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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: February 6, 1997

Hugh Channel, Pamela Guide

[Higher Self of Hugh:]

Pamela: "Is there any message or guidance you would give to this one, Hugh, at this time?"

Higher Self: "Yes, he must keep his focus on the goal, knowing that all the needed energy will be provided to gain that end result. Knowing that it WILL be gained, he can move faster in bringing it into actuality - functioning perfectly for you both in your non-profit organization."

P. "Higher Self, for visitors to enter the body seems to be too depleting for the body's energies.

H.S. "That is correct."

P. "Yet, they want to communicate. What would be the best method of communication?

H.S. "For them to communicate mentally as we do. Let them project their thoughts. The thoughts can then be transferred to the voice box and the voice can ennumerate what their desires, wants, questions, or answers might be."

P. "So that process would not need you?"

H.S. "No, it would not need me. You have mental abilities that communicate on a regular basis. They can communicate mentally without verbalization. Should you care to verbalize, you may do so at your discretion, by having the voice box verbalize it. When you send a thought to a baby, it is because they cannot verbalize and they're not dependent upon that verbalization, but know the thought to be true as they accept it. [Humans] when growing past that [baby stage] learn to become more dependent upon the verbalization."

P. "I would ask if there are with this one that you are with emotional or mental blocks to increasing financial worth of FREOMM or of that being, Hugh."

H.S. "That would be a part of the whole process, would it not, of gaining greater recognition and movement."

P. "We will speak, later, with Master of Light, and last because Hugh loves to come up with his energy around him."

H.S. "You have other questions."

P. "Yes, I had a question about what we call the false dawn Hugh saw."

H.S. "Yes, the false dawn is not false, but a reality. Brought about by nature. Representing the signs of great change. The electrical charges that go through, unhampered, through the atmosphere excite the molecules and the ions and through their excitement begin to move rapidly creating a display of energy called Light. Light is coming from the generated energy of this rapidly increased movement. It is a transference of extraneous energy to this universe affecting the covering gases and air over this world. It is the excitement of these molecules that produce the heat that produce the Light that you see as the dawn. You would call it a phenomenon."

P. "And what is this phenomenon announcing?"

H.S. "As I have fore mentioned, great changes - changing the way the atmosphere and the earth and the living creatures on the earth will be interacting with each other. They quite often indicate greater changes upon the surface of the earth. The activity of these rays or energies are greater in certain concentrations. Your scientists have tried to isolate these energies, but have not been able to isolate them, but recognize them for a mere instant, or second as you measure time."

P. "When you speak, Higher Self, is it also a mental projection through the vocal chords?"

H.S. "When I speak it is the mind transferring the thought process into the vocal chords which know how to produce the sounds you are listening to now."

P. "What is happening to the body when people channel and there is a lot of kinetic activity in the body, a lot of shaking, vibrating."

H.S. "The body is not always adjusted to the energy source producing the thoughts, producing the information that comes as thoughts, verbalized or not. Oftentimes we refer to that as a quickening of the body. The vibratory rate changes the body's normal energy rate and the muscles and the nerves respond by a quaking or sudden movement. These are quite often seen in religious ceremonies. May also be a spiritual energy that is coming to communicate, having not aligned with the vibratory rate of the human body affects the human body in a way that makes the movements. Sometimes it is the passion of the human body to make the movements to emphasize the thoughts that they feel that are inadequately presented through the pattern of speech."

P. "There was a question from the group about this planet, if the majority of souls on this planet incarnated on other planets before incarnating here."

H.S. "Are you meaning separate life or style or change from the human form?" (Yes) "That is correct, the majority of the humans on this planet have come either from a spirit form, and this body I speak through is aware of, they are still coming as spirit forms from other life supporting planets or vehicles. You came in a different form than the majority have come from. The have come from different places and planets to inhabit the animal body. This has taken place many times in the past. Large numbers tend to descend upon the earth's surface and transform the animal vehicle body into a more highly intellectual being. It often takes a great deal of acceptance and change and modification, for the different vibratory rates affect the animal body."

