Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: Feb. 17, 1995

The Way Shower Pamela Channel, Hugh Guide

(Now Spirit.) There is some conscious interference, but as I move more into the place, she will (float out) more and more.

(Just let yourself become comfortable there as you speak clearly of what your message needs be.)

Message is, we have come to claim her. We have observed a struggle between the Spirit that she is and the earth forces of which her body is made and her struggle between the two, the conscious mind judges and fears, evaluates and fears, yes, torn, reluctant, seeking the comfort in the grounding. We would at this time aid, simply because the body has limitations. The mate was shown this recently and yes, now, we bring to you, this channel, also, with force, the awareness when we send a Spirit into body, it is not done lightly, it is not done frequently. You hesitate to believe and yet it is so. From many sources you have received this message. You are spirit as all are spirit and yet your spirit has embodied itself to a degree that is highly unusual and which is called for at particular times. And yet, it is in the body that you must be to meet a mission that you are embarked upon. It does no-one any good if you let the body age rapidly and diminish. Focus as a child on the traumas and challenges thru which she passed are nearly completed. Finish those. Your need for solid sustenance is diminishing rapidly. We tell this to the one Pamela. A little food goes along way for you now for you feed upon the energies, the forces of your true nature. As you let go more of the grounding that the animal nature is fearful of letting go of - recall you conquered the animal nature some time ago, and yet it has its own pull, its own vibration. Let go of the final desire for eating meat. Let go of the comfort of the food and the noises and the apparitions and the appearances of the spirits that you fear that you are fearful of in your meditations shall also disappear. They are linked. The animal in you human beings is fearful of the spirit levels. You note this even in your creatures, your dogs, your cats, your wolves. The fallacy is that they are more connected to the spirit and not fearful, this is not so. It is a vibration, a high vibration, that disturbs their ears, their senses. It is frightening to them because it causes them to focus totally on the Spirit and this is NOT conducive to their survival. To the animal nature, its senses must ever be aware. Note your cat - it is always using its radar to tune into the sounds and awareness all around. This is important to its survival. When we are present or it senses our presence, it's disturbing to it because it interferes with its radar, with its hearing, with it's awareness. This is the same in the human.

That part of your nature - your bodies are of animal nature - so that primitive brain, when Spirit is beginning to be perceived, they are frightened because it interferes, the focus, you see, is shifted. We assure Pamela and yourself, you are protected. Let us be your eyes and your ears of your animal nature. Let go of it. Allow the body that seeks now to move into the higher vibrations to do so. You have been told before - and it worries you both - that we can use you for demonstration. That spirit can flow, High Spirit, Holy Spirit. Indeed, let us tell you again, I the Wayshower, again, I have said it before, I shall say it again - Holy Spirit can come, flow thru this channel - purify it. Purify it and you will see miracles. Your Master Spirit that guided you, told Pamela, 'You do not use it, but let it use you.' And indeed, this shall be. She shall know when Spirit wishes to use her. Pamela has commented, she envies those who have healing energy, such as yourself, for when she touches another physically - it is difficult for her to make the physical connection, for she has so much Spirit, which she denies even now. You see this? (No finger is being raised.) That is the subconscious. It is fearful for the subconscious to be told it is Spirit. For its concern is the body and the physical/body mind. And it recognizes its import on this plan. And we would assure the subconscious mind now of its import, of its most important job of keeping this body healthy, strong. We would say to the subconscious now, "You, body, think of this. You are to be the vessel of Holy Spirit. Think of that. Blessed be the vessel in which the holy flows."

[Pamela's body is rocking and she begins to cry.)

I am afraid. (sobbing) So many thoughts. I did not want to be frightened of you. But, they spoke so frighteningly of you. And I did not think it was right that I a little girl should know the one (Sobbing more) (And now?) And now, I am sorry that I have been frightened and turned away. (What can you do now to be more comfortable with that which is your truth, beknownst to you. How can that be comfortable for you now?) To let go of the voices of the elders of the church, of those that fear, who would deny and doubt, for the living God is living, is a presence, is a voice, is a feeling, is a breath, the breath for everyone. And to accept and allow, permit, hmmmm (vibratory shaking increases) (As you allow this spiritual energy to be known and comfortable to you, the resistance will be lower and lower, till it flows easily and gently on your mind and on your body and in your spiritual being. Comfortable and responsive to it every message. In every direction. And comfortable, The knowledge you are protected by the Spirit world. It protects you for the very purpose you are here to accomplish, in your own wonderful way. So that the Holy Grace of Spirit moves thru you easily and comfortably now. Accepting and allowing it to guide you to do the work we are here to do.) When Holy Spirit comes, you shall know. It does not choose lightly in the vehicles. But the vibrations of the body and the soul and the mind must be focused and high and the purpose there. Hmmmm. And together, you, Pamela, We, shall now rapidly elevate this body for this purpose for that energy.

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