Messages From Spirit

Date: 1/12/02

Higher Spirit Through Hugh Harmon, Pamela Chilton Guiding

(Words in Italics and Parenthesis Within Answers Are Additional Questions.)

Question (1). Please define the term Ďmindí.

Higher Spirit: There is some confusion in the question, therefore, the answer would seem to be not fitting correctly. (Hmmm, I think the question then, is there an energy we call the mind that exists independently of the brain?) Oh, yes. (And this mind is separate from the brain?) Yes. (And where is this mind located in the physical body?) The mind is in or out. Working within or without the bodyís function. It can work with, in tandem with, or cooperation with the brain, putting materials - such as knowledge - into the brain, where the brain reacts as a physical form, sending further physical forms to the bodyís functions. (When the brain dies, is the knowledge thatís been stored in the brain taken back by the mind?) Yes, all memories, all stored memories that might also be in the brain are indeed in the mind. (Is there a difference between the mind and the soul?) Yes

Question (2):. How would you define the term soul?

Higher Spirit: The mind seems, in your relationship with body and multiple lives, to be the connection that is constant with one body to another, an identifiable part that is not physical, but remains as identifiable from one life to the other. (How would we differentiate it from the spirit?) Where thereís a spiritual part of that. Soul is not just a lump of clay. It has many facets to it, such as you might find the physical body having many facets to it also.

Question (3): Where is the soul when it is associated with the physical body?

Higher Spirit: As with mind, it is in or out or around, but it identifies with the body as the body identifies with the soul, recognizing each part and function thereof.

Question (4): Do animals have souls?

Higher Spirit: Hmmmm, amusing. Yes, of course they have souls. They identify with themselves and the spiritual beings are as identifiable as you are.

Question (4): Our own physical bodies, have they a soul that is separate from our souls?

Higher Spirit: While being occupied by the soul of the spirit in the body, that is the superior. If there was a soul that identified with the body, it is no longer identifiable. (Are there people who are alive that do not have the superior spiritual energy?) Yes. (Are there more humans with the superior spiritual energy or more humans with the soul animal energy?) There are many levels or degrees. There are animals with the soul spirit intelligence like a chimpanzee. They have not developed into the skill levels of a humanoid functioning with a similar body and similar programs that Nature built into them. So when these higher intelligences came into the body long ago, they began to associate with their higher intelligence and abilities using the bodies of the animals as a chimpanzee to do their will, their work, and their function. (What caused this division in the monkey family between those that became humans and those that remained monkeys?) A matter of choice. I think you understand that all animals have choice and will, so some of them were more receptive to the spirits that entered into the body and were more functional to the spiritual energies that wanted to enter into the body. The lower primates just werenít interested and likely the godlike spirits that went in werenít as interested either.

Question (5): Does the soul have physical properties such as weight, size, shape, or color?

Higher Spirit: In our identification of such, they would, but in your identification of such they would not.

Question (6): How is the soul related to the mind?

Higher Spirit: : The mind is a functional part of this same complex, so the soul puts energy into the mind and the mind responds or rejects or acts upon that which its given to act upon as a servant of the soul and spirit self. The mind is complex in that it can very, very easily associate with the physical function of life and death of the physical body as well as the physical things connected to earth. Mother Nature has its own identification and each of these animals can identify with themselves and with each other and with other animals. That is part of the function of the mind. The soul remains more individual, if you would, than the body does. The body is more associated with the mind, therefore the mind is more physical association than the soul. Does that make an answer for you?

Question (7): Sleep is not well understood by physiologists. What is purpose of sleep?

Higher Spirit: Sleep is very well understood in the animal kingdom, because it needs - it is needed by the animal body [including human animal body] to rest and to change the functions. There are many things that go on during the sleep cycle and process that does not go on in the waking process.


Question (8): Dreaming and dreams are not well understood by physiologists. What is the purpose of dreaming and dreams?

