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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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1.Seven Simple Steps to Health and Well Being

Here are the Seven Simple Steps for Health and Well Being -- suggested by Pamela Chilton, author of Odyssey of the Soul, and specialist in using suggestion as an approach to healing.

(1) Talk yourself into it

(2) Think yourself into it.

(3) Avoid toxic people, suggestions and situations.

(4) Seek and embrace positive people and experiences.

(5) Eat healthy foods.

(6) Be kind to your body and brain. 

(7) Lighten-up with a daily "Light" meditation. (Not light as in "light popcorn." Light, as in the power that guides us all.) 

More details on the above seven steps:
Seven Simple Steps for Health and Well

2.Seven Simple Steps to Great Parenting:

(1) Set a great example.

(2) Use the power of positive suggestion.

(3) Listen more, lecture lesss.

(4) Help your child find positive outlets for negative emotions.

(5) Help your child honor the worthy.

(6) Teach your child to respect other cultures and races. 

(7) Give your child a spiritual foundation.

More details on parenting:
             Seven Simple Steps to Great Parenting

3.   Seven Simple Steps to Begin or Enhance a          Spiritual Odyssey:

(1) Realize that you are spirit.

(2) Become sensitive to all living things.

(3) Accept the greatness of your spirit.

(4) Connect with your spirit.

(5) Listen to your spirit.

(6) Ask to be of service.

(7) Lighten-up daily.

More details on embarking on a spiritual odyssey:
            Seven Simple Steps to a Spiritual Odyssey

4.   Body, Mind and Spirit

Many researchers are coming to the same conclusion: aspects of an individual’s “mind” exist independently of the body and the brain. Sometimes called "spirit," this non-embodied mind communicates with the body and brain of the individual.

5.   Reincarnation?

The principal of reincarnation is a fundamental belief of the majority of the world's population. While unfamiliar to many individuals in Western cultures, exploration of earlier incarnations as a form of therapy—sometimes called Past-Life Regression Therapy—has become a common practice among many psychotherapists worldwide. More info on Past-Life Regression Therapy:

Sometimes children as young as two-years-old spontaneously remember past lives that include startling detail about the circumstances and relationships from those lives. While often dismissed as fantasy, in a number of cases where researchers have been able to confirm these stories. The most famous of these researchers is Dr. Ian Stevenson who has published a number of books on the topic. 



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