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Seven Simple Steps to 
Connecting Mind, Body, & Spirit


  1. Pursue Good Health
  2. A HEALTHY body supports the mindís well being and the spiritís healthy state of being.

    For Seven Simple Steps for Health & Well Being Go To:


    DISABILITIES as well as less than "perfect" or less than "normal" health do not negate the importance of health. Be as healthy as it is possible for you to be. If you are too ill for regular exercise, isolate various muscle groups and exercise them with repetitive tightening and releasing. Alternate with tightening, holding, and releasing. Accompany this with deep breathing and alternate with rapid breathing. If you cannot actually move the muscles, imagine vividly you are doing so. Bio-feedback machines demonstrate the strengthening of muscles through visualization alone.

  4. A STUDY by psychologist Dr. R. Vandell demonstrated the connection between the mind and body and the effectiveness of mental practice. In the study subjects sat in front of a dart board and imagined throwing darts at the board. The results showed dart throwing skills were improved to the same level as if the subjects spent the time physically throwing the darts.

    A SIMILAR study involved three groups of randomly selected students who were scored on their basket-throwing ability. Over the 20 days, Group A engaged in no practice whatsoever. Group B practiced free-throws for 20 minutes every day. Group C spent 20 minutes each day only imagining they were throwing the ball in the basket. After 20 days, Group A showed no improvement in their ability to sink a basket. Group B improved their scoring ratio by 24 percent. Group C improved their scoring ratio by 23 percent.

    IN A MORE DRAMATIC example, Major James Nesmeth cut 20 strokes off his average golf score while a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. How? During seven years of imprisonment he visualized himself on his favorite golf course every day. He imagined himself experiencing everything down to the smallest detail and he instructed himself as he practiced his swing. Each time he would watch the ball arc down the freeway as it rolled to the exact spots he selected. His mental practice kept his sanity and trained his body to perform on a golf course exactly as he wished it to.

    A STUDY of 130 patients undergoing colorectal surgery showed those who listened to guided imagery (visualization) tapes fared much better - both before and after surgery - than a control group receiving standard surgical care.

    ALL THOUGHT is visualization and guided imagery because the inner mind thinks in symbolic pictures then translates these pictures into words. If you canít "visualize" fill in the details with detailed thought.

    TO BETTER understand the importance of the subconscious mind to the connection of mind, body, and spirit go to https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/freomm/kahuna.html


EVEN if you arenít sick, this information is important to you. Deepak Chopra, M.D.; Andrew Weil, M.D.; John Sarno, M.D.; Richard Gerber, M.D.: Bernard Lowen M.D.; Gerald Epstein, M.D., - to name a few physicians - have written powerfully on why they are convinced of the mind/body connection and how this knowledge can be used to help people with their daily lives.

IN 1979 ELLEN LANGERS, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, conducted a study of male subjects age 75 or older. They were subjected to a battery of tests measuring posture, physical strength, manual dexterity, perceptional cognition, I.Q., short term memory, hearing, sight, taste and finger length (fingers get shorter when a person ages). The subjects were divided into two groups and given a ten day vacation at two separate resort facilities.

THE CONTOL group engaged in normal resort activities. The second group was taken back twenty years to 1959 via magazines, radio and television shows, dress, newspapers, and conversation.

AFTER TEN DAYS both groups were re-tested. The control group showed improvement in some areas though half declined in I.Q. tests. Finger length, as expected, remained the same.

THE MEN who had been "regressed" to the 1959 experience had improved in all tests, including I.Q. which was previously thought to be impossible to improve after a certain age. Most astonishing of all, their fingers had lengthened!

Proof aging is greatly influenced by the mind. For a younger body, keep your mind and your spirit young.


Read or listen to tapes of books by Larry Dossey, M.D., Melvin Morse, M.D, Raymond Moody, M.D. Christiane Northrup, M.D.; and Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

Read books about the work of Edgar Cayce.

Read Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis and Odyssey of the Soul: Light the Act of Creation by Chilton, Harmon, and Light.

Seek out spiritual people and listen to their spiritual insights. You donít have to agree or believe. Simply listen and contemplate.


CHECK the yellow pages for a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Call each of them. Ask if they teach self-hypnosis and how many sessions this will require. (One to three sessions is average.) Set up free consultations with those you feel drawn to and while you are there check out their credentials, which should be posted prominently on the wall. 200 CLASS Hours (not mail courses) is minimal for hypnotists and 300 CLASS HOURS (not mail courses) is minimal for hypnotherapists. Ask all the questions you can think of at this consultation - no question is too silly. Hypnotists are used to people misunderstanding hypnosis because of years of "misrepresentation" on stage and screen. For answers to the most commonly asked questions about hypnosis go to:


THE ADVANTAGES to learning from a hypnotist are: He or she will be able to discern - with your feedback - the hypnotic process that works best for you and help you to know to your satisfaction when you are in hypnosis. A personalized tape guiding you into self-hypnosis can be made for you to practice with at home. As with everything else, practice improves your abilities, in this case your ability to hypnotize yourself any time, any place.

WHY hypnosis? It is the fastest , safest means of communicating with your body and with the many levels of your mind and spirit. Once you have learned self-hypnosis, seek out a hypnotist/hypnotherapist (if the one who taught you self -hypnosis cannot do so) to guide you in dialoguing with these many levels of you.

  2. EVEN if you arenít religious or particularly spiritual, pay attention to your spirit. Why? People who do have less stress, heal faster, report a greater sense of well-being in the present and greater belief in a positive future.

    THINK of prayer as talking to the higher spiritual energies or, if you prefer, talking to your own highest best self.

    CONSIDER mediation tuning into the higher spiritual energies for establishing a clear channel with your highest spiritual guidance. Pay attention to your hunches, your intuitions, and your inner knowing. This will become much clearer with daily meditation. There are many different methods of meditation, but in general, the simpler the better. What truly matters is the intent: to lift oneís mind and spirit into the levels of higher spiritual knowing.

    For guidelines on why and how to meditate go to:



Image, visualize, or think of a spiritual light flowing from higher levels of spirit through the top of your head into your mindís eye. Now imagine this spiritual light flowing from your mindís eye to the Earth, lighting the Earth with spiritual Light.

Focus your mind ONLY on the thought or the vision of Light lighting the Earth. This is not a time for prayer - spoken or silent. Nor is it a time for choosing what you wish for the Earth. The greatest prayer and giving is to be a pure conduit of the Light and the Intelligence within it, for this Light is CREATOR LIGHT and knows what is best for the Earth and all upon it.

As a daily conduit of LIGHT, your energies of mind, body, and spirit will become balanced and attuned to the higher good..

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