Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 2/6/94

[Note: The following is Hugh channeling a spirit attachment released from him a year ago.] (You may speak now, Ralph. Speak through Hugh just as you did before.) My name is Houston, Ralph Houston. Died 1928 in July. Hugh born in July 1930. Liked being in the body. My own stupidity killed me. I was angry at a girlfriend and driving too recklessly, wrecked my body completely. Left my body soon after though it took awhile to die. So angry that I had allowed myself to get to that state of hostility and negative action. When people do things that constantly harm them it's like committing suicide. I'm bringing information so you can see what he needs to do. I can get his attention with pain so they bring me here. (They?) From the light. (What does he need to do?) 1) Release old programs of anger he promised to do with you but hasn't done yet. His anger about mother and other females. 2) Letting go of fears of going out and doing what he needs to do. 3) Allowing his energy to build up in the body. He keeps it repressed. Light wants him to move faster and faster. He blocks his energies to keep himself from doing that. He needs more exercise. Something to relax him emotionally as well. He should get rid of the frivolous side ventures he tends to enjoy and lose him self in. Also eat less food at night. It is bad for the body. Takes energy to metabolize all that food through the night which leaves him with less energy when he awakes and to use through the day. Remind him his body responses are not the same as 20-30 years ago. He needs to respect his body. The light brought me here. He could do miraculous things and demonstrations with light. There are some on the earth now working with that force. He might seek out one among these named Sai Baba. He doesn't want to do that. (What is the resistance of Hugh in your opinion?) I know that and you know that and he knows that. It is a four letter word: fear. He doesn't want to appear ridiculous, denied, rejected or made wrong or his belief system ridiculed. There are many who do not believe. He is fearful of rejection. Doesn't want to do that anymore. I don't blame him. But Light does. It wants him to forge ahead. Use a whole new method, a whole new approach to convincing people. Light will prevail so he might as well do what he has to do. The less resistance the faster and more effective it will be. The inside struggle can be the fiercest of all battles for there is no winner.

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