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Date: February 13, 1998

[Edgar Cayce speaks to us]
Did someone invite me in here? (We did.) Here I am. (I will ask same thing I asked Higher Self. Any message to people in this valley in that magazine article. You are quite aware of changes, land mass changes.) So is this body I am speaking through. There was an even more specific observation he made some time ago. About the origin of the change in the ocean. (Yes, the magma, you spoke of that.) I haven't spoken to you about it have I? (I believe you did. Do the scientists know about this yet?) If they do, they aren't letting the cat out of the bag. In fact, they're even denying it, but as usual, they'll find a way to make it right for them. (Do you see them doing this any time soon?) Well, I don't think they're going to be pushed into a corner. You like the skating don't you? Well, that's what politicians remind me of, slipping and skating and sliding. They move a little to the right and a little to the left. They just kind of manage to keep out of being cornered. That's why they go into a ring, I guess. Well, this would be notable prediction, that they will discover the warming of the ocean as, we call it the El Nino, the little one - is not a little one, but an enormous energy that comes from several different spouts of magma coming up in the ocean. (You spoke before, Mr. Cayce, of the water returning to this area, at least in the low lying levels.) That's correct. (Do you see a time frame for that?) This is a very delicate area, for I'm come to realize people panic and stampede and cause all sorts of problems and I've seen that too often, (I don't intend to share this with any one else.) Well, I don't intend to share it either. (Maybe you will share something that's been on my mind. In several of your readings having to do with Abraham, Sara, and Hagar, the information in those readings is different from information we have since found.)

I want you to remember, if you will, that much of the information, if not all of it, that I recall happening in the body while I was in my body, came through other sources of information. Many of those were spirits who had been professionals in certain fields. Many had been in the medical field, as you might recall. And many of those who spoke through me had their own opinions, their own information. And I cannot guarantee that that information is always correct, for they were only speaking through me. I was not there. I was not the one that was actually the seeker of the information, but the channel for the information. And the information that came through me was not always correct, as you will observe from some of the work that you've done. (Do you know, now, where you would go during the channeling sessions?) No, I never thought about that. Hmmm. I was aware of leaving my space, if you would. I was very aware when people got in my space inappropriately. But as to exact location, I think not. I think I would be much akin to this person I am speaking through now. Sometimes he's aware something is happening there, but he's not very concerned about it. (Now, from your level, what do you notice happens to him when he goes in this state.) I think he obligingly steps aside but his Higher Self always knows what's going on. If you were to query his Higher Self, it would say, yes, I know this, I know that, I know the other. But his conscious and subconscious don't seem to be involved and therefore we would say he was a trance channeler. (From your level, do humans look the same as when you were in the body or do they look different?) No, they look quite the same except perhaps even brighter. As I see more thoroughly the colors of the body and the colors of the energy, I perhaps to the energy field around the body which makes it a brighter being altogether. You see from the human point through eyes and the optic nerves translate the messages into visions that you project on the screen of your mind, if you would. And that loses some in translation, if you would. You see not nearly the brightness of seeing the true energy field. Your energy field is far different unless what you perceive it to be, unless you're very, very aware of auras. (Do they change rapidly?)

They certainly can. They don't always change, but they can change within seconds. It's all fascinating. And I'm so glad that you're involved in this now. I know that you're learning as much or more than I am, so it's fun to share this time with you. I thank you for allowing me to come. I listen to what you're doing quite frequently in some of the groups you're with. It's very interesting. They're swept off their feet, if you would, by all this information. I think I'd like to say that one of the most important things that you can do for the populace that would raise the level of consciousness of the populace, is to get them see not the magic on the outside, but the magic on the inside. You might tell your article that is what is going to be the great equalizer and balancer. Is having people see themselves as powerful and capable, but first they have to get all these prejudices and biases and misconcepts out of the way. Not letting outside people telling them what to do, but becoming aware of their inner

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