teach many people to explore. Your knowledge is as great or greater than his. Do not be swept up in the concept that he has the answer to everything. He has a POSSIBLE information pathway. (I believe I am hearing that to maintain the balance that the advance in consciousness in human beings is meant to be at a natural, balanced comfortable, pace as the body also, as well as the mind, lifts and raises in vibration.) That's true. It's a gradual change, not a sudden change, that is best for the body/mind to make a home for the spirit to use. When the spirit regulates its balance with the body and mind, it works in a compatible manner. As you observe, when the spirit is a totally different vibratory rate, they call the body inhabited by the person sick, or insane. (So to communicate to people to be responsible for their choices, to work with Light to bring back the balance, to work with altered states in a responsible, comfortable, knowledgeable pace and manner.) Yes. (Have you further guidance?) Do not be led into an imbalanced concept by only another method of communication. Rely and believe in yourselves as you have a far greater knowledge than most of those who would seek to teach you.

Greetings. (You have been listening. Have you observed the changes in vibratory patterns you have brought in? Did you not, in your knowledge, recognize this would happen?) Knowledge and application sometimes vary. (I agree. Like you, I prefer a faster rate, but like you, I am here. So I must slow my rate. SO must you and I am not certain that is comfortable for you) You like our rate? Why not join us? Or let us speak through you. I'm sorry. We told you we would not interfere. (Yes, why do you so often come in Hugh's energy field when we you agreed not to do that?) In truth, I think we know not the boundaries you know, so we become involved in your vibration rate even when we just think of you. We don't have the physical form that you do and we think, and so therefore we become a part of you, and we don't mean to break our promise. It happens without our recognition. (Visitors, if balance is returned to this planet so that evolution returns to its steady pace that does not threaten this planet, what becomes of you?) We believe, as we have observed over thousands of years of time, all things keep evolving, nothing is static. When it becomes static, it ceases to exist. This earth has to keep changing or it will become, as you say, static. Not changing, but dying out. One cannot create something that is nothing. Nothing is that which neither changes in the development of forward interest or decay and change into another form. As you have witnessed here, the physical sense. (What becomes of you?) We move on. (To where?) We don't know. We are constantly looking for a way to better our position for we have nothing but that which we are living in now. We are existing in a state of animation of spirit, not of body. (You want to be of body?) Every body wants to be of body. Ask that man up there. (What man, up where?) Hmmmm, there was another entity watching up there just now. And they are sometimes the ones that make you feel cold or different. (Have you the ability, Visitors, to collectively build yourselves a planet and bodies? Or must you find one already in existence?) We are looking at one that exists now. Otherwise, many time frames must go by. (So some of you are looking on other planes, realms, and dimensions too?) Oh yes, yes indeed. This planet is the most hospitable for most types. There are some who cannot approach this level. They live in different places and forms. Much different than even the most primitive survivors here on this plane. If something destroys life on this planet, and you were to, as you say, revert to primitive areas, it may change so completely that man would not be able to live in the world that was left on any level. It may go so far, so different, that you would not be able to call this inhabitable by the life forms you know now. (Visitors, have you Higher Selves?) Every living thing has what you call Higher Self, the God Created Knowledge. (How is it you don't embody as we do? That you don't move into Light and wait for a body on some planet, realm, dimension, opportunity and then enter? How is it you are different in that manner?) We have never had what you call a body. (Then why is it you seek them?) Hmmmm, well, why did you seek them? (I think we got stuck in them. Many of us, that was not our original intent.) You have a saying, that the unknown is always the curiosity, and the seekers always want to seek the different, or the unusual, to them. The illustration would be the grass is always greener where the herds cannot go. (Yes, you are here. It is not unknown. You are observing.) Yes, but we have not lived in that vibratory rate. And I know now that we probably would not live in that vibratory rate. It might be better, I don't know. I don't know. (Do you have imaginations?) We have not your kind of images no. We travel in thought patterns. We create thought things, such as part of our vehicle is a thought pattern. (Do you find the vibrations in humans you enter pleasing or of use in your learning?) We find it different and therefore pleasing that we are learning something different. And oft times feel the pleasant sensation of perceptual feeling process. That is different than our norm. When we think we are there, we are there. But when we are embodied we can't do that anymore. (That is true. A major loss. You have said yourself that your large numbers are contributing to the breaking up of this planet. Is that not of concern to you?) The concern would not be concern until we experience that which would be detrimental to us at that time. We don't anticipate that far in advance. We only live in this experience we are in at the moment. (Then it is well that we are communicating, for I DO see far into the future. So as you share your knowledge, I shall share my knowledge.) We need that, thank you. We shall meet again.

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