Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 1-3-95

Pamela. Channel. Hugh Guide. Messenger about Planet Healing

(Pamela, getting out of the way and inviting this other intelligence to speak through your voice, using your voice now, using your voice as a method of communicating a message now...that's good, you can do it easily and comfortably, just relax. Let yourself move aside enough to let this other intelligent energy speak through your voice. That's right. It's modifying to be able to move through your body's energy and to speak through the voice now...adjusting and modifying. It has a message or something that it wants to impart to you.) A very important message. (A very important message.) Hello, messenger...I have been chosen, in part, to be the messenger. There are many that would be the messenger, but I have been chosen in part, because I am from that realm that you, yourself, were sent down from in the first place in this planet. The hope is that my energies will be perceived by you, that you will recognize, or that it will add import to the words I have been commissioned to speak. I am seeking through the vocabulary of this one I speak through, choosing, learning rapidly, how to communicate to you and your consciousness and in your level. The message is the EXTREME urgency that you fail to realize, the dire conditions that this planet and all life forms upon it, are approaching at a rapid pace. The council wishes you to know there are many who have chosen to be part of the work of bringing in the light, raising the consciousness of the planet, and preventing that which can still yet be prevented. But the message sent here is that there are, on this planet, two souls without which this will not be accomplished. These two souls are here in this very room. The message is, particularly, for particular reasons, from this messenger level rather than the Spirit who guides you and works with you, for that one is normally utilized by the two of you through yourself as a channel, and the feeling is, perhaps, that is what blocks you in grasping entirely that which you are to know and receive. (Um, hmm) Do not write. (Alright.)

Listen. Listen with all the levels of your being that you are able to open at this time. You come from a planet in the beginning--"planet" is the closest word I can use here in your understanding--you and she have called your prime being, planet of great mental powers. Planet, a place, a consciousness that, in the simplest terms, keeps a thumb on, a tab on, a finger on--are your expressions--of the future...another word of yours "as it is unfolding"...we see far into the unfolding time-lines of all the universe, and it is our job--intricate, complex--to run interference? No, it is our job to, yes, see to the interweaving of time-lines, that there is not one particular place, energy, planet, being, that runs so far from the common good as to create insurmountable obstacles to the progression of the entire universe. And in this concern, there were those, such as yourself, sent here to seek, to bring this planet's energies upon it and around it into the time-line that would fulfill the karmic needs of this place, and yet not disrupt the pattern too significantly. You had a concern for this place. You were one of those that volunteered to be here. This is well, for you would have been anointed, appointed, regardless of your choice. And they say you are to know this was a choice at your highest soul level, and your commitment was to not leave this plane until it had been accomplished. You hoped, you believed, it would be accomplished in a far shorter span than it has been, and yet, perhaps, this was known. Your strength is knowing and focusing on what you call the positive. Your weakness is failure, and your focus to see what is unfolding now. The message I am to bring is not pleasant. I shall present to you a picture, a time-line that rapidly approaches now. Before I present it, you are to hear...this remains yet preventable. This is the urgency. This is why your Spirit keeps urging. This is what you have energies at your disposal for.

Picture now. It is far worse than that of Atlantis' fate. The seas shall be angry and churning. There shall be much land mass wiped away. The souls on this planet shall cry in terror and pleas shall ring out to all corners of the universe, and all, in many planes of consciousness, shall hear, shall weep and shall take pity, but naught can be done, for no plane of consciousness interferes with the destinies that each plane creates for itself. Massive earthquakes, volcanoes, winds, terrible winds, sands that shift, creatures, microbes, diseases, pestilence, famine ...worldwide. Heat and cold, all elements of nature that are most hostile and inhospitable to man shall be unleashed. Souls, souls shall suffer. And there is no escape, for even those that may leave this plane and not suffer this in body, shall hear and be aware. And even in Spirit we must know that while we are not the emotional feelings that you have on this plane, there is a vibratory resonance that disturbs or is peaceful, and the disturbance on this planet shall affect the entire pattern, and this is not acceptable. You fail to grasp the urgency, but you are being told by those who sent you, that this is not acceptable. We are not on your plane. We do not know how to tell you to send this message forward. This is why you have been living in body these years, these generations. You must by now have that knowledge. Do not ask us how to teach what you are to teach. It has been your job to find this. But it is our perceptions that you have this knowledge. Speak in their language, but speak! Bear witness to the knowledge you have and know. Present it in the way you know it is best received. But this planet must raise its consciousness and do so with haste and with speed on as massive and worldwide a level as it is at all possible to achieve. You do not know...we have tried this manner to bring the words but I shall report back as the messenger that I do not feel that the words have had the import we had hoped, and how I don't know, but perhaps I am just the messenger, and it is for them to know what shall reach the level that must be reached for you to receive and know. The fear...a personal message to the channel through which I speak, yes...in your meditation, you felt my presence and it felt alien to you, and you felt fear, and this is astounding to me the messenger, for there is around you the golden light of the highest level. How one centered within that light could feel fear, communicates to me the almost incomprehensible level of consciousness of this realm, and that, too, I shall report. Please know that there is being sent here to you all manner possible of energy, of aid, of help, for this project is so vital and so important. You have, beyond your wildest imagination, channels and avenues of expression open to you.

