Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 3/18/96

[Higher Spirit Through Hugh]

(I seek guidance today for one you have offered guidance before, for that soul we know as ____) Yes. (She has brought into her experience a mate, a man, whose name is _____.) Yes. (This relationship, with this one, would it be beneficial to her higher purpose path?) The records show that there is a communication between these two spirits that many lives show, and have known and reacted and they have had a close bonding that will help in her path for greater good that you suggest that she listen to. If this is the path that will lead to her greater knowledge and acknowledgement and bring stronger influence of a human balance and nature to her expertise, this is beneficial if she chooses. There is expediency on this path that may be helpful for her. Marriage between these two at sometime in the future would be beneficial should they choose and should they keep their focus at that time. This one she has known before and will know again. (This one., did he in a previous life hold a position of great Spiritual honor, such as the Dali Lama?) What do you think the Dali Lama is, but many parts of a greater powerful focus of spiritual energy? He has known this energy. He has known this energy. He has many lives of oriental origin and knowledge from many many levels and many lifetimes. Yes, he was part of that energy. (The child they drew to them, has it been released?) The Spirit that was hoping to grow into a child has left her presence and is now seeking another path in the spiritual realms.

(That one known as Jesus of Nazareth, was crucified on a cross, is that correct?) This is history that you are aware of. (And this is what is in the records?) The records show, he was crucified as was the manner of the time. (His Spirit left the body as he was on the cross?) His spirit was in and out of his body many times. It was out, as he willed it to be. In, as he willed it to be, for he was spirits, not one. (Did the physical body die on the cross.) His physical body died in many stages as ......those spiritual energies in many parts. He was not one, but many. (Then many souls inhabited that body?) Hmmmmm, many spirits were in that body and many learned great things to relate ......as his body was not the significant part ....but a base for those spirits who were with him. (After the experience of the cross was the physical body again present?) Resurrection you would call it was a re-emergence of the energies that were with him. The Spirits formed once again, so the minds could see his presence. His body was not present, but his mind energy, as the body is present in the minds that can see that energy in the realm you speak of today when the people go there and can stay for a time, the astral realm as you say. (You can touch the astral body?) You can always touch the astral body. You don't often feel it though. (The apostles could touch the body?) The minds could see the body, the hand could not feel the body, nor did it touch the body, for the body was an astral form of energy. (When the body was on the cross, did it cry out, did it doubt? The story comes to us, he cried out "My God, why have you deserted me?" Was this true?) No such cry was uttered, for the many powerful spirits aligned were very aware of their creative energies and of their source, the creator. They could manifest themselves again and in many, many ways. But how interesting, you seem to have forgotten that, when you were there as an observer and part of the family of what they call Jesus and many, many times in greater spiritual capacity. Why don't you ask yourself? Not my place to question you. (What was meant when Jesus taught he shall come again?) The Spirits have come many many times, in many different forms, in many different ways. And as you are aware are here again, on your plane, to try to change the path which humanity is on..

[Following is a conversation with the spirit of Hugh's grandfather speaking through Hugh. Pamela Guiding]

(There was an energy the other evening that lightly touched Hugh's right ear. He did say he would listen to that. I don't know if that has been accomplished or if this is the moment here. I am offering an opportunity to do so here. Yes, you may think the thoughts and move the voice body.) I know how to do this. (Have I spoken with you before?) Yes. (You are?) Gilbert Elijah Alderman I was in this lifetime. I didn't mean to disturb him. But often when he is in an altered state, I observe him and talk to him. I guess I shouldn't do that. (He likes that?) He is loving. (Yes, he is.) I feel his energy, and, as I promised I would, I am supporting him in his energies. I have been with him and shall stay with him through this lifetime. I can support him in what you and he and others are trying, no, let's not use that word. I always believed in the positive approach. We are doing it ............ Making a path in this world, for human beings, ...... many paths of learning that we all share..........I am still here. Enjoying your energies. [Hugh's grandfather, Reverend Alderman, gives Pamela kind suggestions about welcoming the visions she receives as they have messages and mean to be helpful and educational to her. The hysteria is the child reacting, as he knows, but suggests she be more calm and inquisitive.)

[Conversation with Master of Light, through Hugh, Pamela guiding.]

(Are we demonstrating lights through Master of Lights?) Good. You have many representations of Spirit power. You can bend powerful rods of metal, you can walk across very hot coals, you can demonstrate levitation, you can demonstrate for the people that they have been given a power greater than they earlier believed. (The power of levitation, would this be the raising of arms and hands?) Or bodies, or books, or objects. Hmmmmm. (So we are speaking to people of their power to use their minds to change the world. Is this so?) Yes. Demonstrate any way that empowers the people, so that they may use this power to gain the confidence and cooperativeness with each other, for as this power grows, so will the universe enjoy the fruits of their combined focused efforts. You will see, as you've witnessed before, when many people pray or focus on an objective, it is irresistible to manifest. It WILL manifest. (Are we to prophesize about world action?) You are to speak of what may be. If these empowered people want a goal, you may give them goals and demonstrate how they reach those goals. Just as they find them individually, you will find them collectively. (Are we to channel Spirit in front of people, that they may ask questions?) If that will impress them and involve them, that will be a worthy demonstration. But never to the point of excess where you become suspect and ridiculed, for that will deter others from exposure to this phenomena and practice.

