Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 2/2/94

Hugh feeling very ill. Suggestions given to Hugh to leave his body and examine it and give state of health.

(Can you see yourself in chair?) (Yes finger moves.) (How does the body look?) (What is the general state of health of the body?)

Body traumatized by the third attack of the virus and is recovering from the previous one which has left it in a vulnerable state and the virus grew rapidly into the symptoms that are experienced at this time. Yes, there is a reason for it. The mental focus is that anything you want you can do through the physical realm and the lesson was it sometimes is challenged and will not respond to the demonstration or command of the physical mind but must be observed by and dealt with on a physical-spiritual level. This person thinks they are invulerable and the demonstration is we are all vulnerable and must be prepared to deal with it on all levels of being and not expect in one level to do all the work. THis happened once before. He was very physical and very focused on the mind and not the Spirit. He was taught in a rather traumatic and dramatic way that he can lose the breath of life and nobody would find the cause. TOday we are demonstrating we need to use ALL levels of mind and matter to create the balance and state of health and energy. He needs to accept the vulberability of every state of human existance, for that is part of the learning process. There are no gods acting as gods in body, if there were it would be a duplication and replication totally unseemly and totally unnecessary. When one goes into the body, one must let go of the other consciousness to learn from that body experience. Any other questions?

(What would be his most positive action at this time for healing the body?)

Recognizing that he has to ask the Spirit as well as the physical body to heal and make perfect and he will feel the affects of his plea responded to. Let me suggest that your body mind and spirit operate in the same manner. You may also benefit from taking this course of action.

(In regards to?) Keeping your body healthy. Spiritual level needs to be addressed. Recognition in meditation, prayer, and deep, deep respect would be responded to a very positive way.

(Thank you for your guidance.) May it be helpful to you both. Now, if you haven't recognized yet, this is the perfect time to do some healing. You are talking to Spirit.

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