Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 3/8/96

[Master of Light and Master of Spirit speaking through Hugh. Pamela guiding.]

(I would ask now for guidance for us.) What is the 'us' you speak of? (Hugh and myself and our work with Spirit.) Yes. (I believe our next important step is to have the book published so that we may bring to many minds, information and knowledge. Is there guidance in the path we are on now? If each of us are on our path of Higher Purpose.) You are. And each challenging the others to excel in that path causes some abrasiveness, but challenge nevertheless and the challenge stimulates and accelerates your progress for the end result of which your goal is creating balance for the populace, the live matter on the surface of the earth. (Thank you.) No thanks needed, but you may know there are greater challenges than you can imagine ahead of you in the very near future.

(I ask for strength and guidance and light as we move in the very near and far future. I invite Master of Light here into this form. I welcome you.) And I am happy to be here, but with one serious recommendation for you, in your quest for fulfillment of your mission here, cleave to me and my energies and I will serve you well. Let you stray and I will not be there well. I enjoy being with you and enjoy the high energy, but, ah well. (But what?) One must be aware and use the energy for it to be there. Hmmmm. You know of all of that already and I am here in many, many places at once. But will always be available to you and wait for you to call my energies forth and create greater things for I am a powerful Spirit for you to use in various ways, and in powerful, positive ways, you may call on my services at any time for we must work together for the future of the people's balance, and ultimately, their success.

(Master of Light, when we send light and ask others to send light, would it be important to say white light versus just light, or does that not matter?) The tendency that people have is to send all the positive thoughts and feelings. We remind you as you might remind them, the positive and the negative must be there in balance. The balance of the two is what we're seeking. So sending something you consider only positive to reflect and work against the negative works against the concept. The light is the light. Be it bright or be it dull. Be it white or another color. Light is the energy that allows the balance to be created equally. Light and love are not always synonymous. Nor light and enlightenment synonymous. For light can lead us to the darkness, or the lack of the light, as well as to the brightest of lights. And that is that balance that we seek. Send ONLY the energy of Light. (Master of Light, you mentioned before that you are sending opportunities for us to increase income for this work, and I wonder what light you can share on that which Hugh is considering called "The Gift Exchange".) A very positive approach that the darker forces of balance try to destroy for the light and positive forces of greater enlightenment. It's again, the balance trying to find its center, as the pendulum might swing from the dark to the light. It was designed for good, and yet will be dragged into the bad that people allow it to be. The presence of enslavement is ever increasing in this universe. Ours is to keep the freedom by maintaining the balance. For if the forces of enslavement prevail, the earth will shrug off life as we know it. And you will not be among those who stay. You will find a very positive way of going somewhere else. But the earth will lose much in time and energy, when it is not necessary. (Master Spirit spoke of difficult challenges lying ahead. Perhaps if we were to meet with you once or twice a week it would be very beneficial.) At the minimum. I would suggest once a day if I may. Take a moment in time, and ask and you will be in perfect contact with the energy of light. But more times a day would be even more to suffice to increase the probability of balance.

(Since you are everywhere, I would ask if you are aware of what is involved with the cigar smoke prevalent in the living room.) That is a simple matter of communication desired by one who has gone on beyond this physical presence. Very easily contacted should you choose to contact them. Let that desire be known. Oh. My speaker is suffering pain. In his right temple. (Cause?) Caused by the mention of increasing the communication with that person who brought the cigar smell. (Then I would speak to that person...) No, not while I am here. (Yes, I meant to say to that one that we will speak with it at a later date. We have not forgotten and will remember, you are to leave now.) Thank you. My host seems to be enjoying a better feeling in his right temple now. [Light laughs.] (You were right Master of Light, when you told me I would be surprised at the healing symposium. I was.) And, how were you surprised? (I was far more involved than I expected to be, and I was amazed and delighted at the information flowing through me.) Point. You listened to what I said. Without questioning, you let it happen. That joyed me. That gave me great joy. And those who would witness that were indeed impressed with your ability to allow things to happen. Just as they would enjoy that happening to themselves were they to become as enlightened as you are. (How wonderful to have your presence there. This people are seekers and open and I believe you are doing much to open their minds.) You may again find surprise in acknowledging the woman you often find closed in appearance. The lady with the dark hair who sits with the visage of fear and withdrawn image, has a talent that you may uncover soon, perhaps tonight.

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