Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: January 10, 1998

[In the interest of privacy, we have deleted names and birthdates of those people we ask spirit about. Speaking to Master of Spirit]

We have spoken to you. In your mind you must have received the message. (I think I receive a lot of messages.) I think you do. (I do have questions today.) Very Well. (I ask first about a young man. He has a skin condition causing him grief for many years. Is the cause of this seen and known?) There are indications that the origin of the problem is an emotional dysfunction and is manifesting as a physical with multi-purpose input. Indicating the incomplete past life is seeking to find completion in this life. 1892 is the time when the incident, or focus, of his attention need be addressed. Addressing the origin would help facilitate the completion of the condition is this life. (Antibiotics helping or hurting the condition?) Actually, antibiotics will not affect his condition. Topical treatment would be effective using simple herbs like Aloe Vera. A probiotic approach would help him, but they would not heal completely until he eliminates the origin and he needs to keep his focus. As you know, that is part of the dis-ease of ones body, which is to keep their attention.

(Question about another person. Her throat condition still is not alleviated despite much emotional work. Is it seen and known what is blocking healing at this time?) She has already been informed of the necessity to complete that healing process. She must provide the services she has available to her and quit focusing on the physical dysfunction. Focus her mind on the positive power she has to produce. She will heal. (When you speak of the services, do you mean the channeling she is to do?) Yes and the teaching of others without fear.

(Question about another's dream: Dream, her truck rolling into a stream and two people with her. Is this a dream of premonition and if so, in regards to her truck, self, or others?) It's a premonition of a kind. That would not indicate this is going to happen, although it could. This is an indication that as long as she hangs onto the old, she will always circle around to find herself at the beginning at the end as a continual circle or cycle she pursues. (She asked about her business, El Nino Survival Kit.) It's a positive focus if she embraces it has a positive approach. Should she go in this direction, she has a dynamic energy that can produce wonderful things. If she approaches it with fear and trepidation, doubting herself again, she will probably, what is the word she likes to use, struggle. She had strong belief in the power of the mind, albeit not applied for many years in her life. She needs to heal her past to allow the greatest energies for the present and future. Disallowing that healing process she should again focus her attention on the healthful approaches to healing her body. Not discordance, but continued input of healthy approaches of which she has been supplied and certainly there are many more available to her. Should she quest for them they will be supplied to her.

(Information for _______ and continued condition of the nerve in the lower back giving so much discomfort.) This is an ongoing part of his life. He has never completely discovered the origin of the emotions that started his back dysfunction early in his life, when he was a young boy, and onto the present. He has never realized, discovered or dealt with the emotions that are causing him the physical dysfunction and sometimes approaching on disaster. (So that's what we need to do?) You only need to do that if he chooses to do it. (Pain is a great motivator for him, Master of Spirit.) Yes, it is meant to be.

(What advice would you offer us in promoting the book?) We know the book is ready to be distributed to the people. Your thoughts and plans, although you feel somewhat scattered, are actually coming together and will be put into function very soon. You will be surprised how fast things move once you send this information to the company that will print your books. It's hard to speak with a dry mouth through this body. (Subconscious, stimulate the saliva in the mouth for perfect speech and comfort.) Thank you, it's done.

(I ask to speak to master of Light. Such a wonderful powerful team. I am so glad we have access to you. Hello Master of Light, as you beam your light around. Hello.)

LIGHT: I hope he didn't mind the wake up call this morning. Just a little attention getter. He just sat there thinking, "What the hell was that all about?"

[NOTE: Fire alarm in our hall, which was NOT hooked up, went off in the early morning.]

PAMELA: And what was it all about? What were you telling him?

LIGHT: Get Busy! Wake up! We have work to do!

PAMELA: (Laughing). I see. Master of Light, I didn't ask you! How could I not?!! After we set your Plan of Light in the book, I didn't go over it with you to make certain it was all right. It's not sent to the printers yet. Did your plan come directly through? Did I not fudge on it?

LIGHT: You fudged on it, but it was good fudging.

PAMELA: So it is acceptable as presented now?

LIGHT: Unless you meddle with it again.

PAMELA: I won't if you say not to.

LIGHT: Joy, Joy, Joy.

PAMELA: Thank you for your help with my children.

LIGHT: When you think of them, you're sending Light to them. Do not sit and negatively send Light. Sit and positively send Light. You will note around the room there is a yellowish greenish color as you would call it. That is a very healing color for both of your children at this moment in time.

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