Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: JAN 98 #2

PC: Higher Self, what is cause of discomfort in the back area?

HS: Tension that builds up in the muscles, constricting the blood flow, creating irritation in the nerve tissue. Meditation inadequate for the needs he has now; more stretching and gentle exercise. Sometimes he overreacts to the limitations of the muscles, when stretching, and tries to force them further. Tai Chi would be good for you both, but it does take time. You both feel pressure of time.

PC: Any other health concern?

HS: Pressing the viral infections, they want to become active through his emotional stimulation, difficult to cope with. His immune system must be given more attention. Thought requires, also body reactions, so physical instructions for the body and supplementing of nutrition would be helpful.

PC: Any nutrients not taking now?

HS: He's taking the appropriate ones.

PC: Any message that could lift his spirits now, thus strengthening the immune system?

HS: There are many pressures. His own feelings of lack of inadequacy perhaps promote feeling he is not doing enough, not doing his part. It's a rather gray area. There's masses of unresolved questions and answers to be proven. A greater part of him accepts these as being adequate and appropriate and accepts the success, and another part questions, trying to tear away the positive belief system. He needs to stimulate his energy levels. When he feels his energy flagging, he begins to worry about his energy level for the trying time ahead. When he worries, then he depletes his energy level. You would call this a cyclic debilitation.

PC: Master of Spirit, information about a client. Condition of her lungs?

MS: They are not healthy, as you are already aware, I perceive. An overlie of the lungs are losing elasticity therefore causing a condition that suffocates her and does not allow the transfer of the gases from the air to the blood and from the blood back into the air. Were she to do some work on her emotions and physical focus, she could heal these as has been done before. Rarely, because people are programmed it is irreversible. Meaning they cannot get well. We, you, I, many know this is a false approach, but one believed to be true by the medical sciences. But first her emotions must be balanced for the body to be balanced. She is focused in a very negative one at this time. She has to focus on balancing the body energies. Cleansing the body, giving it nutrition, keeping it full of fluids. Hmm, not just fluids, water I should say. Small amounts of healthy food not contaminated with toxins.

PC: My skin, Master of Spirit, why is there so much irritation, especially on forehead, sides, and temples of face and discoloration in the cheeks.

MS: Discoloration came long ago, your skin is getting thinner and makes it more obvious now. Discoloration was a change in body chemistry during pregnancy, quite often called the mask. As the skin becomes thinner, it begins to show the color differation in the cells, the melatonin becoming much darker in color. You must realize if you want the skin to stay healthy, you must treat it in a manner that provides it with all of its nutrients. Prevent the dryness of the skin and the scale begins to thin on the outer layer, the epidermis will become thinner. Must be brushed away gently but daily. And, add an emulsifying cream and water to take moisture into the cells as well as to supply and to build more collagen from what you eat. You have healthy body but your toxins allow the microbes to begin to perform their work and create irritation in the cells and as the cells feel this irritation. They break out to remind you - more cleansing, external and internal would be beneficial for the skin tones and texture you perceive you desire.

PC: Are grains I eat negative to me?

MS: Have you tested them for allergy response to your body? Small amounts of all foods are perhaps good in your case. Some higher need for protein; higher protein and more simple carbohydrates, reducing the complex carbohydrates. Reducing, perhaps, some of the starchy foods would be beneficial. And you might check for addictions to those starches. Some of them, through the years of allergenic response, become addictive and then the cycle begins. You have emotional needs that you are attending to at the moment that would be helpful for you. Eating less in smaller quantities, more than two meals a day would, perhaps, spread the energy level for you throughout your waking cycle. Further enzyme action in your body would, perhaps, be of benefit. You might test for the enzymatic level.

PC: What would be a good source of protein?

MS: Specific vegetable protein areas. Soy is a good one. Eggplant is a good one.

        Dairy products are good, but not for you in specific. Small quantities of milk, perhaps, would be beneficial for you to test first for the allergenic response.

PC: Certain hour in the evening after it would be best for my body not to eat?

MS: Depends on your hour of retirement in relation to the intake of food. Four hours would be helpful to allow your body to put the position of nutrients in your body so that you may rest in a better state.

PC: In a meditative time, a few nights before I had an experience of my body growing heavy and a kind of consciousness taking over my body that went into the room and attacked Hugh saying "You don't know me, you don't know me." What do you know of this?

MS: I know you should ask your Higher Self the question, it's too complex and you will best benefit from talking to the other parts of you involved in this action.

PC: Earth changes, are the massive earth changes that people are predicting, such as Michael Scallion and Cayce, are they inevitable or can we and others working on the change avert this?

MS: Can modify the changes that are natural. Reducing the disastrous affects that sudden changes would cause. You have been told about that many times and you need to expedite your part in this. If you are to comply with the promise that you made. We have been observing.

PC: Shifting of poles?

MS: Process that takes place over a period of time. It is not a sudden change as you would position a ball in your hands and flip it the other way. This has never happened and never will happen.

PC: Melting of ice capes is happening?

MS: Correct. This can be affected.

PC: I ask for Master of Light now.

ML Been here all the time.

PC: Thank you for your Light in helping Hugh's body.

ML You are welcome. He is a good person in body as well as Spirit. He worries too much.

PC: And I am a little prickly with him that doesn't help.

ML You worry too much too. You come out of your worry state in a different form than he does. He goes within, you come out. So that's the balance. You're quite opposite in many ways. It's the balancing of energy.

PC: Your Light filled the room the other night and I didn't run away.

ML You recognized that you have the ability to invite, accept, embrace and to feel comfortable. For you are overcoming the old fears and apprehensions and the aggressiveness were more for your benefit than any one else's. You notice Hugh didn't jump up and run away. Your energy was saying, "Pamela! We are powerful! We are here to protect you and take care of you! Do you know who you are?" You see, you were thinking, you were asking Hugh to tell you who you are.

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