P. "There's a question about my body and its health, would asking you be my best course of approach? [You must make that decision.] I would ask a question in general about that H.S. When people ask for information from the records, is that always the best source of finding their information, would sometimes having YOU, Higher Self, find the information from THEIR Higher Self, bring them more of a personal guidance that they are seeking?"

H.S. "This may be very true for their particular needs involve the lesson they came to learn in this earth inhabitation. Lives in this life plane are for that reason. Higher Self may help them through their own Higher Self recognize what they need, but it might be that the Higher Self that is regulating part of their actions, as the over seer, may not feel it is wise for them to know all of the information. Thereby short circuiting, spoiling, or changing the outcome of their lesson through the activity."

P. "Then, if I ask from the Records, are they getting information then that perhaps their Higher Self does not want them to have? Or can their Higher Self still filter the information as it comes to them?"

.S. "Their Higher Self may provide the information if it is asked for. It is NOT Higher Self's position to force the information. It is the experience of the person in all levels below Higher Self to learn from that actual life time activity."

P. "I would ask you about our cat, Morris. Hugh has great concern about him. What is the state of his health and what are our best actions with this beloved cat at this time?"

H.S. "You might find great experiential knowledge and satisfaction by communicating with the cat. The cat has information that you will find interesting. Yes, the cat will live, as long as the cat will find itself useful. He can choose to over-ride any medication you give him, as you have experienced." (Thank you Higher Self.) "You are most welcome. You asked about your state of health, but moved on past that."

P. "I would like information in regards to my teeth."

H.S. "The metaphor that would best describe your emotional attachment to the teeth is fearful of biting off more than you can chew. A part of you seeks to complete your mission as you have chosen to do here at this moment in time and another part of you fears the outcome of that. You don't always know the outcome, for that is part of the mission. Although if you trust in the Higher Realms of Knowledge, who have assured you, you would be able to have sound teeth. You may apply topical applications to aid in the healing, the gum, and the tooth tissue." (The crack in the tooth, can it be healed too?) You may even grow new teeth, should you choose to do so, why do you ask? Because you don't believe."

P. "This is my biggest block and fear, I believe, to personally demonstrate what I teach. And yet, here I present myself to people, overweight, aging, teeth difficulties. Is it all, at the root of it, disbelief? Is that what I am struggling with?"

H.S. "If you were to choose a more positive approach you might try the word challenge. For it is the learning process in this challenge that creates the end result. If you sense an irresponsible avoidance of the challenge, then you are being in the negative field, are you not? If you look at that discrepancy in your physical being as a challenge to change, you will find it doing its work perfectly without further effort on your part. This is the production that you seek, I believe. State that which you want and let it become."

P. "Does my hormone balance require supplements to balance my body?"

H.S. "You have been offered those answers repeatedly. You see, it is no different than eating or breathing or cleansing the body. What would be wise for you to seek is keeping the body in its highest level of health, the mind in its most focused, powerful intent, and the total acceptance of spirits ever giving to you."

P. "Then let me ask you directly, Higher Self, can working with thought and Spirit eliminate a necessity for supplemental vitamins and minerals, or why do I have such a resistance to them?"

H.S. "First of all, supplements by the very name you have applied, is adding to that which is already termed insufficient. You are supplying greater amount of that which your body needs. If you believe that you can go without any food, you can do that. It is not a practical method for it does not supply energy to this body, this body must feed off the spiritual and mental energy which is not sufficient for your daily and day to day activity. Food, water are necessary for this body to function. Do you accept that? (Yes.) Then merely making sure that you have sufficient amounts for the body is no different than eating the fresh food, cooked food, modified food, or supplemental food.