(As we teach and counsel, how do we teach individuals and groups to evaluate the source of the communication being channeled or reached?) The ego may be confused in the messages, however there may be ways of communicating and testing that conflict of ego versus Spirit. They can test by using the Neurological Muscular Response and/or other methods of gaining access to higher thoughts, greater thoughts, spiritual thoughts. (Is there wording you can advise me as they do the neurological response or self testing to be certain of the source of information.) As you know, one must be very pure in thought. As you know from experience, even though we think pure thoughts, impure thoughts may prevail within us when we may have injections from the spirit world. [Editing note: This refers to spirit attachments and the importance of being free of spirit attachments when channeling.] (We teach the use of the pendulum for self muscle response. With proper wording would this be a valid method of testing one's connection to higher spirit?)

Your question has already been answered. Any response to neural muscular input will be adequate providing you clear away the ego mechanism. The ego mechanisms are that which interfere with the lower mind and the higher communications, confusing the higher communications with your own justified desires. (Is there a way when one is seeking higher communication to block input from entities that are within or attached to oneself?) To get clear communication one MUST be without entities. Obviously that is one of the most important things to check when starting to communicate with any kind of neural muscular response, including that which you call the pendulum. (If one was using the pendulum, would one be able to get valid communication in regards to entities or could they interfere with that?) One could find interference from many different sources. The purest most direct source of eliminating all other possibilities even as you do through this source one should always clear and make sure the clearance of all other entities has been accomplished. I can assure you that this is of prime importance. They may not overrule, they may only interfere and give you fictitious or fallacious answers. (If individual working with pendulum were to begin with a prayer asking they access Higher Spiritual guidance and put a white light around themselves, would they be able then to be free of entity interference?) If that person or persons have already cleared prior commitments or knowledge of entities with them, then it would be valid just to surround yourself with white light to include the entities there within. (Then if I'm hearing correctly, it would be very important that they go to someone who can test them for entity possession before beginning a path of self enlightenment and guidance from the spiritual realms? Is this correct?) That is correct. (When we find entities with individuals, it would be important that all entities are cleared from these individuals before they begin a path of higher spiritual communication, is this correct?) Only those foreign entities, not the primary. (And when we find an individual who has entities, is it ever possible one or more of those entities are meant to remain with the body the whole lifetime?) For the most part, you are excluding walk-in's, I presume. (Actually, I was including walk-ins as, we'll say walk-in's are owner of the body if this has been an agreement) If this has been an agreement, that's valid from that moment on. (Is it more beneficial that there be only one entity within each body.) As before, yes. Simon was not meant to be here for you. (What drew him?) Curiosity. (Then it would be well for me to watch when the energies come in.) We will watch with you. You call them curiosity seekers. We call them the curious ones. There are many of those that follow just see what is going on and learn from it. But they sometimes send up energies that block the true functions of Spirit and interfere with the energy flows of a person. Better they should be gone than to be here. (How do we guard against this?) Remind us and ask us to put a protection around you.(Thank you.)

Communication With The Spirit of Jeremiah, through Hugh, Pamela guiding..

 The urgency is not complied with. The urgency remains and you remain immobilized. You must both purify your bodies and your minds and focus ALL of your attention on that task with you now. We cannot tolerate the impurities and confusion that you infuse into your bodies for it affects your minds. This is not a life of play. This is a life of dedication. The purest foods. The greatest fields of energy. The focus of thought and the joy and love you share with yourselves and others should always be present. SPIRIT NEEDS PEOPLE!!! Planetary alignment, world prayers, all demonstrations, same thing. It works. Each one will have a special place. Special abilities and skills. (Spirit, what level of communication are you?) I can't answer that for there is no reference point. (We talk of Higher Self as Spirit, we talk of people who have left their bodies as Spirit.) Those are your terms. (What would be your terms?) These are energies communicating on different levels. (That which we speak of as Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost.) Higher level of vibrations which seldom speaks through the voice of a being such as this. (What level of Spirit would you be?) I am above level of Spirit you interpret as Higher Self. (Below Holy Spirit?) Yes, indeed. (When people access Universal Records, can they access it through their superconscious mind?) Access records can be done only through a higher intermediary, which will allow that information to be interpreted as you would understand. (An intermediary such as yourself.) Yes, I could do that. (People we call psychics, is that what they are doing?) They are not doing it. Others higher are doing it. (And bringing that information to them?) Correct. Anyone can do that. All they have to do is ask for it and they will get that information. There are no natural laws hiding information, that is only man made. There are no natural laws that are against life, there are no natural laws that would prohibit anyone from anything they can achieve if they believe and move in that direction. (And the accuracy of the information is affected by the mind of the one receiving it?) That is correct. Yes. That is correct. (I am feeling downhearted and confused. I have seen the world as you speak of it. I see; I perceive the direness of the situation. The air is foul, the people crowded, anger is high, it is volatile.) Guided by Higher Powers, you will succeed, if you choose to. Despair slows everything down. Anger, frustration, resentment, all take out of balance that which needs balance to proceed. You must proceed with belief and expectation. Be of Good faith. Faith in your belief. Faith in the absolute. And perfect attendance from a Higher Source is yours.

(What is coming if not averted?) What has been foreseen, only worse.

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