Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: January 1995

Higher Spirit/Master of Spirit, Hugh Channel, Pamela Guide

(Hugh in his meditations, when he went out early, saw an interesting cloud formation.) Yes. (Was there any meaning in this?) Yes. (Meaning was?) It was symbology, reminding him that God is the Creator of all things. The word God has meaning to you as synonymous with the creator and it was to remind him of the power he is not accessing now. He's forgetting to bear witness and ask for the powerful energies that are available to him. We thought to put a reminder where he looks every morning. He was pretty humorous when he said they got it backwards. He's right. We tried to copy your G, but we were looking the opposite way. Very funny, how even Spirits can become confused.

(I heard a knocking last night in my meditation. Do you know what this knocking was?) Spirit was communicating and many times they seek the attention through sound. Just as they will appear as light or sometimes taking shapes. Oft-times, they make sounds to advise you of their presence.

(Would seek guidance involving situation with ________ and __________) One moment please. The person ______is venting anger because she feels rejected by the one called J.and she is trying to hurt him as she felt hurt by him. He, in a time just past, made her feel very inadequate and upset. She would make everybody around her who she feels responsible for her problems suffer some sort of punishment. But her anger will only diminish her ability to succeed in her ventures for her time is ill spent in anger. Her time is ill spent in anger.

(I would also ask for ___________. She is having cramping in her back and lower legs. Is there advice or counsel you can help her with in this area?) One moment. She is fearful, producing anger and confusion. Her fear of moving is causing emotional constriction. She has experienced this at other times in this life and in other lifetimes, bringing cell memory into action and causing her discomfort, and pain talking, telling her to move out of the condition she is in. If she would want benefit to refocus and open herself to higher levels of commitment, she would move out of her feeling of being immobilized and stuck.

(Thank you for your guidance Spirit.) Your own guidance is working in your meditation. There are spirits who would seek to communicate with you openly and easily. They will come to you even out of your meditation if you are open and receptive to them. (I would like to be open to this. It is my fear that is the difficulty.) Hmmmm, surely ALL humans have that difficulty. There is no-one without fear. Fear is a part of the balance we have spoken of before. As you increase the love, you bring the fear into a semblance of balance. It no longer controls your life, but gives you control over your actions and life.

(Spirit is it my childhood that continues to create self loathing and inner fears in the sexual relationship with Hugh and myself? Or is there some other area I must look in as well?) Fear is the biggest block. So more and more as you teach of spiritual energy, you will teach the balance of love and fear. When love is reduced to the balance of fear, there will be nothing to fear and balance will be maintained in a form of equilibrium, for Man who lives on earth.

(Master of Lights! I see you. Welcome.) It was pleasing to see him so impressed with the marking in the sky. He was joyous. Hmmm, made a little joke. (You mean the backwards G.) Let's not call it backwards. (Oh, that's true. You're the right side, we're looking from behind. Perhaps there is symbolism in that as well? That he saw it as a C, missing that little last bit, which he seems to be doing also with his life right now, that last little key that changes everything.) You will tell him that. (Okay) You are good for him. (I've fallen quite short this week haven't I?) You are good for him and he will help you with your quest, for he, too, has power that you have not witnessed yet. Your mother cannot help you with your weight. I am to tell you, but you can eliminate your old negative programs, as you're doing very well without her. She wants to participate for she likes the energy. You don't need the other energy.

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