P. "The diet I am eating now, am I eating too much fat for this body?"

H.S. "You are only providing the body which your mind has set to do. You must change the program and the amount and type of food will not be as powerful in creating the body as the mind will be in allowing the body. If you continue to eat the healthy foods and supplements you have available to you at this time, and change the old program of your body's needing to be larger to protect it, you will have whatever size your body best deems itself to serve you."

P. "The cough that is bothering both Hugh and myself, have we found all of the causes for it?"

H.S. "You have both been determined to be responding to material and gaseous forms that are toxic to your body. You may correct your bodies' allergenic response, but to eliminate the toxins would be most appropriate for your state of health."

P. "Is the gas only in the house or is it in the car as well."

H.S. "As you generally use the car it would not be in sufficient quantity to harm you. But the house is producing too much."

P. "I thank the Higher Self and I would ask for a communication, first with Morris the cat, through mental communion with Morris now, and Morris's thoughts coming through this voice box. As the subconscious sets this up the Visitors will see how this works and we will speak with them next, as I ask now to speak with pusser. Hello Morris."

Morris: "Why are you interrupting my sleep?"

P. "I want to know if we are disturbing you with the medication or if you would like to have it to heal. Do you need it?"

M. "It would help my body heal, but my mind may change it for you. I am here only to serve a need to learn for myself and to provide for you something."

P. "What are you providing, Morris, besides that you certainly are the object of our affection."

M. "That brings you closer, as well as some of those who visit here."

P. "It certainly does. Then tell me about your sore, do you want us to stop putting on the medication?"

M. "It's a challenge for you to convince me to accept that."

P. "You have yourself said it would benefit your body, am I correct?"

M. "That is correct."

P. "Would you like your body strong?"

M. "It IS strong."

P. "Would you like the infection to go away?"

M. "Yes. I have compulsions like you do."

P. "You do. But you don't like it when Hugh puts the medication in your throat." (No.) "Would it be preferable to where you can lick it away? Does the infection bother you Morris?"

M. "Well, it weakens my body some. And it would be good if you put your healing energy in my body through thought, through medication, and through your tenderness towards me. I like all of that. And I get your thoughts and entertain those thoughts within myself. When you worry about me, it makes me feel important."

P. "Morris, how about you and I make an agreement that instead of worrying about you I brush you every day? (I like that.) "Send you love and Light." (Yes, yes, I like that too.) "And in return, you tell me when would be the best time to put the medication on your sore so you won't lick it until it seeps in. Perhaps when you're on my lap?" (I can't guarantee I won't lick) "Perhaps as I pet you." (That would distract me.) "Then I'll pet you as the medication seeps in, would this work?

M. "Sounds like you want to pay alot of attention to me. I like that."

P. "Alright then, you're so important to us... (I like that too!)... this is what we'll do. Hugh's Higher Self said you had something important to tell us."

M. "I, I don't know what it is. I guess I do."

P. "Perhaps part of that is that our animals communicate very well with us."

M. "Oh, I do that all the time. We know what you think. Sometimes we ignore it, when we don't like it."

P. "Any other changes you need in your diet, or your food, or your water?"

M. "I am very strong and healthy."

P. "You ARE. And you DO bring us closer together. We love you very much."

M. "Then I am worthy of being here in your affection. I don't hunt and bring my things into you anymore. But you feed me very well."

P. "Do you mind that the food is cold?"

M. "No, I don't mind."

P. [Morris seems to "fade".] Yes, Morris can go back to sleep. Visitor, we welcome your messages now.


Pamela: "Project your thoughts to this voice, to the voice box, and the subconscious supplies the words the voice box applies to your thoughts. Hello visitors. We have sent your message out upon this internet connection of computers that we have. This must please you, and it pleases us."

Visitors: "We would prefer to be in the body for it gives us sensations we never get otherwise. It is a very sensual feeling to be in your bodies. And it's almost a compulsion to try these body sensations. We mean no harm."

