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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 2/14/96

2/14/96 Master Spirit & Master Light Through Hugh

(Master of Spirit, we shall be speaking about healing. How healing works, in the body. Is there guidance you could offer us on that at this time?) It would be well for you to bridge the desire for healing with the ego mechanism and the results thereby oft times distorted or blocked. When one desires to be healed and the ego is very, very involved, there is always a counter indication. (Counter indication?) That a doubt, question, or old programs deny the healing. For a healing to be complete, a lesson must have been learned and understood, the subconscious cleared of old programs, the conscious mind accept, and the entity being open to the absolute perfect balance and healing that may take place in a very short time. Far less than a second of time. We more often block that healing. (I would ask deeper meaning of burning of my two fingers.) When you say deeper, what does that indicate? (Messages?) There are many messages. One, that everyone would observe, the lid of your tea kettle was loose. When it fell off, the steam was hot. Your delay in putting it down caused a longer burn. The burn will keep burning, unless stopped, for some time as the cells keep responding to the heat. All those are the first level of observation. Is that your observation? (It is.) The next level of observation, you did not move rapidly to focus on healing, but were focused on the pain caused by the nerve endings being signals that you were being injured. One focuses on the pain, one increases the injury. When one moves away from the pain, one moves away from the injury. The lesson here was very good. We feel the lesson was for you just as you had planned it from your Higher Level to learn how this works, for your demonstration and teaching of healing. Surely, you know that you don't operate just on this earthly plane, but there are many levels in wisdom directing your lessons in life, far greater and higher than the physical body. Is that not true? (It is indeed.) Yes, of course. Now, the healing process itself, once established in a pattern usually follows that pattern, for that is the way the body is taught to function. And to accelerate THAT pattern, one must destroy the old pattern which says it takes a certain amount of time, in a certain healing process, to bring the cells back into perfect balance, eliminating the injury to them. That requires a certain amount of time. The healing process then continues in the normal vein of expectancy. You can change that by changing the expectation of the healing. But to do that, all levels must agree and participate in anticipating and expecting, without reservation, the healing process to change to that to which you've refocused. Is that understood? (Yes. There is some jerking of the body, would this be Master of Light coming in?) That one is always eager to come in, and sometimes wants to supersede me. We recognize each other, with understanding. (Is there more guidance or words or messages you would offer now?) Are there more questions you would ask now? (The health of the body through which you are speaking. It is good?. It is balanced at this moment?) He is becoming more balanced as he precedes with that which was recommended many times. He is refocusing in meditation. His belief systems and his actions are now aligning with that which creates a better, more powerful life and energy force in his body and his mind and in his spirit. He has great pressures that create problems, emotionally. Hence his confusion. He becomes frustrated and sometimes fearful and angry. (I thank you for your guidance. I welcome and invite Master of Light to shine your color and light. This one and I so enjoy your presence. We will be having a healing circle Master of Light, and I very much want your presence and your guidance and participation with that healing) And so you will, and that will be enjoyable to all. You have good response and positive energy and perhaps will soon have a larger audience and a larger room and a larger place, for your need for teaching this is great and I will always be there for supporting anything you do in this project. What would you have me do this meeting? (I'm asking Hugh to bring color filters for the lights, on your advice. I'm wondering if we should have you speak through Hugh or if we should have you work with the lights and the colors in the room? You are the Master! What would be the most healing process that we could do?) I will bring a phenomena to the room for you. And should you want to put colors on the lights as they shine down upon the people, you may refocus those lights with colors and the colors that will be for this purpose might be best for the healing energies of a blue-green, aqua, turquoise type of color. And are you having a healing in a manner of touching? (Yes, there will be some hands on healers. I think this one you speak through will be one of them.) Perhaps you'll see the energy transfer as demonstrated against the black backdrop, when one emits energy to another who is receptive. A light glowing energy may be observed by those willing to look and see. Would that not be a good demonstration? To see the rays of energy move across the space from one person to another? (The lighting would be dim?) Yes. The lighting from the outside sufficient for there needs be no light when the energy is transmitted. It will have its own light. (I work with you daily sending light to others and I thank you for that.) I thank you. We need more and more of those in touch with light as it is the most powerful balancing energy in this universe. (Feel that presence Hugh. And light, I will say, you are right our symposiums and shift in focus seems to be increasing our financial good, bringing light into our money affairs. I thank you for that too.) We're always available. We're always supporting. And as we work together, we'll support a more healing energy all around the world. For that is what we are here for and that's what we WILL do. (In the healing circle, Master of Light, I know everyone's part but mine. How do I help demonstrate in healing? I don't seem to be a hands on healer. I don't seem to feel the warmth.) As Mistress of the Evening and Director of the activities, you will be quite busy, but in for a surprise. (Oh Master of Light, how often you do that to me, bringing in expectation and joy and wondering. I love you.) Yes, we love each other in the enlightened energy of love.

[Note: The healing circle of Light was very "enlightening" and healing. Several in the group did "laying on of hands" of those who sat under the light. Pamela's surprise was the first public "outing" of her abilities as a "full body medium" for spirit.]

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