Higher Spirit: : They are multi-faceted purpose. They might be prophetic, they might be trying to tell the animal or the spirit within the animal. There are dreams that are playful dreams that the animal body participates in. There are dreams that are symbolic to the animal or to the combined energies that we call the humanoid. And there are dreams that are warning types of dreams, physically warning against a project, plan or movement of that animal in its waking state. There are dreams that would seem to be from a different realm and that is when the soul/spirit leaves the body in its resting period and ventures into what you call out of body experience. That would be interpreted sometimes as a dream.

Question (9): Do you know the term Akashic Records?

Higher Spirit: Yes. They are the Universal Records.

Question (10): What would be the term you use for these Records and what would be a good working definition for the Records.

Higher Spirit: A definition of a Universal Record would be that on your plane you would be able to see that which is pertinent your lives in past and present. But since you have a time program, as well as a measurement of space, the information that is occurring all at the same time - but to you would be future - is not available.

Question(11): Do the Records include detailed descriptions, i.e., a detailed blueprint, so to speak, of the universe and all that is in it?

Higher Spirit: Well, THE CREATOR as you term that which started this all with the thought of Creation, actually started the universe as a function of creating material things, physical things. There are many reactions to things that are going on now, new discoveries are being made by those who explore. As you learn more, you better understand what the origin - if you call it that - is of this and many other universes. Itís far too complex for you to understand and if you did you would probably use it for destructive purposes.

Question: (12): Do the Records contain only records of thoughts, events, and actions?

Higher Spirit: The Records are The Records and they contain all that is, but youíre not privy to all that is.

Question (13): Did the concept of the neutron exist in the Universal Record with Rutherford and others essentially tapping into the Record? Or is it possible that Rutherford "constructed", in his mind, the concept of the neutron (as lacking electrical charge and with a mass being equal to that of the proton) and his thoughts were the basis of the information imprinted into the Universal Record, which Chadwick and the others then tapped into to find?

Higher Spirit: There are those of higher knowledge and focus among you - as you know and have written about - and those who are among you with higher consciousness or awareness, if you would use that term, that are shown bits and pieces as you are able to understand them. If you were to understand the whole thing as it exists from time long ago you would have probably found a way to destroy it. Therefore, youíre only given enough information to make progress without destruction of the whole. (So when several scientists discover things at the same time, does it mean the timeÖ) Yes, itís time and available, so those who look for will find. (What makes it available, do Higher Selves? Higher Spirit?) Yes. Certainly, we cannot trust the humanoids.


Question 14: Can you describe how Edgar Cayce gained his information?

Higher Spirit: In fact, all the Records are available to a limited degree and this man, Cayce, was able to access those. He also accessed information through souls or spirits that had lived in body before and used the information to translate it into terms of that present time mind concept could understand.

Question 15: He spoke of the future. Where did this information come from?

Higher Spirit: From those who had lived in body before and understand the construct of greater degree of earth and Mother Natureís confusion and disruption, and this concepts were given, but not with time line. As he gave time lines they were erroneous and since there is not time on our level I presume people had to attach a time line to it, but as you see they were not always correct. (Did he confuse some of that with events of the past?) Yes, that is what I just said. Those things are happening without time and therefore when you put time lines on it, itís very confusing.

Question 16: Are there other universes than the one we call our universe?

Higher Spirit: Yes. (Is there a certain number of universes, or are they infinite?) As you use the term infinite it is infinite.

Question (17): If we keep reducing particulate matter could we say there is an end product other than particulate matter?

Higher Spirit: : Yes, that which we have spoken of before, I believe. Called many things. You would probably call it a thought or a creative energy that works to form something out of the creative thought. Form then can start in many ways, from the finest to the largest. And it breaks down or builds up. The balance is always omnipresent. If you would tell those who are curious of this, you are able to find certain things that have always been there, but it doesnít mean because of your limited abilities theyíve just begun to occur because youíve just started to discover them. The balance is the basis of all things. Without balance all matter would be destructive.

Question (18): How would you define The Creator?

