Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 1/13/95

Master of Spirit, Hugh Channel, Pamela Guide

(We are aware of entity attachments now here on this plane. My question is, when speaking with an entity attachment why or how is it they speak in the present day language and often dialect of the one to whom they are attached? For instance, if a French entity is speaking through an English person, the entity speaks almost always in English. How does this process occur?) Information comes not as words. But when information comes in thought form, they are translated into the words of those who are listening. And if the entity that is transmitting or receiving has old programs that knows of the language of origin, it may also use that language before the translation is requested. One would not expect to bring an entity from a foreign country, unless they were knowledgeable of all the languages used, then it would be appropriate. Normally the thought forms must come through as being translated into the language of the listener, or the speaker. (What part of mind is doing the translating?) The subconscious mind moves the voice integrated in the body, therefore becomes with the higher levels of Spirit that bring the information to the body. More than one part are involved in the actual voicing of thoughts. (When an energy such as yourself speaks, do you use the vocabulary of the one you are speaking through or is all vocabulary available?) As I have proclaimed, the information comes in thought form and then it is moved into another form for transmission from voice. Is that understood or not? (Yes. What occurs in a situation when someone is speaking from a past life experience and they are asked to speak in the language of that time and they are unable to do so.) The thought form comes and cell memory may be able to use old thought forms through that cell memory and make the sounds of the origin of that spirit and that time. If it is not present, it would be impossible for that thought form to come through in the language of that time of origin. Is that clear? (Yes. Do people also consciously block at times?)

People, as you say, have that option. When they are embodied, they have the power to make choices and changes, therefore they will not always comply with the most direct available source, but manipulate the sources and receive that which is most compatible for them. Thought form becomes confused some times and one interfaces with another and therefore the message becomes unclear, inaccurate, confusing to those listening. (Hugh was on a program called The Other Side, having to do with past lives. That segment was not aired. Is it known from Higher Levels why this occurred?) The knowledge that they want controversial subject matter that is in direct conflict and creates greater excitement would be of greater value for listeners. It seems there was too much clarity and explanation to make it very controversial. (Would this be an inappropriate means of us teaching about Spirit, on this program?) It would be appropriate if they deem it controversial enough. It would be a good, great, and wonderful information, but they may not see it as controversial. They are seeking the excitement of the controversial in order to stimulate listeners for their program. (Would it be detrimental to our work to present on such a program?) There appears no reason, unless they distorted what you've programmed for them to make you look ridiculous in the eyes of the viewer. But that has not been their format so far.

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