P. "You know, perhaps it is not acceptable on the principle levels. But my thought is this, Visitors, there are many negative people in our world today creating harm and destruction. As your presence in the body weakens the body tremendously, would it not make sense to visit the sensations in THOSE bodies?"

V. "Well, it would not provide that which we seek and give us a false view who you are as a people. We know the difference and we don't like their energy, but we do like your energy."

P. "Well, it's a dilemma isn't it Visitors, for your energies weaken our bodies tremendously."

V. "It's a challenge for us. If we are not to enter your body then we try not to do that. But as you have noticed there are certain compulsive behaviors in human beings and animals also. Like the cat you are talking to would have a compulsion to scratch or lick that wound. This compulsion is like your sensation of needing to scratch and itch. We are so desirous and so excited by the sensations that we get in your body we want to try it more and more. Even to the point we would like to live in your body sometimes."

P. "Well, what shall we do with this challenge? For it seems to me this would disrupt the natural balance of everything."

V. "Yes, it might upset your balance and we might become permanent fixtures."

P. "Is this something you desire?"

V. "To experience those sensations."

P. "Let me tell you, this planet is filled with spirits that sought to only briefly experience these sensations yet have remained stuck here. This is a very sticky planet." (Yes) "Perhaps you can learn from our experience."

V. "We know what you're saying, but we better learn from our experience for ourselves. We only hear what you're saying, but don't feel what you're telling us until we experience it."

P. "True, but that means what you're contemplating is becoming human. Do you realize that?" (Yes.) "Is this a progression for you?"

V. "Well, it would be one option wouldn't it?"

P. "It would indeed be an option. What are the others?"

V. "To not interfere with your bodies, minds, or your earth habitations."

P. "What would be the outcome of this?"

V. "That depends on the outcome of your attitude towards earth."

P. "Your planet, it's still inhabitable. I note you guide it through different realms, planes, and dimensions. Is it satisfactory to your living experience, your planet?"

V. "We don't have a planet as you have a planet. We have a vehicle that's large and we can use it to live. It has none of the amenities of your planet."

P. "You are seeking or considering migrating to our planet?"

V. "It's a temptation."

P. "What do your leaders say?"

V. "We are all the same."

P. "Well, perhaps it is better to look at his temptation and see where it leads you before you make the change."

V. "We are contemplating all of these things as we visit you here."

P. "Perhaps it leads me to ask Master of Light and Master of Spirit how this would affect earth and earth's inhabitants were you to migrate to planet earth, so we know whether we are open to this choice, which of course affects your choice."

V. "We would have to honestly say, if you choose to continue on YOUR chosen path of creation of your own dimensions and own history, then you would do it without us. We honestly know that to be one of your better options, but it's our option to see if you're willing to accept us."

P. "And if we are willing to accept you, I am hearing, this no longer becomes a plane of choice and will?"

V. "Not the same as you enjoy now."

P. "And if you and I look at overview of souls - all souls, not just earth and you - but all souls in a progression towards God COnsciousness, how essential is a planet such as earth where choice and will is active to the progression of souls."

V. "There are that which seek to make progress in their knowledge through the experience which you gain in life times. There are few places that have that. This is a unique place."

P. "Then probably we are very resistant to losing that uniqueness."

V. "That's what you say. You are not the masses. You would be amazed how simply they follow suggestions."

P. "Well, this following of suggestions have certainly gotten us to this moment of challenge today."

V. "That is true."

P. "How would that change were you to enter?"

V. "You've already been told the answer to that."

P. "How would it help and benefit you?"

V. "If you were to allow me to begin influencing you, you would find that you would lose the power that you have now. The modification of your life and actions would be affected dramatically. As I became more and more influential and stabilizing, I would absorb your ability, and the combination would be different than you experience at this time. Your Higher Selves would not like this. But we know that it's possible."

P. "It is possible, but if we asked our Higher Selves to stop this, would you honor that?"

V. "We are very open. We just seek opportunities to better ourselves. And we seek a place to be more comfortable than we have now."