Present yourself in front of the people and speak and ask that the appropriate channel be opened. And with your knowledge, enjoined with our aid, it is the best that you can do and the best that we can do, and it remains to that which directs all that is seen and unseen to choose or decide if it is enough, that we can do no less, you can do no less, you must do no less. (Are you still with us?) No, I don't think they are. (Hmmm?) No, I don't think so. I think this is me. (Just you?) Yes, it felt like it left. (What was your feeling about what that message meant?...the power of the energy, or whatever in that message...what was your feeling about that?) Power of the energy? Hmmm. ((Did you feel other than here?) Yeah, I could see...(You could see?) ...what it was talking about, the world, the stuff happening, I could see it. I could feel the...it's funny, there was a lot more feeling than it was in the voice, it was kind of like, hear the words, I don't know how, like the frustration was how to put import into the words. (Uh, huh...anything you add to that message then?) From my own levels? (Uh, huh, from your level) Yeah, that you are correct when we need to present what people want to hear in the most positive way we can possibly think of doing it, but that what we need to know, what pushes us, what...oh, boy, I really don't want to...(Don't want to what?) I really don't want me and the ones I love to live through stuff that is right there. (What is the time frame of this...) Immediate, our life time. (Yes. I get the feeling it was a significance around five years or so. Whether you have that similar feeling or not...) I don't know. Just now, when you asked, I thought "We have a short time to change things around, and that's it"... (Remarkable and positive changes can be made once everybody works together. We've already seen that demonstrated, and why it's so hard for people to see that...) People have a hard time in believing. (Uh, huh, even when they see it) and maybe that's the message that we need to teach. They have a hard time believing that words are so powerful, that thoughts are that powerful, that, that just thinking or speaking or getting together and imaging can create such massive changes. And I really think, that's the part we're afraid to trust in, but I really think that as we get out and as we are teaching, that at some point we're going to be able to demonstrate, like really concretely, the power of a word, the power of a thought, in a way that people can see and experience and not deny...that we really need to make people feel good about themselves, and to tell people your intent, yeah, your intent has been good...you are good people seeking to do good things.

There has been a key missing (There's been a what?) A key...and I have the key. I know how the mind works. This is how it works. This is how prayer works. Your prayers haven't been answered because you're praying wrong. Or whatever, you know, that we were really on the right track with that. (uh, huh..but most people, all different religions can relate to prayer or the asking for divine intervention, guidance, and so forth. Perhaps that's a good word to approach things with. Alright...) And asking them to, you know, try it in this way, and see what happens. The proof is always in the demonstration. (True.) But to know if it's not unfolding then one needs to see if there's an emotional block one is setting up to it. You know? Gosh, we have so much to teach, here. (It seems that people come on a one to one when they're not embarrassed by acceptance, but in general the public is embarrassed by change or acceptance or being out of the "norm", whatever that is for people. They don't want to say "Well, I got it. I accept it." (Everybody's in a trap, you know?; everybody's gonna castigate them for being the first to speak up, like the first to throw the stone, sort of thing. They don't want to be the first to throw the stone. That would put them in jeopardy. That's the way people are, they're not willing, they're fearful I guess, being looked upon as odd, queer, dingbats, crazy, whatever. But that's what we've been taught so long. Hard to break that pattern. So you're right, we have to put it some way so that it is acceptable and not threatening to them.)

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