Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 2/28/00

LIGHT Hugh Channel, Pamela Guiding

Three people sit in on this session. M. P.; S.M. L.A.

We begin with joining our light and surrounding the planet earth with light. Filling earth with our light and the light of all spirit.

LIGHT: It´s so simple. And yet, that´s part of the education of these minds on the earth. It is the simplest forms, the most direct procedures, the most easily understood, is the most often rejected. (One of the questions people ask is why does it work?) We could tell them to buy the book. It explains that quite well doesn´t it? (Yes, what they want is a sound byte Light.) Light is that unknown to science energy that comes from many different sources, but it always is the same - even black light, which is unseen but still potent in its energy- has it own basic format for creating all things that we see materially. Therefore, when we give that energy through our thought which creates all to the earth, then earth can use it to bring its balance back and if not receiving enough, it will correct itself into another level of its own and we won´t have much to say about it as human beings. Of course, its difficult to say, as humans - hard for me to even understand what I´m thinking as a human here - but why is it so difficult to understand putting the basic energy of creation into the creation of balance that it would create the balance. I´m trying to see that from humans´ view. I must say, it escapes me. (Perhaps because we´ve forgotten light is the creator energy.) That is the truth. Simple enough. (We do a lot of forgetting here it seems.) Well, that´s what it´s all about. Coming here to learn the lessons of this state. If you had all the knowledge of the other states with you. You wouldn't´t be able to learn the lesson would you? You´d laugh at all the lessons and say, aha, I see, good bye!"

[Questions of members of the group are answered. One question asked was: "Are we all here to communicate Light?" Light´s answer follows:]

Well, I should hope you all communicate the message of light that would be wonderful for all the human as well as the animal kingdom on earth. Spreading the knowledge of communicating with me whenever you choose. Omnipresent that I am. "I" really does not fit, but for languaging, I guess it is the best to use. I am always present for those who wish to communicate, but every time you send light to earth, I, we know you are doing that and we appreciate that. More than earth who says: "Well, that´s nice, if you want to put me right, but otherwise I will take care of this myself." The purpose of all those coming together with Light is to enlighten all of those in Light, and the more you enlighten, the more healing that can take place. The more balance this brings and as long as there are peoples on this earth, there will never be total peace. You can count on that. Or life´s lessons would be nil and void, wouldn't´t it?

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