P. "Have you investigated other realms and dimensions?"

V. "Many."

P. "So far you like this one best?"

V. "Always."

P. "My, my Visitor...

V. "You asked."

P. "I did indeed. What know you of the Spirit Light?"

V. "The same as you."

P. "Seems to me there are other minds involved with which to resolve this one."

V. "Many."

P. "IS there more you would communicate at this moment?"

V. "Only that we will remain communicating with you. And seeking to stay more and more within your earth frame."

P. "We will continue communicating with you with mental telepathy. You are forbidden to enter my body, Hugh's body, the cat's body."

V. "Oh, you know we go into animals' bodies?"

P. "Yes, I know this. This is an area where we have made our choice, and we do ask our Higher Selves and Master of Light to keep the integrity of our energy space intact. We welcome the communication between us Visitors. We do not offer to you our space at this time, until we recognize how our needs and desires and your needs and desires may be met to the greater good of the Universe, for that is important too."

V. "Yes."

P. "Alright, as this communication ends with the Visitors, I believe I see the presence of Master of Light coming here, and, boy, do I welcome you Master of Light. Thank God we have you."

Light: "Your Creator knows what's good for you."

P. "GOOD! Then ask our Creator, what do we do about the Visitors who are seeking a home and are so enthralled with earth?"

Light: "They're not the only ones. They've been around a long time."

P. "The other ones or the Visitors or all of them?"

Light: "Well, many different forms have come."

P. "What has kept them thus far from entering earth and the earth bodies?"

Light: "You would call it the honoring of their being to transform the more perfect place of living energy. They know their transformation would change the balance here on this earth plane. You just heard one of them say that. They all know that."

P. "Are they more insistent now because there seems to be termination coming?"

Light: "Yes, very major changes and they know that. And they feel if we're are not going to - we meaning our part of you as the author - if we aren't going to handle our challenge properly they will be able to step in and do what they feel is best for earth. There are many of those, not just the one you call the Visitors."

P. "So, ever, the focus becomes waking up the inhabitants of earth as to their power."

Light: "So they may see the Light. You ask about false dawn. There is no false dawn. The dawn that you see earlier than your normal is an activation of gases brought about by the speedy little neutrons and quarks and unknown energies that move through the gases. They usually are a fore runner of dramatic changes of energy here on earth. Let that be known to you and maybe you may help others understand that."

P. "Dare I help it foretells a positive shift in change and happenings."

Light: "Ah, therein lies your choice. If you can communicate the changes emotionally, you know the outcome. People must respond to their responsibility. The earth does not give of itself without payment in kind. And so far, there has been a dearth of that response. A lack of, the need of positive energy. YOU must communicate that. That is your job. And I, as CO-author, am here to help."

P. "Master of Light, was it you speaking through me Friday night, or was it my ego pretending to be you?

Light: "Would your ego dare to pretend to be me? Just because we are co-authors doesn't mean you are me you know."

P. "I know, I didn't think it was you, I hoped it was you speaking though I heard some energy of B.P.'s guides in you too."

Light: "Yes, they were there. But they were more influencing the body than your speech.

P. "Yes, they like to use the body to communicate."

Light: "They said if she failed to respond as she was asked to do they would come to you."

P. "Yes, and my heart is heavy thinking.....Ah, Master of Light..."

Light: "She is ambivalent at this time."

P. "Is there anything I have failed to do or to say that can push her out of her ambivalence?"

Light:" No, she must make that choice."

P. "I shall send Light every day."

Light: That would be your choice."

P. "Every day, my father meets with me. Would you send your Light to him at that time?"

Light "I have been doing that."

P. "We have gotten internet site up and we are focusing on the television show."

Light "Speaking of that, communication through your internet is going to be more and more available very soon through television - then the masses will be far more available to you."

P. "A suggestion for the television name?"

Light "In Lightenment. "In" would mean moving into the Light wouldn't it. It would be a play or a ploy on words."

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