Higher Spirit: Thought would probably answer that question for your level of knowledge. (When we speak of a Creator Being?) You are speaking of an energy of thought, not a physical form. (And the energy of thought, are we correct in the statement spirit flows from that thought, that source, that energy?) Spirit yes. Some levels of spirit are in constant contact, but you [human level] would not be able to contact at any level [soul, Higher Self] whatsoever. (So messages from The Source, The Creator come to us through the levels of spirit?) You may be totally correct. Can you conceive of walking up to this thing, shaking hands and saying, Thank You God? (No.) Well, itís a spiritual thing and spiritual things take many different forms for those who are spiritual beings. Whether embodied or not. There are spirits that never had a body. There are spirits that come and go from the body form and after you are through with all the lessons of the body you will again move into the lessons from a non-physical plane.

Question (19): How would you define Light?

Higher Spirit: Light would be the energy that makes things happen from the mind, the thought form, The Source - whatever you choose to call it - of the creative thought. Light then is that energy which can turn things into matter and create things of matter and things beyond the thought. Light IS like the action of the thought. (And yet has consciousness, awareness, understanding, intelligence.) Far greater than you could understand. (Is its consciousness or intelligence of Higher Spirit of The Source, of both? How is Light separate from or part of The Creator?) It is the action of The Creator.

Question 20: The study called Quintenssence, or the opposite of gravity, will more be discovered there now?

Higher Spirit: : Itís not really the opposite of gravity, it is merely another function, which - since we have forces moving in many directions - those are opposing forces that keep the balance in the universes. (Is there going to be more discovery of these forces, is that available now to human knowledge?) As we deem you safe [laughs] with the knowledge, yes, it would be.

(There are some questions from another seeker. Her name is ________. She asks: Is spirit ever unconscious, does it ever die?) Well, there may be spiritual things that die, but not in my level. (She also has a question about The Holy Grail. Do you know what she means by this?) [Laughter] It is an object that you sometimes confuse with spiritual things. (Was there a particular object that was the Holy Grail in the crusadersí minds?) Well, you put it very nicely. In the minds of the crusaders. You would call them evil. (The crusaders?) Yes. As many groups try to destroy other groups to gain knowledge. It [evil]is that which was in the language long ago that meant bitterness, un-ripened things, lack of knowledge creates destruction. Thatís why you [humanoids] donít have any more knowledge of the universe. We donít want you to be destructive of it. (When they talked about the Holy Grail in those days, was there an actual physical object they were searching for?) In their minds, as you mentioned before. (And that object was?) A symbol, giving them superiority over other creatures of the earth, as they proclaimed their God to be. (What did they think it was?) . Probably many different things in many different minds.


(She also has a question regarding her father. Is her fatherís spirit a walk in at some point in his life, if his spirit left and another came in after the death of her mother?) Just a moment. Weíll have to send someone to The Records. You have another question? (Yes, has the spirit of her mother reincarnated in the body of her nephew?) Weíll send that along as well. Any other questions? (No, those are the two.) [Note: No time lapse here.] The answer to the first question is he developed a totally different personality, which you would call a walk in. It was another spirit that combined with his personality at that time. It would be, as you challenge people, "I am the only one in my body at this time", if someone had asked him, he would have had to say in honesty, "No, there are two of us here." The mother is not reincarnated, as of this time. She is contemplating that. (Thank you.) You are most welcome. (Obviously, the receiver in accessing information has some bearing or influence on the information being received. How can each of us access the Records or You as clearly as the access gained through Hugh?) By getting past the expectations of your experiences from this and many other life times. If you can suppress that or put it in another realm or void, then it canít interfere. But obviously, if it is there it is going to have its input thatís omnipresent to its being. (Higher Spirit, we thank you and ask that Light be with you and we ask to speak to Light too.) Amusing. Light is omnipresent, so your wish is granted. I, too, am omnipresent.

(Ah, hello Author Light, omnipresent one.)

LIGHT: Are we ready to write? (Yes, the book is nearing completion, isnít it?) With the knowledge that you are switching around to make it more, mmm, you say understandable, letís move ahead and use that same technique in future information. I think Iím learning how to do this. [Laughter]. I think for the common person reading the book whom we are very, very interested in reaching with the information therein, the simpler it is, the easier it is and the more comprehensible it becomes and the more useable for them. Letís keep it simple. Iíll try. On to the computer.

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